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Chiyuri's Mistress Profiles

be at the botowm.

Name: Satsuki Yami
Age: 19
Race: Cat
Sexuality: Bisexual

Satsuki was once a slave to a very rich master.  She had pleased-er I mean served him for 5 years of her life until that master died.  In his Will, he gave her everything he had; his house, his money, her freedom, all.  Satsuki like to have fun but like even more when other people are having fun, mostly when it's against their own will.  She often change her mind about what she want to do or want people do to.  she also love to party.  Fear mix with pleasure is what she like to see the most in her slaves.

Type of Mistress she is:  She will never volontarly hurt her slave but she will torture them with pleasure instead.  She like to try many thing on her slave and herself to the point in which she might even use some monsters in her basement for some "interesting" torture.

Type of slave wanted: girls, guys... any is fine for her, she want any type she can find.  Broken slaves, Docile slaves, Rebelious slaves, Submisive slaves, Domminant Slaves.


(Dangerous Mistress)
Name: Ehina Yami
Age: Would less than 0 and more than infinity be a nice number? (look 16 years old)
Race: ----
Sexuality: ----
Bio: Chaos is everything and nothing.  It doesn't have a shape or even a tangible existance.  A few mages wanting to test out the extent of reality tried to give form to Chaos.  Doing many summoning of unknown shape in the same place, trying to summon things who's location is not existing, trying to go deeper than the 3d world.  As something started to form in the center of their magic spell, one of the mage started to scream in howful aggony and literaly crawled his eyes out from the horror he had seen inside.  The others quickly understood what was going on and closed their eyes not to end up like him.  The screams throught had woke up one of the junior mage that sleept in the school.  Not sure what it was, she wondered to where she thought she heard the scream.  A locked door blocked her.  She tried to take it down on her own since it seemed rotten and weak but having took too much swing, she lost her balence after having broke it.  Because of that she couldn't even stop herself from falling right into the spell and the dark and unknow energy in the center.  After that nothing much is known.  People who lived outside the school found it filled with unknow flesh coming out of everywhere.  The flesh was clearly dead and was still warm.. it didn,t seem it was an animal or anything.  It was just long, gross and blue to red colors all around.  There was a rummor someone saw a girl leave the school an hour or so after people started to dig their way inside.
Type of Mistress She is: Ehina is just not the kind of people you want to meet.  She life off her lust and the lust of other.. her very existence is a mix chaos, mind and flesh.  What she will do can not be described other than a nightmare within nightmares...
Type of slaves wanted: Any, she doewsn,t care and will turn the mind of any into chaos of despaire and emptyness.


Name: Hyanako Yami
Age: 142
Race: Demon
Sexuality: Bisexual
App: (Girl on the right)

Bio: Hyanako is a demon that was summonned by an amateur mage.  She drained him of his life to keep existing in this world but she soon noticed she needed a link to this world to keep existing.  She had only a few days left to find someone and finaly did.  By forming a pact with someone of this era, She could stay in this world but since people don't form pact with demon, she forced one on a slave she found.  She took the slave to the house of hte mage that she killed and locked her up in there.  Keeping her alive to be able to stay in the world and also feeding off her for various things in many different way.  Hyanako is a brred of demon that feed off emotions.  She mostly like the emotion of humiliation and is ready to make her "master" feel such an emotion quite a lot and deeply also..

Type of Mistress she is:  Hyanako love to humiliate her slave and one of the best way is usualy with fleshy torture, mix of raping, bondage and even some beastiality.

Type of slave wanted: a slave who will fight back but still weak enough not to overpower Hyanako.


Name: Miyaki Yami
Age: a few weeks. (look 18)
Race: Artificial God
Sexuality: ???

Bio: What happen when humans goes far with their experiment on life?  They create monster.  What happen then if one try to make a god out of life?  Another kind of monster.  Miyaki is that kind of being, an Artifical God but even if she is a fake one, her powers are not to be disregarded.  She govern evolution and make it move as her will.  The crazy guy that made her had lost his sanity the day he lost his daughter and so he named his project Miyaki, the name of her daughter, hoping to revive her in a new body.  Science is purely physical.. they could make a body but not a soul..  Once she was first pulled out of her sleep once she was completed.  The first thing she did was to act upon her instict to kill all that was near her, starting with her creator.  In a nearby forest, walking lifelessly around she met a girl who looked at her with pity and offered her an soul.  Stoping been an animal that just life off instic, she developped her own will and personnality.  She turned into a slightly selfish kind of girl and also anti-social for she can't interact with people so well.  She builded herself a ness in the forest and stayed there for a while.

