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The adventures of Mole Man (not a furry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

                 The Adventures of MoleMan

Our story starts out with our hero in his well-known identity, John, in school studying, when the Alarm goes off telling him to spring into action and to become Mole Man and save the day! So he runs into the boy's room and says, "Let's dig it!" then he changes into Mole Man and rushes off to see what caused the alarm to go off. He finds the disturbance is in the center of town it is his archenemy Weasel Man robbing a bank and taking the mayor hostage (now what the mayor was doing in the bank that day we'll never know). So our hero, Mole Man, goes and distracts his archenemy, Weasel Man with one of his powers. He goes and digs into the earth and comes up behind Weasel Man and drags Weasel Man back to the hole so the Mayor can escape.The next day, Mole Man is walking down the street when he gets a call on his smell phone; its his girlfriends friend, Gopher Girl. She says Can you meet me in the park out of costume in say, half an hour?  Mole Man says, Sure see you then.  Then he goes home and goes into his basement and it is nice and dark, dirt floor, no windows he says Done diggin! and changes into John, he then goes to the park and sees Christina sitting by the fountain, she sees John and waves. John goes over he says, Whats up?  Christina has this really serious look on her face Ashley is having me break up with you for her. John is shocked and says, Why send you? To break up with me for her is she to afraid? Then he goes into a group of bushes and says, Lets dig it! Thus changing into Mole Man he then digs a hole to find his girlfriend/sidekick, Mole Girl, to get everything straight Yes its true! Ashley says, I do want to break up with you! Well! says Mole Man Why has Gopher Girl got to do it? Mole Girl says, It just seemed easier to do it that way.  Mole Man says, That is more cowardly than Chicken Man!  Mole Girl looks at Mole Man and says Sorry Mole Man says Whatever. Mole Man then dives back into the hole to find his friends. A year goes by when he gets another girlfriend and she is also a superhero she is called Anime Girl or Veronica they went to Winter Formal that is where John asked her out. They went out for a month and nine days when during lunch Veronica says to John The time we spent was great, but I dont feel anything with you, so I think we should just be friends.  John says, Ok.  Then he goes and walks off, eyes turning red with tears, he yells, Lets dig it!!! and then starts trying to dig through the tile floor. He then turns his claws to steel and gets through the floor and digs until he gets close to the center of the earth but just close enough to be warm, yet not burn himself he stays there for a couple hours crying. He goes to leave but is about to cry again so he goes back towards where he was before to have the tears turn to vapor. When he is ready he goes back up through his hole and pokes his head through to make sure nobody was there, and then when the coast was clear he went and covered the hole so nobody would fall to part of the outer core where they would melt and die.

The next school year he got another girlfriend /sidekick, Baby Girl or Kim they went out for about a month when John called Kim, her mom answered Hello? she said Is Kim there? John asked Who wants to know? was the reply Her boyfriend, John, I wanted to know if she was going to the bonfire tonight?  Her mom said, No and she isnt allowed to have a boyfriend until she is sixteen years old.  When John hung up he was furious How could she do this to me? he thought the next day of school when he saw her he said Im sorry but I cant see you anymore, I hope we can still be friends. Kim went and stomped off to the girls locker room, after about ten minutes Cassi came and said, What did you did to Kim?  John replied, I broke up with her why?  Cassi then stated, She is in the girls locker room furious. John said, Well I dont like to be lied to!  Then Kim came up and asked John Why did you break up with me John? I dont like calling up my girlfriend get her mother and finding out she isnt allowed to have a boyfriend until she is sixteen. Then Kim and John went their separate ways.

It has been a long time since John has had a girlfriend so he goes to one of his gal pals for help she is also a super hero Doctor Love or Brie. She has been helping John he has given her some names to find out if they are single and if they like him.  He goes over to Brie and asks, Whats the word? and she replies with either They arent interested or They think you are a little immature. and also They have a boyfriend. All the time when bad news arises she adds Im sorry John. and John always replies its ok its not your fault. After awhile he goes and asks another friend Widow or Cyber Girl for help in finding another girlfriend. Then on October, 7th John calls Brie and asks, Can you talk to Widow?  She replies Sure! You want me to hook you up with her?  John says I asked her for help also and since you have D-Block together I figured you can compare notes and strategize.  Brie says, Ok Ill talk with her, do you want me to hook you up?  John says, Not sure I hear she is taken could you find out if thats true or not?  Brie says Sure Ill ask her for you. 

