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Post Info TOPIC: Accepted Masters/Mistresses (Misery Loves Company RP)

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Accepted Masters/Mistresses (Misery Loves Company RP)

Link to Missery Loves Company (recruitment)

~Accepted Characters (Masters)~

Username: Alex and Zander
Name: Alexander de Belmont (and Riga, pronounced rIgä)
Age: 17 (about three centuries old)
Gender: Male (No gender, though claims to be more male)
Sexuality: Heterosexual (really doesn't have one, though claims to be the same as Alex)
Position: Master (same as Alex)
Race: Human (and Beast Spirit)
Personality: Kind, calm, gentle. He is cold towards most, though not in a snobbish way. It's not as if he sees them as lesser, but more as if he doesn't see them at all, or at least doesn't care that they exist. This, however, is normally only towards other upper class individuals. Towards others, such as the people he cares about, he is protective. Will try to make them happy, even if in doing so he makes himself miserable.
Bio: Not telling!
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: A lot. Gentle touching, kissing, bondage, tickling, a few innocent kinks. When it comes to actual likes, he likes roses, chocolate, dark colors, and cats.
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: Seeing others in pain, those who are just generally evil or cruel, and those who look down on him because of what his brother is or what he himself is.
Other: Sealed inside his body is a demon named Riga. It sometimes speaks to him, even going as far as to materialize itself for him. He doesn't talk much about this, though, if asked will tell you the truth. He is able to do various things, seeing as his demon was a white tiger known to possess the power over storms.
((Riga on the left, Alex on the right. Though, Alex has light blue eyes, as does Riga. Alex also has a neko forum, his hair turning black or silver and him gaining a black and white striped tail and striped ears.))

Username: Alex and Zander
Name: Kyo de Belmont
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Position: Master
Race: Neko
Personality: He is more reserved, paranoid, and sort of cold because of this. He can be kind, but only to those he trusts, and that is rare to happen. Few have ever gotten on his good side, and even fewer have stayed there. He's not mean, but can sometimes make that appearance due to his trust issues, for lack of better terms. He is, however, truly a caring individual who dreams of nothing more than being happy and having friends. He is more compassionate than most think, being even comparable to an empath sometimes. He will be the first to pick up on emotional shifts and changes.
Bio: He was once a slave himself, though was purchased a long time ago by Alex's parents. Back then, they were both just babies, Alex only slightly older. Alex was raised to believe that Kyo was his younger brother, as was Kyo to believe that he was Alex's younger sibling. However, Kyo did find the truth. It shocked him at first, though he doesn't care any longer. He still sees Alex as a brother, and was still able to even see Alex's parents as his own after finding the truth. Both he and Alex know of the truth, as it was confessed on their mother's deathbed. As of yet, Kyo still does not know who his true parents were, but he doesn't care, either. He believes that if he found them, it would only cause sadness, because he also knows that his father was a master and his birth mother was a slave.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: Nibbling, licking, kissing, cuddling, tickling, and some innocently kinky (yeah, I know. Odd choice of words. XD) things. He loves tulips, shiny things, his collar, knives and most other weapons. He is a big geek, too, loving to use technology for almost everything.
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: Heavy amounts of pain, both receiving it and inflicting it. Not much else. Toilet play is sort of a no, though may be convinced otherwise if it's what his partner really wants (though trust me. That will take a LOT of convincing). Oddly enough, he is neutral on having his ears or tail rubbed, not honestly getting anything from it for some reason.
Other: He is a neko. Plain and simple. He really has nothing more special about him, accept for how quick and agile he is. Other than his hearing and eyesight being better, along with his nose.
((His eyes are light blue, like Alex's.))

Username: Shy Child
Name: Yashi and Yasu
Age: 25 and 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual (Both lean towards guys)
Position: Masters
Race: Human
Personality: Yashi:Yashi is the older of the two brothers. He is a dominant, almost cold hearted person unless his brother is involved. He is compassionate for his brother but will kill anyone who gets in his way.
Yasu: Being the youngest, he is the more submissive one. He loves to cuddle and just enjoy someones company. Yasu has a huge heart and will open it to almost anyone.
Bio: The brothers run a large industry which makes and sells medicine to hospitals and pharmacies.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's:
Yashi: Blood, pain, being dominant, bondage(One giving the bondage), being superior, sex, men, women, alcohol, giving pain to those that love it.
Yasu: Bondage(One receiving bondage and giving), Cuddling, being submissive, love, men, women, hugging, kissing, unneeded pain.
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: They don't like giving more pain than is needed to hurting others when they don't deserve it.
Appearance: Yashi on left and Yasu on right

Username: Arctic Dragon
Name: Catherine Anne
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Position: Mistress
Race: Human
Personality: Catherine is a lonely young girl with a lot of time to spare. She's kind and caring towards slaves, and being honest, she doesn't want to hurt anyone. She's never been in love before, and would like to experience the feeling for once. She's never had sex, never kissed a boy, and is completely new to buying slaves. Sometimes nervous and a little jittery, she'll take some time to warm up to a new companion.
Bio: Ever since being extremely young, Catherine has had problems with boys. Her mother was over protective, and told her that it was dirty to kiss and have sex. She acted indifferent to the boys at her school, even when they started looking at her in a different way. It was only at 16 that she realized everyone around her had at least once fallen in love, and that she herself was missing out. Unfortunately, by then, she'd ignored boys for so long it was impossible for her to find one to love.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: Not too many, seeing as she's never even hugged a boy properly before. Actual likes, chocolate and any kind of animal.
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: Inflicting or receiving pain, seeing distressed people, and extreme anger or sadness upsets her.

