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ECLuver's Mistresses


Name: Faye Jipson

Age: 19

Race: Human w/ powers

Sexual Preference: Bi

Personality: Faye is heavily sarcastic. She'll tell you what she thinks when she thinks it, and won't take no for an answer. She enjoys being dominated during sex, but in control every other time.

Bio: Growing up, Faye discovered her powers when she was six years old, discovering she had control over shadows. The rest of her past is a blur, filled with accidental deaths and mistakes. She doesn't like to think about it.


Name: Aubree Carson

Age: 18

Race: Part bunny

Sexual Preferance: Straight

Personality: Curious, and fun loving, she does things on a whim, and will drop them as quickly as she picked them up. 

She grew into money, her rich grandmother raising her. She got whatever she wanted when she wanted it, and grew up positively spoiled. Then her grandmother died, and she inherited everything. It's been a lonely two years for her, so she wants some company to keep her entertained. 


Name: Skye Jipson

Age: 17

Race: Fae Princess

Sexual Preferance: Bi

Sweet and shy, Skye reads constantly. She also enjoys midnight swims in a hidden Bay near a cave opening that leads to her castle, a maze of paths through a mountain.

Bio: Skye grew up within the mountain, always curious. She explored every pathway she saw, and eventually has learned many hidden pathways through the mountain that no one uses.
This including her secret spot, the Bay she named Luna Bay, for the fact that the moon is always visible at midnight, whether it's new or full.


Name:Kelly (Purple hair and Glasses)and Rinu (On the table)

Age: Kelly-22Rinu-19

Race: Both Human

Sexual Preference: Both Bi

Personality:Kelly is more commanding then Rinu. She won't take no for an answer, and can be called a control freak at times. She doesn't like disobedience, and can't stand it when someone ells her no.

Rinu is more go with the flow than Kelly. She'll ask other's opinions on anything and everything, from what she should do or how she should dress. She's not controlling at all, and doesn't like being in control.

Kelly and Rinu are sisters. When Rinu was young, their mother died, so Kelly stepped into the role. They've been inseperable ever since. When Rinu was 7 and Kelly was 10, they began experimenting together. Pretty soon they were having sex with each other under their father's nose. He found out and got angry, threatening them with a knife. Kelly and Rinu pushed him off a 3rd story balcony, and told the police it was an accident. They inherited everything.

Kinks:Kelly enjoys bondage. She loves being in control during sex, and loves to cause pain during sex.

Rinu likes being dominated during sex, and loves spankings and sexy punishment.

*Abigail has large cat ears and a tail that matches her hair*

Name: Evelyn (brunette) and
Abigail (blonde)

Age: 15 and 14

Race: Human and Neko

Sexual Preference: Both Bi

Evelyn is, to put it simply, a backstabber. She'll sell you out just to climb higher to the top. She's rather manipulative, and loves being an unobtainable tease; unless you catch her fancy of course. If you can give her what she wants, she's your new best friend, until she doesn't need you anymore. Then your just another used tissue she can throw away.

Abigail is soft and sweet, and very shy. She's not outspoken at all, and follows directions like a trained poodle in a circus. If your nice to her, she'll do anything you want. If your mean to her, she'll still do whatever you want; but she won't be happy about it.

Evelyn never knew her parents, and truly doesn't care. She was a foster child, but sucked up to the owners and workers so much, they started showing her off to only the richest patrons. Soon, the richest families were drawn to her angelic face and sweet mouth. After a charity ball held in honor of the orphanage she lived at, she had seven different families willing to adopt. Of course, the owner gave her final choice. She picked the wealthiest, and happily accompanied them home as their new daughter, Evelyn Michelle Draper.

As she grew up, she started becoming the rich little snob that she is today. Mommy and Daddy gave her everything she asked for, and always fell for her puppy dog eyes and fake tears. When she reached the age of ten, she was already getting them higher into the government, through sleek comments thrown
into conversations. When the King died without having a single child, Evelyn had forced them so high up into the hirearchy that they were named the new royal family. But her thirst for power didn't stop there. She killed them soon after her 13 birthday, when she was old enough that, if anything should happen to the dear King and Queen, she would be named Queen. She made sure tat Dear Mom and Dad breathed their last breath the day after the corronation.

