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Post Info TOPIC: Accepted Slaves (Misery Loves Company RP)

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Accepted Slaves (Misery Loves Company RP)

Link to Misery Loves Company (recruitment)

~Accepted Characters (Slaves)~

Username: Fire Neko
Name: Bree
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight (though anyone can have their way with her ;) )
Position: Slave!
Race: Neko. She has 3 basic forms- human, cat, and half/half (girl with ears and tail), usually sticking to the third.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: None that she's aware of. She's basically your plaything... she can learn to love anything XD
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: toilet play makes her feel sick, as does anything involving being with women. But if she's forced into it enough, she'll learn to like it.
Bio: When a farmer's daughter was raped by an out
of control cat-demon, she became pregnant and gave birth to a
baby girl, who she named Bree. Bree was not like other little
girls, and to protect her innocence and well-being, her mother kept her hidden away in the stables. Three weeks ago, Bree was tired of being locked away, and she broke out of her hiding place, wandering into the village. She was captured by slavers, never to return home again.
Personality: Since she's not used to being around people, Bree is extremely shy. She is also unfamiliar with many every day things, as she has never
encountered them before. She's easily intimidated and eager to
please... oh, and of course she's got no clue at all when it comes to things like sex.
(ignore the name. lol)
Neko: Same as human, but with ears and tail ^_^

Username: Alessandro DeSade
Halycon Darlejee
Bisexual, leans towards men
Slave, with a specialty in healer skills
1 /2 moon elf, 1 /4 storm Elemental, ¼ human
He is gentle and sweet, kind to those he tends with his skills and genuinely caring. He does have an angry streak to him when h is faced with situations that compromise his morals. As a loyal slave to whatever master or mistress he is owned by he will disobey if the life or health f another is at stake. Forbid him to heal as he is meant to and you will earn disobedience and hatred from this quiet attentive young elf.
Halycon once served a prince and lived in his harm since he came of age, servicing him and soon becoming his favorite. But that was to meant to last, his prince was killed in battle and the grieving young man was sold onto the slave market. His masters have used him as a healer and for pleasure, mostly the darker sort since he can heal himself.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's:
Having his hair pulled, role play situations ( XD), bondage/sadomasochism. Dirty talk.
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's:
Toilet play, severe beatings and whipping without a real reason for them, being unable to help someone who needs medical attention.
Halycon is a skilled healer in both magical and medical means. He is also a telepath and as a partial elemental he can in great times of need call on the power of storms. Note that at all times he wears a collar suppressing his power, his master/mistress may choose which powers are suppressed.


Username: Chiyuri
Name: Shizuki Yami
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Position: Slave
Race: Human
Bio: Shizuki was a woman born in nobility.  She never needed anything she didn,t already have and was enjoying her life quite a lot.  She had her personal slaves and treated them like objects.  One day, one of her slave somehow escaped from her family's house and while she didn,t mind it much since it was the slave she liked the less, that slave had a plan to make her suffer much more than he had.  He made a deal with the slave market that he would help them capture a young and noble girl to raise their profit.  Within a week of that slave having left, she was captured on a random walk outside her house and was took to the slave market, placed into a cage and since she was rebellious, they even chained her inside.  It took her a day to start regretting what she did to her slaves and begged for a week to be left out.  After a month she was more calm and didn,t try crying, begging or even talking since all of that turned out useless but her desire to be free was still quite present.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: none that she is aware of (Will learn to like rape and abuse)
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: PAIN
Appearance: 2008-02-27-90849.jpg

Username: Shy Child
Name: Gina
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Position: Slave
Race: Neko Spirit
Personality: Gina is very optimistic. She loves helping her masters and loves to play. she is like a kitten most of the time, being curious and playful. She is rarely seen without a smile unless she is thinking about her past.
Bio: She doesn't talk about it.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: Bondage, nipping, biting, being overpowered, dirty talk, Sadomasochism, Rape, Humiliation
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: Pain that is over the top, being used, seeing someone in pain
Other: Because she is a neko spirit, Gina can turn into a small white cat as well. She has the ability to talk to and race of cat.

Cat form:

Username: Chibbi
Name: Samantha
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Position: Slave
Race: Human
Personality: She will hurt anyone who gets in her Master or Mistresses way. She is the submissive. She loves to cuddle and just enjoy someones company.
Bio: She was born into the slave market nine months after her parents snuck away from their masters for awhile...if you catch my drift...
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: Pain, sex, alcohol, Bondage(Receiving), Cuddling, being submissive, hugging, kissing, unneeded pain(Receiving)
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: Being left alone and too much pain.
Other: None

Username: Silent Darkness
Name: Emma Maria Yule
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Position: Slave
Race: Neko
Personality: Generally kind, and submissive.
Bio:  She had been abused by her father, which her mother desided she would be much safer living in slavery.  She knows little of her past, choosing not to remember her family or friends she goes on life as usual, well as usual for a slave. Many of her past owners have choosen her because her name translates into Complete Rebel. (roughly)
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: Warmth, Acting, Snow, Music, Cuddling, Attention, Being Submissive
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: Loud noises, Bright lights, The Dark

Username: Clandestine
Name: Kaleb
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Race: Half Demon Half angel
Position: Slave
Power: Can read minds and manipulate them but still hasn't been able to fully comprehend his power yet. He is also a lot weaker without his brother.
Personality: Kaleb is the heart throb with his dark and mysterious personality. He is known to be quiet and very observant when it comes to people around him and much rather not lead a conversation. He is stubborn much like his father is; and over all with not listen to what anyone has to say. He doesn't understand how he got to such a horrible position in life and doesn't want it to stay like this for long.
Biography: Kaleb was born into an abnormal life with constant chaos. With his parents being of opposite species he takes on an inhuman beauty but is given no exterior symbol of his heritage. At home his parents were constantly moving them and trying to protect him and his twin brother Aedan. Kaleb loves his brother more then anyone in the world and would do anything for him. However now that he is seperated from him he has become even more bitter and angery. Unable to still comprehend the misfortune that has lead him here he will do anything in his power to become free again.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn ons: Wilderness (because it reminds him of his brother), Kindness and Pureity in a person,cuddling, Doesn't have any kinks or Fetishes otherwise because he is still a virgin. However he is turned on by domination though he wont admit it.
Dislikes/Pet Peeves/Turn offs: Cruelity, jerks, rapists, bitches, annoying people, overly horny people, and pain.


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Udername: Whips N Chains
Name: Starr
Age: 14
Gender: female
Sexuality: undecided
Position: Slave
Race: half human/half demon
Personality: She is shy especially around men. She is still a virgin and tends to be very sensitve when it comes to men and women alike touching her.
Bio: She doesn't remember much really.
Likes/Kinks/Fetishes/Turn On's: She likes being treated a bit roughly, cuddling, kissing, being bitten but not hard enough to draw blood.
Dislikes/Pet Peeve/Turn Off's: She hates being forced to do anything.
Other: She can shape shift into almost anything

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I'll take Gina

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