Then John went to class and did his work when the Mole Alert went off and he saw the Mole Signal. He got excused from class changed into Mole Man and dug to his Mole Hill where he called the police chief to find out what the problem is. It turns out his first ex-girlfriend/sidekick Gabby or the Blabbinator is causing trouble downtown. So Mole Man goes downtown and tries to reason The Blabbinator into submission. She yells, I am Mind Game!  She then uses her mind power to mess with Mole Mans head like she did in the seventh grade. He then went and dives into the earth to escape her mind powers,  then burrows up behind Mind game, grabs her legs and drags her under, screaming, clawing, and defeats her, takes her to jail where they put her in a lead room with maximum security and a ventilated lead helmet to keep her from using her power.  Years later Gabby breaks out of jail with a new villain name.  She said in a voice that made babies cry and dogs bark, cats hiss, horses rear up and whinny I am coming for you Mole Man and your little worm too!  Mole Man shuddered, uneasily What was that? he thought. Then the Mole Alert went off, two minutes later the Mole Signal was up in the sky, he went and raced to the Mole Mobile, roaring down the highway towards city hall, when he got to city hall there were people fighting fire hydrants, streetlights, parking meters, covered bus stops. He knew this to be the work of Mind Game, so he went looking for her, to have her take off her power over the innocent people for it is against both of their codes which states: No super powered person shall use their power on a non-powerful being or said super person shall be stripped of power and super name for twenty years, and then no matter what they are doing, where they are, theyll be transported to their respective superior and go through a trial to get back their powers, name, costume, etc.  Mole Man says Release them from your control Mind Game!  She yells, I AM NOT MIND GAME!!!!  Mole Man replies Oh! Who are you then?  She bellows I AM THE MIND MAULER!! So Mole Man defeats her puts her back in the lead room with the helmet and sound proofing along with the utmost security measures.

So Mole Man goes back to the Mole Hill to settle down before turning in for bed and drinks a nightcap. John awakes it is still dark out he looks at his watch it is two o clock in the morning, What am I doing up at this hour? he thought, then he heard it again, a distinct noise, then his whole house shook. He runs into the basement lets dig it! he then yells Earthquake!! Dive, dive! he then dives into the basement floor, the shaking stops, he pokes his head out of his hole and it was shaking! It wasnt an earthquake, someone was shaking his house! The question is Who is shaking the house? He goes back into his hole and digs to the source; he pokes his head out and saw two robotic hands shaking his house like a snow globe. Where did those robot hands come from? Mole Man thought a loud.  Then out of nowhere comes The Inventor Do you like it Mole Man? I call it the Shakinator 2000.  Mole Man replies, What happened to the Shakinator 1000?  The Inventor said, It had some bugs that needed to be worked out. So Mole Man defeats The Inventor and sends him home with his tail between his legs. 

The next day is Mole Day, so Mole Man goes to see Mother Mole to wish her a happy Mole Day.  He gets to the door and sees a note it says: I went to find your father he heard it was Mole Day, got drunk, then went digging all willy-nilly and you know how he gets on these days see you soon, Mother Mole and then on the note is a pawprint it looks like a moles but something is different about it, Mole Man enters and sees the house is in disarray, it looks like a tornado hit. He continues through the house cautiously, claws glinting in the very little light, he hears something move, he stops, hears it again, he then dives to where the noise is, there is a yowl, screech and, a hiss. Mole Man emerges holding the family cat, he says Damn cat! Get out of here! and lightly tosses the cat out the door. He goes back to search the house, he hears another noise and says to himself Damn it! I thought I put that cat outside! he looks at the window and sees the cat sitting in front of the window sunning its self, so he realizes that something is in here with him. Mole Man stands in the middle of the room completely still as if frozen. Then out of the corner of Mole Mans eye a shadow rose, it almost towered over Mole Man. The thing turned towards Mole Man but he stood his ground even though deep inside he was scared spit-less he stood his ground. Who are you? Show yourself! Mole Man yelled I am Sammy the Shrew friend of the misunderstood.  What are you doing in my parents house? Mole Man said, Sammy replied Your mom doesnt understand your dad, he doesnt get drunk every year on Mole Day, on your first Mole Day they were testing some kind of secret weapon and anyhow your father must go and see the company doctor for the antidote, otherwise he goes off and digs around willy-nilly like hes drunk.  Then Mother Mole comes in and turns on the light Oh, Sammy what are you doing here? Mother Mole asks. I came to wish you a happy Mole Day! replies Sammy. Oh thank you Sammy. Mother Mole said. Then Mole Man went home after wishing his folks a happy Mole Day.

