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Post Info TOPIC: ECLuver's Doubled Masters ((Master/Mistress Pairs

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ECLuver's Doubled Masters ((Master/Mistress Pairs


Name: Luna and James

Age: 16 and

Race: Human and Human

Sexual Preference: Bi and Bi

Luna is bubbly and outgoing. She's very trusting and easily exciteable. She also can never make up her mind. She often asks others for their opinion on what she should do or eat, and she'll take forever to decide if left to decide on her own.

James is more quiet and reserved. He's very protective of his sister, but he spoils her silly. Whatever she wants, he'll get for her, no matter what it takes. He's a sucker for her tears, and he'd apologize for years just to make her feel better.

James lived with his mother, and knew nothing of his younger sister. The only thing he remembered was his mother being pregnant, but she had told him the baby had died. He never saw his father, and his mother changed the subject every time he mentioned him. You can see how surprised James
was when he was named his father's only heir when he passed away due to disease. The will simply read, "I leave the manor and everything inside to my son." When he found out that his mother had been lying to him, he dissowned her, leaving her in their small apartment to move into his new home. With the home came billions of dollars, and a little sister he thought had died years ago. He hasn't let her out of his sight since.

Luna grew up with anything and everything she wanted, except for a mother who cared. She had multiple step-mothers, but none of them showed her any love, and most simply pretended she didn't exist. Her father didn't see the way they treated her, but he loved her. She was spoiled rotten by him, and never complained about her step-mothers. She cried when her father died, and was surprised when a strange man showed up at her
home, claiming he was her fathers son and owned it. She grew close to him shortly, and found he was all that she needed.


Names:Amphora (little girl) and Blaze (guy)

Age: 15 and 21

Race: Demi-
God - Control's Water
         Demi-God - Control's Fire

Sexual Preference: Bi and

Amphora is free spirited and rather nice to most people. She's a good judge of character and can almost immediately tell whether or not she'll like someone. If your on her good side she's very sweet, but if you get on her bad side, she's sadistic and cruel. 

is very outgoing and personable. He's nowhere near as good a judge of character as his sister, so he'll usually turn to her for advice. He's also very gullible, unless he's figured out that you've lied to him before. Thne he'll double check anything you say to him.

Amphora and Blaze are brother and sister, though very different. Born to the same mother, but different fathers, they are technically only half brother and sister, but they're nearly inceperable. Children of the Ocean God, Poseidon, Blaze was orriginally supposed to take the throne when Poseidon died. But when Blaze was born, he showed signs of a fire affinity, traits of his biological father. His mother claimed he was Poseidon's son, so Poseidon raised Blaze as his own. When Amphora was born 6 years later, she was the spitting image of her father, Poseidon. He could tell that Blaze was not his son, where in comparisson, Amphora was definetly his daughter. He got angry, and ended up killing his wife, their mother, which held serious concequences. God's could not just kill other Goddess', so Zeus punished Poseidon by taking his immortal life, making Poseidon a human.He passed the throne on to Amphora, the true child of Poseidon. Blaze and Amphora now rule side by side.


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No girl girl =( lol

"Angels,Demons,mortals all will feel the power of the chains that bind them to there fate"

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Can one of my slaves be a slave for Luna and James?


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