Abigail was a born to a maid in the palace, the King's mistress when the Queen was gone. Her mother hid her from the King, sure that if he were to find her, he'd have her killed. So she stayed hidden for a while, till she was old enough to not be recognized. The cherubic faced little girl followed her mother around, helping clean the castle. When she was 5 years old, her ears and tail began to grow. Most said it only made her
cuter, but her mother was unhappy. She took Abigail to doctor after doctor, but everyone said nothing could be done about genetic inheritance. Ashamed of her daughter's cat features, she ran the next morning, after they visited the last of the doctors.

Abigail cleaned the castle on her own after her mother left, taking over her place as Maid. She had just turned seven when she was in the King's room cleaning. She had to crawl across the bed to make it, her slim arms to short to reach across it. She was shocked when the door bursto pen, and in walked the King. She apologized, forgetting to get off the bed before she started bowing and apologizing. He ignored her apologies, instead he walked over and climbed onto the bed with her. She blushed crimson when he touched her, but he didn't stop. Soon after
she fell asleep, her pale blonde hair splayed across the King's chest as she slumbered after her first time. After that he started calling on her more and more, until finally he took her off of Maid duty and made her his pleasure slave instead. When he died, she was passed onto the next King, and then eventually to the Queen, Evelyn.


Name: Rayne Parker

Age: 18

Race: Human

Sexual Preference: Straight

Rayne is cold and distant, with a no bullsh*t attitude. She might warm after a very long time to someone, but she tries not to. She's truly very caring, but being cold and distant gets the job done faster than if she were warm hearted.

Bio: Rayne was 14 when she found her fathers knife collection hidden away from her. She was playing around with one of the daggers, and threw it at the wall, burying it up to the hilt. She came back and practiced day after day, getting better and
better, till she got her first assignment when she was 16. She slipped easily past the business man's defenses, and killed him swiftly. Someone found out it ws her, and decided to get revenge. They traced her back to her home, and when she got home from school the next day, she had no home. A controlled explosion killed her mother, father, and younger sister. She vowed revenge, no matter what it took.

Slave Wanted: Rayne's looking for a pleasure slave only. She will warm after a while, but she'll never flat out show it. She will do subtle things, such as give a gift or other methods, but she'll never truly say anything.


Name: Lilith Daniele

Age: 18

Race: Vampire

Sexual Preference: Bi

Living up to her name, Lilith is a cruel mostress 99% of the time. THe other 1% she's super sweet. She loves being in control, but she also likes cuddling together.

Bio: Lilith was named after a powerful demon, and she lived up to her name. She was the type of kid that pulled your hair even when you told her to stop. At school she screamed during naptime and wouldn't share anything with anyone, even with the teachers threats of time out and naptime. It got so bad that her parents had to home schol her, and even they couldn't get her to listen. When she was 7 she dropped their cat off the roof, and that was the final straw. Placing her up for adoption, they never once checked in on her.

She was just as much a terror in the adoption facility as she had been at home or at school. The workers finally threw her in a back room and never once checked in on her, except for meals. When three people came in looking for her, the workers were more than happy to give her to them for a small price. The three demons that had bought her raised her as the demon child she was. They tought her how to fight and kill without mercy, and she learned quickly. When s fourth person joined them, they didn't think much of it. The new man turned his sights to Lilith, and showed her effection no one else had. He decided that he wanted to keep her with him, so he bit her, changing her into a vampire like himself. When the other three discovered this they killed him, making Lilith watch the entire thing. She left them and decided to make ehr own living, and she climbed fast up the social ladder as a thief.


Name: Miss Madison Demanche

Age: 22

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Demanding and cruel at times, she won't take no for an answer. Using her power of controling shadows is a normal occurence in her class, along with her using a yard stick as punishment aswell. She hands out detention slips a lot, and only the 'special' cases come to her room after school to serve out their sentence.

Bio: Graduating top of her class, it didn't take her long to get her teachers degree in self defense. Of course, she had to fulfil other recquirements to teach the control unit at the school for the gifted.

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I hope you don't mind trying my new slave, Cyrus, with Aubree?

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