Type of Mistress she is:  Shy but get to the point when needed.  She like to be near people and to play with them.  of course her kind of games might not be so fun since people are more like a toy than a player..

Type of slave wanted:  Any is fine.. as long as it is alive.


Name: Setsuna Yami
Age: 23
Race: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual

Bio: Setsuna as you probably can guess is a witch.  She excel at potion making and blood puppetry magic.  She enjoy sex and to use people against their will.  She adore people.. she just have a sick way of showing it and expressing it.  She dress in a way to feel at ease and also to play on the weak minded guys.. They are so easy to control with a bit of skin showing, or so she often say.  She live in a large house in a forest.  People sometimes come to her house to buy potions or other kind of.. "services".  She make out a living of that and after a long time she finaly got the money to buy herself a slave.

Type of Mistress she is:  Playful.  She doesn't mind that guys turn around her body or even try a move on her.  She enjoy it but that's only if she feel she is in control always.  She dislike bondage but sometimes might use it for her slaves.

Type of slave wanted: girls, guys... any is fine for her 


Name: Matsuri Yami
Age: 20
Race: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual

Bio: She's a slut.. can't you see that?  Just one look at her and you can tell that even her aura is that of a slut.  She only think about her feeling and think with her crotch more than her head.  She'll do guys, girls, dogs.. pretty much anything that have a pulse..  You can not count how many things have went in her since her birth.  She was already doing indecend things at 5 years old with her older brother.  She now live in her own house.  Quite a modest one.  Her parents don't know the real her and wish for her to have a nice life without any worries and so gave her money and an house.  She own a very large dog with black fur and a male of course.  She enjoy watching others squirm and dominating them.. but as long as she can have fun she doesn't mind been submisive or dominant.

Type of Mistress she is:  Aggresive one.  She will take what she want from you and leave you in dust to rot.  She have an high sex drive and you can probably guess her dog isn't just for compagny.  Her dog is well trained at following her orders and she is bound to use her dog for undecend torture when she feel like it.

Type of slave wanted: girls, guys....anything with a pulse is good. 


Name: Mitsui Yami
Age: 18
Race: Succubus
Sexuality: Bisexual

Bio: Mitsui is part of a family of Succubus and on the day of her 18 years old, the day her powers wake up but so does her need for life force.  She was send to a city with the money needed to buy herself a slave.  She had an house for her there and she have to live on her own without her family from now on.  She was spoiled in her childhood but instead of making her a brat.. she turned into a dependent and shy girl.  Despite been a succubus, she isn't interested in sex and if she could, she would prefer not to take the life force of someone.  But without it she will die so she have to and so bought a slave to fufil her need.  She have a weak personnality and it wouldn't be strange that the slave take control of her instead of her taking control of them.

Type of Mistress she is:  Shy and reserved.  She doesn't want to bother people and usualy do all the work around the house.  She have succubus power that she can't control well.

Type of slave wanted: Guys.. dominant kind of guys.


Name: Hanyu Yami
Age: 17
Race: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Bio: Just look in her eyes.. can't you tell what she is thinking?  She want to **** you, dominate you, use you, screw with you as much as she can, make you her doll of flesh without a mind..  She is only interested in you for your body.  All men look the same to her, same face, same though, same weakness.  She will use her attribute and probably some illegal substance to temper her possesion's mind to become her perfect obediant dick doll.  Except for that she is a normal girl.  She study in psycologie and is number one in her class.  She is knowledgeble and respected in the open for no one trully know the real her.
Type of Mistress she is:  Omnipresent.  Once she own a slave, she must become everything to that slave.  She will make sure that he turn into her personnal doll.  She have an average sexual taste but an high sex drive.
Type of slave wanted:  A guy, the more resistant he is the better.



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I think one of my slaves would be an interesting fit for Satsuki ^^

~ Alias
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