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A Life Spent on Gaia

[This is only a sample post from a recent Fruits Basket roleplay]

His heart skipped several frantic beats as the momentum from panic caused his upper body to bolt upright, his legs to flail and only entangle the sheets further and, in one comical sweep, he somehow managed to tumble off his bed with a loud thump and a strangled yell that would undoubtedly waken the household. The sheets clung obstinately to the mattress with the result that his legs, for the most part, stayed on the bed while he lay on the floor, wincing and rubbing his head."Oww..." Spots swam in front of the young adult's eyes and he groaned quietly, clutching his head. After a few moments he attempted to crawl back into bed, not even bothering to decipher the groggy thoughts that were coming to him. 'What time is it? What day is it, even? Friday? Saturday? Is the party today or tomorrow? What the hell was I dreaming about?' All questions that didn't have any answers.

And, to make things worse, Yousuke couldn't fall asleep after his dramatic demonstration of why survival-horror into the early hours of the morning wasn't a good idea. But he wasn't exactly ready to wake either. His reasoning for being an absolute sloth on weekends went something like this: There was no way in hell he could go to school, finish all the homework he had to do what with being a Senior and manage a healthy social life all while getting enough sleep. It was, Yousuke insisted to the teacher who'd caught him sleeping the fourth time that week, simply impossible and you had to be inhuman to have even the slimmest hope of accomplishing it. Of course, he hadn't mentioned that he, along with the other Sohma, were as far from human as you could get without actually being a different species altogether. He'd never fully appreciated the reciprocations their family's little curse could bring him. And besides, his habit of sleeping till noon didn't exactly inconvenience anyone unless you left your food inhabited at the kitchen table when Yousuke came sniffing downstairs for some viable source of sustenance.

He yawned, mouth opening wide, tongue curling in a wolfish manner - well look at how that worked out- and lay on his side, pulling the blankets close around him with one hand underneath his head. While his mind dosed, his others senses probed freely. Alyss was up, as usual. He could pick out each tone of her high-pitched whistling and match it to the pealing chimes of her voice. But of course she was up. She thought she slept in? No one else in the family was up yet and might not be for a couple hours yet. They were all perfect representations of American couch-potatoes, if only in their sleep. Once people were up, the chaos started and that was when things got fun. In the meantime...

Yousuke rolled onto his back and pulled out his cell phone. The newest model, and maybe his tenth that year. He loved cell phones and little gadgets. Whoever had invented them was pure genius. What else allowed him to keep in instant contact with his friends away from a computer? It was a touchscreen and he began texting his buddies right away. It was his morning regime. Text friends to see what great plans they had for the night, then get up and steal food from whoever was making breakfast that day. He typed with the efficiency and ease that suggested years of experience, then sent it out to all his contacts simultaneously with some satisfaction. Now what?

Weeelll in theory he cooulld hope that Alyss was cooking up something delicious at this point. But was it really worth getting up, showering, dressing, just to see? And what if she hadn't? Yousuke was one of those "once I'm up, I'm up" types. Ah well. It had to be better than lying here, didn't it? Until people started getting back to him he had zilch to do. The quietness of the house disturbed him. It was unnatural, the Sohma household being quiet? Such a thing shouldn't exist in the first place. Nature was quiet. Parks and forests and expanses of nothing but beautiful green offset by golden rays of light. The Sohmas weren't natural, even without the curse. The familiar feeling of yearning gripped his stomach. 'Alright, now this is just ridiculous. I don't want to transform this early in the morning anyway. What if someone was out hunting and shot me with a rifle? Man, that'd make a huge mess.'

But now Yousuke couldn't get his mind off going outside, being in the wilderness. Sometimes his other self was a pain in the ass. So he resolved to getting up. At least it would give his mind something to think about. Not that showering and such was effortless. But shaving was. He didn't wanna have to think about being teased for cutting himself yet again and razors already hated him enough as it was. Staggering into the bathroom, Yousuke threw the switch and almost did a double-take. His pink hair was sticking up in all directions, his green eyes were bloodshot and he looked quite crazed. "That's it," he mumbled. "No more late-night gaming. None." He'd need a lot of work to set himself right again.

And so, twenty minutes later saw him wandering downstairs, dressed in his usual attire, hair fixed and contained under his favorite hat, hands in his pockets, and his famous mischievous flash and smirk playing on his face that suggested he was up to no good at all. The last vestiges of sleepiness had swirled down the drain with the water from his shower. He walked in, eyes glinting as he eyed the stove conspicuously. Yousuke wasn't totally against eating and running. Hey, it was a hell of a lot better than making his own food. He doubted he could survive his own disastrous attempt at a meal and the only way to find out was no way at all. "Yo, Alyss~ Didja make any food?" He sniffed hopefully. That was always his standard question, and a clear warning for the others to whisk their food safely out of his long reach before it was too late.


Courtesy of The Exile.
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