Username: Alessandro DeSade
Name: Lady Vaicaro Goethe
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: undetermined
Position: Mistress
Race: Shade/Elf cross breed
Personality: Vai is cruel and sadistic, delighting in causing chaos just for the sake of seeing others in pain/ panicking. Only on the battlefield is she in any way shape or form an honorable woman. Headstrong and impulsive her anger often gets the better of her.
Bio: Vaicaro is a shade, a smoke demon and the child of a very sadistic man. Frm her father the girl learned many forms of cruelty simply by watching him play with is own pets. He also taught her to fight, training the girl to become one of the best fighters in the shade realms.
Vai likes playing games with her men, teasing and taunting them until they are either her loyal pets or their minds break. She tends to lose pets rather quickly.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's
: Blood, causing pain, screams and begging. Also has a very sensitive neck.
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: Sassy slaves, getting beaten in anything, having the tables turned on her in a sexual situation. Getting ridicled for being a half breed and most definately she hates bing called a dumb blond.
Other: Strangly she is still a virgin, never has she allowed any of her males to penetrate her while giving her pleasure.
Her race also can vanish into smoke in the blink of an eye.

In Armor:

Username: IndigoZurg
Name: Thorn Harrion
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Position: Knight Master
Race: Furry Wolf Demon?
Personality: Thorn is quite cold hearted, he wears his armour always because he loves the feel of the iceyniss on his fur, he dosent let anyone near his heart, or the cold Jet that resides where his heart is void.
Bio: Thorn was born not thinking the world would do him any favours. Mainly because he was , and still is, a freak. However, he fought his way to get where he is, and carries the scars to prove it. he dosent know his parents, or anything about his early life, and only cares about the now and the when.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: The Cold, Snow, Flying
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: Warmth, Mercy, Stupidity, Cowardice, Shyness, insolence, insurbordination, and puppies, he HATES puppies
Other: (other information about your character. Optional)
Appearance: Thorn is of a medium to tall high, his eyes are different colours the right a pale blue and the left a dark purple with a rift down the center of a bloody purple. His muzzle is medium in length and his fangs are sharp, he has a long scar down the left of his eye that aligns with the rift in it, and his right ear is only half, having been ripped off at some point. His body is chiseled and his abs obvious, he isnt massive in build and isnt tiny, but a little in between medium and small, he is mostly just incredibley nimble. His legs are long and muscular and so are his arms but nto as much. His fingers and long and slender, his tail about a metre long. His pelt is purest white save for the scar which is a dark black. He also has a pattern on the left of his chest in the appearance of a dragon. He has a large pair of black wings spanning metre out each and a metre and half down, sharp points on the ends. They are dark purple. He often wears armour, armour that goes all the way up his legs, clinging to him, it has askull on one joint and a dragon head on the joints on the other leg. His arms are covered in armour much the same, his wings are exempt so is his face. His waist bears a tasset that clings to him and he wears tight trousers underneath this all, but they still allow movement. His chest his protected by tight armour that archs out from the center, spreading like bones acrss his chest but is completely smooth, the pauldrons are dragon skull shaped. His wings can transform into a thick wide cape which he does a lot.

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Udername: Whips N Chains
Name: Aidan
Age: 21
Gender: male
Sexuality: undetermined
Position: master
Race: human/vampire
Personality: He likes to tease and make both men and women blush.
Bio: (this is optional)
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: blushing, lips, a womans neck, and when women struggle with him.
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: being scratched or bitten for anything other than sexual purposes.
Other: can shift his shape into that of a wolf.

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Username: NuAki
Name: Johnathon Jorus.
Age: 27

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight.
Position: Knight Master
Race: Human.
Personality: Very controlling, yet quiet. Will control his slave through physicality, not threats.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: Controlling slaves, bondage (causing), ice cubes
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: Being dirty, scat.
Other: Likes chocolate chip cookies.

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Username: Alex and Zander
Seth de Belomnt
Age: Looks about 18 or 19, is really in his late thirties.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Position: Ambassador, Master
Race: Vampire
Personality: He is caring, calm, but serious. He sometimes acts bored or as if nothing really seems interesting to him. He's sort of quirky, often talking to himself which his adopted son Kyo seemed to pick up on, and sometimes quoting poetry or music and incorporating it into his normal life. He is not easily embarrassed, and doesn't much care what others think of him. He is, however, always harassed about the fact the he looks like Alex and Kyo's older brother.
Bio: He lived a normal life, until his twentieth birthday. on that day, he and his wife went out on a special birthday diner, leaving their son Alex (yes, my other character) with a babysitter. However, what they didn't know was that the babysitter was a vampire. He kidnapped Alex, giving him to a warlock for one week. During that time, Seth searched for his son. He found the vampire, and nearly died by it's hand. But, instead of killing them man, he gave him the curse of immortality. A few days after that, Alex was returned to him, though now with a demon inside of him. Seth soon 'adopted' Kyo, or more like rescued. He now lives separately from his two sons, though oddly enough, they all run around and act like just teenage friends ever now and then.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: The taste of fresh blood, roses of any color, cats, and to see others happy. Teenage girls, bondage, using toys on said girls, and bathing with girls.
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: He is turned off by anything too sadistic. Whipping and spanking is alright, but no cutting. He's also turned off by bodily fluids, other than small amounts of blood.
Other: He's a vampire, so doesn't age. Due to when he was turned and the current age of his two sons, people confuse Alex, Kyo, and Seth as brothers. So, in most cases, they act as such. He really doesn't look at himself as a father, more looking at his eternal youth as a chance to be more of a friend or brother to his two sons.


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Could I have Lady Vaicaro for Apache? Apache's generally hard to break so it will be a challenge.


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