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Ascaroth's Slaves

Name: Lexine
Age: 23
Sexuality: Lesbian, Bi depending on the master.
Race: Neko
Personality: She not afraid to show here affection. She's very kind but angers easily when no one listens to her, or meets her needs. Likes to wear tight shirts and short skirts. Just adores a maids dress; shed rather go naked than anything. She fancies reading porno books, and is always intimate.
Type: Doesn't matter
Bio: She had been raped by her father for at least four years. When her mother found out about this, she sold her into slavery, thinking it was her fault her husband had done it. She at this point has had no owners.

Names: Rio and Rachel
Ages: Rio is 12 and Rachel is 21
Sexuality: Rio is straight and Rachel is Bi
Personality: Rio follows her sister,reacting as she does, takes everything to literally, super clean. Rachel is loose, will resist nothing. Says everything happens to her because its suppose to. Makes moves upon her sister; very intimate.
Type: Does not matter
Bio: They were sold into slavery about two years ago, because their parents did not want them any more. They sold them just for the money.

Names: Liane and Salaine 
Ages: Both of them are twins so they are 19 
Sexuality: Both are Bi
Personality: Liane is laid back along with her twin sister Salaine. Both of them always have the urge for sex, so they release their urges between themselves when they don't have a master.
Type: Anything the master wants.
Bio:  They really have no memory of how they got into slavery. They lived with the fact that they were born into it.

Name: Ericka
Age: 23
sexuality : Bi
Race: Neko
Personality: Sweethearted, calm, and charming.
Type : Prefers to be a maid, but anything will do, and a companion.
Bio: She had entered the market at age Five. Her father had just up and left, her and her mother alone, with nothing at all. For Money, her mother had bet her in a card game, with a slave trader. Her mother lost and she was forced to live the life of a slave. She has had two masters, which tortured her and raped her, then sold her back in the market. Now she awaits to be bought again. 

Name: Kat and Kie. Kat is on the left and Kie in on the right.
Age: Kat is 19, Kie is 17
Gender: Females
Race: Neko's
Sexuality : both are Bi
Type of slaves : Pleasure slaves
Type of master/mistress wanted: Any
Personality: Kat is a little shy at most times. She will open up if they are kind to her. She is very protective of her sister Kie, and will do anything for her if she is on trouble. Kie is the same as her sister, though will be more open.
Bio: Kat and Kie were born in the slave market due to a slave being raped by the guards that watched over them. They stayed with their mother through the years they grew up. In the market they were taught and trained to be pleasure slaves. The guards often tied them up and forced them to do anything they wanted them to do. And they were also forced to pleasure other slaves as well; most of them being girls. They have had no masters, due to the guards wanting to keep them for their own personal use. A few years ago, their mother was sold to a master, and they were left behind, again, because of the guards.

Name: Riu konata
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Neko
sexuality: straight
Type of master wanted: Any will do.
Personality: Riu is pretty quite and won't talk much. Will fight back if taken advantage of, when she is forced to do something against her will. In her free time she reads and writes.
Bio :She was born into a rich family. She had many siblings, so many that her parents sold many to different slave markets. Riu was one of them. She has had several other masters. Many of them used her for their own sexual gain, so she is knowledgable in several types of sex.

I see you and you see me.
But together we can never be
The tides of fate throw us around
Make us cry and fall to the ground
If everything has to be this way
Then why not keep the dangers at bay
We always ask the question why
When the only thing left is to say goodbye
Maybe there's a reson for this to be
When I see you and you see me

Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
and there's still time to change the road your on.
-Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin-

There's a sign on the wall, but she wants to be sure,
cause you know sometimes words have two meanings
-Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin-

Same old song, just drop of water in an endless sea
All we do, crumbles to the ground but we refuse to see.
-Dust in the wind, Kansas-

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you think Cin could take riu over?

Nunca vamos morrer sozinho, Juggalos irá exercer, Swing machados nosso caso, temos de, cada um de nós
Quando eu morrer, não mostram nenhuma piedade, enviar a minha alma a Juggalo cidade, cavar a minha sepultura, seis pés de profundidade, e colocar dois machados em meus pés, colocou dois machados em meu peito, e dizer aos meus amigos que fiz o meu melhor

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I like Erika how about one of my masters for her?



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Liane and Salaine and Rio and Rachel if your into I promise it'll be fun!

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