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Yes this is the story of the life of my most notorious slave, Bast

Since I always leave his bio as 'unknown' I figured it was about time I let everyone know exactly what he is.

And as a warning, I suck as a writer
Part 1

The day was a dark one, the clouds were dark and bringing down a heavy rain, the wind was blowing the wrong way, and lighting struck the earth far more than normal. In the large home of a slave owner a boy was born during this harsh day. His birth brought the death of his mother and his father had been long gone, born alone into this world.The boy was named Bast, a boy with blue cat-like ears and tail who would endure the hardships of being a neko slave, and the horrors of being a fighting slave.

When the boy was old enough to walk, talk, and learn, his training began. Of course as he was so young it had to remain simple, pushups and situps whenever his master commanded of him, any opposition would result in a beating and then he would have to train anyways after. As he grew older the next training started, sprints and marathon runs, forced to run a mile every day, and once again, faiure resulted in a beating.

As Bast grew older, the training became more intense as did the beatings. By the time he was in his teens he was able to lift well over half his body weight and run marathons with ease. Also his punishments now included whippings and even rape. On days where his master was in a harsher mood than normal he would force himself on his long haired slave, insulting him in any way he could.

When Bast hit sixteen he was now old enough to fight in the underground arenas. He started off with a few easy opponents, beating three of them with ease and killing two others. Seeing the skill in his pet the master began searching for slaves with better win records to find Bast was able to easily put them down. Bast too noticed how much stronger and faster he was compared to other slaves even twice his size, and he realized what he could do.

A year later during training, Bast deliberatly disobeyed his masters order. When his master was about to rape him, Bast spun around and snapped his right arm in three places, finding the sound of his masters screams to be more than enjoyable.

My my, what have we here? Bast taunted with a wild and wicked look to his eyes. Im sorry to say but you are no longer in charge. With that Bast threw his master down and proceded to rape him repedidly, finding much enjoyment in the act, and when he was threw he killed the man.

The next day Bast was found sitting atop of what little remained of the home he once lived in as he had set fire to it and killed everyone within, masters, mistresses, and slaves alike. Being a slave and not a free man, Bast was beaten for weeks before being thrown back into the market, how foolish they were to let him live.

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