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Clandestine's Mistress

Name: Skyl
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Half demon, Half Angel
Orientation: Bisexual
Appearence: (Below)
History: Skyl was born into a very depressing family. After her father had abandoned both her and her mother at a young age. She watched her mother's slow self destruction before commiting suicide not too long afterwards. With her mother's death Skyl was both tramatized and alone. Her Aunt took her in but she soon found that she could careless about the girl so she left and went out on her own with her guardian Schatten.
Skyl soon followed in her mother's history as she became a natural born killer, both her parents having been two of the greatest fighters alive. Becoming an assassin she began killing at a very young age but soon found herself getting bitter. With her job she began making tons of money before she began killing the very people who hired her and taking their money.
Soon she was so rich she didn't know what to do with all of it. So she then took the money and rebuilt her mother's old mansion that had been burnt down by a fire so many years ago. The mansion is deep with in a forest where the trees never blossom leafs and there is a raw stentch of death, being from her mother's previous guardian that loved killing anything alive that dared to come into the forest. Of course, Schatten is no acception to the same bad habits.
However after so many years of killing she has been desperate to find someone to simply just love her, a slave to worship her very being and happily full fill her sexual needs.
Personality: Skyl is a very calm individual with little emotion. Usually she seems cold at first but will soon can warm up to just about anyone. Although for this she has a very horrible temper that can fly out of control and usually results in instant punishment, however afterwards she barely seems to remember anything that happened.
Type of Mistress: Skyl is a very laid back Mistress who loves being pleased and pleasing her slaves. She is big on all type of sex games and known to do just about anything with her slaves.
Type of Slave Wanted: If anything she wants a semi-submissive slave. Overall she hates rebellious slaves for the fact that she believes that it is a waist of time taming them and they should already love her. However even for this she doesn't want a slave that will bow to her every whim. All she truely wants is a slave who will do just about anything and fills in her lack of personality. She loves however, semi-rebellious girls, girly boys, very masculine men and anything innocent but not naive with sex.




*Clan·des·tine (kln-ds'tn) adj.   Kept or done in secret, often in order to conceal an illicit or improper purpose.

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I guess since she's your only Mistress and I'm eager to see what you can do when your in charge I'll take her along with my newest slave if that's ok with you.

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Either of my male slaves could match with her

Nunca vamos morrer sozinho, Juggalos irá exercer, Swing machados nosso caso, temos de, cada um de nós
Quando eu morrer, não mostram nenhuma piedade, enviar a minha alma a Juggalo cidade, cavar a minha sepultura, seis pés de profundidade, e colocar dois machados em meus pés, colocou dois machados em meu peito, e dizer aos meus amigos que fiz o meu melhor
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