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I've got a mistress!! huzzah!

so ya why not, i have some characters that could work as masters, so here.  probably gonna be pretty bad though cause i've never done this before :P i'm only puting this one down right now, i have to think of more stuff for the other one.

Amera Zikaruwari
: female (of course)

Age: 18

Sexuality: Bi, but hasn't met many girls she likes, but is always open for a new...experiance...

: 5"11'

: Wolf (inu) demon.  She's a very..hmm..forward person. outspoken and likes to express her opinion. she is very intelligent and doesn't like to take crap from people who think they are better then her. She has only ever gotten along with three other demons, her boyfriend Sef (It's a polygamis relationship) and his brother Siryu, as well as Sef's friend Blaze. She is very giving (suprisingly) and likes to make people laugh.  always up for a challenge and always likes a good fight.

:  when she is in human form she has short brown hair, but grows it out long sometimes (Seph has a thing for long hair) with her ears normally pointed up. she has navy blue eyes. she is very physically fit, but it really doesn't show.  Normally she wears green shirts, jeans, and nothing spectacularily flashy.  She doesn't like the color purple, it irritates her.  When in demon form she is a basically a large wolf.  about 12 feet tall, but with no other differences in her appearance. she rarely goes into demon form though, she preferes to fight in her human form because "it gives her more practice". 

Preference of slaves: obeidiant and the ones who like to listen. She doesn't like it when people talk back, it aggitates her.  she IS very kind with the slaves that do listen to her though, treating them like her friends.

other stuff: she acts like an airhead around Seph, he makes her "melt" so to speak.  She also tries to be kind to her slaves to start things, it makes it easier for her to be open to them later on.  She likes popsicles. ALOT. It's her favorite frozen snack. She is able to use some forms of electric magic.

Kinks: bondage, and torture, especially torture. Makes it much better if her slave is enjoying it.
Picture (not good at finding stuff):
okay then...

personal quote: "what, just because you're a demon who became an archangel, has the powers of the heavens, and can destroy cities by snapping his fingers, doesn't mean you can beat me. It just means you've got a good chance...Now lets go!!

((sorry typos and the like))
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