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Post Info TOPIC: Want to be beaten?

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Want to be beaten?

I'm in a sort of bloody mood right now. I have the guy in my mind telling me to F.uck some pussy. I mean really. Just when you think your safe in your own head, the people start talking again. >.<

But seriously, I want to do a brutal little roleplay about love and hate and sex. Kylshine can either find his long lost lover, or fall in love with someone new. But I really like this guy, so I want to develop him more.
Let me know what you think.

And Note. I dont like Guro. The slaves will remain in one peace, I sware. 

Name: Kylshine Morrning
Age: Twenty-Six
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Race: Half Demon
Personality: Cruel and heartless, Kylshine is the kind of Master slaves fear getting. He has and will kill his slaves if they become boring to him. He enjoys making women scream and cry for mercy, but beware, his brand of mercy is not always very nice.  Some say is joy in torture stems from his hatred of his mother, but he killed the woman years ago, so who is to say?
Biography: Kylshine is a strong and powerful warlord in the darkest and bloodiest part of the world. He has a vast army that is just as bloodthirsy as he is. His nasion thrives on the wars they start and most of the time win. Now the nation is recovering and celibrating from a war with the north,  Kylshine deals with peacetimes like he always dose. By f.ucking and beating female slaves.
On a deeper note, dont think that the bloody Kylshine is without the copasity to love. He had an actual lover once. A woman that touched his heart and seemed to be tameing the beast. But his mother feared this human child and sent her away. In a rage, Kylshin killed his mother and has been looking for his lost love for over eight years.
Other: Kylshine is blind in his right eye.


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If I were to be an animal, I would be a wolf. If I were to be a plant I would be a wild rose. If I were to be a spirit, I would be shapeless. And If I were to die, I would be free.

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too bad he's straight- I've got plenty of torture toy slaves.

Happiness is ideal, it is the work of the imagination.

Destruction, hence, like creation, is one of Nature's mandates.

It is not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes, but the mode of thought of others. ~ Marquis De Sade

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T_T If you ever get in a guro mood, no one around here has yet fulfilled my wish to see one of my male slaves beaten to death or near it or whatever. I'm always up for that. My favorite and most initmate character just needs someone as twisted and sick as possible... but as for love? Not really much for playing fems. Sorry. ^o^:

This love has stripped me to the bone
When it began I was a Pet
Soon enough I was defiling my code
I wanted you as a friend
We spoke and made secrets to share and keep
We were happy and I was a fool
You said it has hard and I agreed that it always had been
And then I broke our creed
Hearing the pain in your voice and hearing it in my soul
I knew that we, that I, was not content
Soon I swore to be a Pet when you were strong in heart
And a Master when you needed
I made a promise I couldn't keep and now I almost regret it
I said we should be mates, or try
And I risked everything you'd already given for the greed of love
And now I almost regret it.

But now I am afraid to lose control
And I miss you everytime I breath
This is love, and it defies all that we'd sworn

~~~But I will never let you down~~~

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*Perks up tail* I loves him! o.o I can have a girl made for him if you want! Or if there's a girl of mine you already want?

Kat is a really good bet with him. (She's the 5th profile down)

"I ask so little. Just let me rule you, and you can have everything that you want." - Jareth The Goblin King

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*Ish very giddy*

Check out my slaves?

*Ish also too lazy to post link*


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ohh..please look at my slaves in my petshop...pretty please...

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