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Post Info TOPIC: Ba'alat (The Mistress of Baal) ((Actually have a working one))

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Ba'alat (The Mistress of Baal) ((Actually have a working one))

Name: Lilith Marqart (Locked)
Age: 28
Gender: F
Orientation: Bisexual, preferring women
Powers/Skills: Utter mastery of unnatural elementals, strong Black Magic, and profound knowledge of both ritualistic and agnostic Satanic Arts.
Personality: Warm, but very manipulative
Biography: Lilith was spent the better portion of her life mastering forbidden dark arts. In her middle life now, the self-accused "witch" has decided to acquire a lover by magical seduction. From jinxing salvers to seducing her slaves Lilith's tricks are her key to find the perfect love, and weeding out the ones she doesn't want.
Other: Lilith's previous interests are shota/loli, but that can be changed with the right slave... >: )
Other2: The hat she wears is a Wart class demon, summoned long ago to assist her in spells.
Slave desired: Attractive young slaves to pass her time with...>3

Abodes: Artificial Heaven, Yggdrasil
Name: Salina Juel-Heimerickson
Age: 548
Gender: F
Race: Ex-Vampire
Orientation: Bisexual, preferring men
Personality: Very very unstable
Biography: Born of the famous Saint Joan, the young Salina was one of three children born in the span of seven short years as a way of passing on the visions of God. One of the children was male, a person seen as a flaw who was later locked away, another the late nun Verdi dArco, and the last herself, a nun who defected the ministry at the age of sixteen to escape what she saw, who were given different names from their mother so that the illusion of virgin head would never pass from Saint Joan herself. For many years she wandered the earth and took up arms to defend her beleifs while seeking the face and hand of God himself. Her quest was one of a great woman who did many great things but is also one shrouded by the lies of legend. The great Salina Juel went into the forests of Wallachia as a holy crusader with three swords and the cross of Peter and died on those fields, passing at the age of sixteen into the cult that she had chased and being almost instantly granted surreal power for her obedience to the dark gods that actually existed. She was a vessel made for power, and she gave it all without complaint to gain what would later draw the great Houses of Heimerickson, Tepes, and Stoph into a war and the former into a fit of rage that started with her life and ended with her womb. Raped, murdered, battered, and unloved, the Saint died in the vampires arms and later woke with another new look on life and the power to control the man she took. Many deeds and many wars would follow those days, and in time the womans plight would become another source of strength so that she never ceased to grow and consume every living thing that came to her side and, in time, even those that had never been alive; Including the one who fed her all those ago and the one who stole her after that. She is a lord of the dark realms of Shadow, a master of the black arts of European descent, and a woman whos body and mind rival even the eldest of the succubus race. A true terror of the modern world and before.
Other: The linch pin of all my characters. She is vital.

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This love has stripped me to the bone
When it began I was a Pet
Soon enough I was defiling my code
I wanted you as a friend
We spoke and made secrets to share and keep
We were happy and I was a fool
You said it has hard and I agreed that it always had been
And then I broke our creed
Hearing the pain in your voice and hearing it in my soul
I knew that we, that I, was not content
Soon I swore to be a Pet when you were strong in heart
And a Master when you needed
I made a promise I couldn't keep and now I almost regret it
I said we should be mates, or try
And I risked everything you'd already given for the greed of love
And now I almost regret it.

But now I am afraid to lose control
And I miss you everytime I breath
This is love, and it defies all that we'd sworn

~~~But I will never let you down~~~

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I'll finish the profile for Max soon, he's being a bit of a brat currently.

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Destruction, hence, like creation, is one of Nature's mandates.

It is not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes, but the mode of thought of others. ~ Marquis De Sade
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