He runs into The Inventor, What now?! Mole Man says irritably. The Inventor says I want to show you the Shakinator 3000! a rumbling starts there is a loud thud before the rumble.  Mole Man says No thanks! I like to be stirred not shaken. Then Mole Man sees this pair of robotic arms and legs. Impressive, what is the difference between the 2000 and the 3000? asks Mole Man Well the difference is the Shakinator 2000 doesnt have legs, so I have to move it with a crane. Replies The Inventor, Why do they call you The Inventor? Mole Man asks, They call me The Inventor because I invent things. Replies The Inventor, What kind of things do you invent? Mole Man asks, I invent rays, machines, secret weapons, and miscellaneous contraptions, one time I invented a love machine where a person enters the machine it sprays pheromones onto the person, when I invented that girls followed me for weeks, normally it comes off in the shower, but I must have stayed in the machine for too long causing the pheromones to stay on for a bit too long, not that I didnt like being followed by beautiful girls. Replies The Inventor, the Shakinator 3000 was standing there tapping its foot with its arms crossed.  What? Mole Man asked the Shakinator 3000, It cant respond. Said The Inventor Why not? asked Mole Man, He has no head! replied The Inventor, so Mole Man beat the Shakinator 3000 and reduced it to rubble. Then Mole Man continued on his way home, when he got within ten yards of his house he dove into the earth and burrowed the rest of the way home up through the basement Mole Man came, he then fills up the hole and pats it down.

Mole Man has a few holidays that he enjoys and can call his favorites they are Mole Day and Halloween. He likes Mole Day because he is Mole Man, Halloween is because he can go out in a costume and not be a freak at least for a day. So Mole Man went to work in his costume, most thought he was a person in a Mole Man costume, they had no idea that he was the real Mole Man, people asked him Where did you get that costume? I made it myself. Was the reply from Mole Man.

The next day John went to work, while at work he heard the Mole Alert so he went out and told his boss he has a family emergency. He then went into some bushes changed into Mole Man and dug to the Mole Hill to find out what was wrong, he got there and found out it was a test. OK it works. said Mole Man when he hung up he says, Damn it! Why do they do that? he then goes to the Mole Gym to workout his anger. Mole Man went back to work the same day Did you handle the family emergency? asked his boss,  It was a false alarm. Said John upon exiting the bathroom after turning back into John.

Then after working late he drove home, on his way home he runs into The Inventor.  You are starting to annoy me! said John, Lets dig it! John cried, thus changing into Mole Man. Then he heard the familiar rumbling of the Shakinator, Mole Man braced himself he saw a head high above the trees. Let me guess the Shakinator 4000? said Mole Man, How did you know? replied The Inventor, The 3000 didnt have a head. Said Mole Man. Well youre wrong, its the Shakinator 5000.  said  The Inventor, 5000! said Mole Man What happened to the 4000 ? asked Mole Man. I forgot to put in a voice box,  when it tried to talk its mouth moved but nothing came out. Said The Inventor. By this time the Shakinator 5000 had emerged, Mole Man looked up and saw the Shakinator 5000s head it looked down at Mole Man with its glowing red and blue eyes peering at Mole Man with a great intensity. What? asked Mole Man  I want to fight you Mole Man! said the Shakinator, sounding like a transylvanian with a drawl. Are you sure Shakinator 5000? Mole Man asked, Yes I am sure Mole Man. Replied the Shakinator 5,000. So Mole Man fought the Shakinator 5,000 and beat it, with sweat dripping from his face he looked at The Inventor and said, That was some workout, could you build one small enough to fit in my training room? Sure, but what are the measurements? replied The Inventor. Mole Man thought about it for awhile then he said, Here put this on, then swallow this. He tossed a blindfold and a small white pill with the letters K.O on it to The Inventor. Whats this stuff for? asked The Inventor, I am taking you to The Mole Hill to take the measurements. Replied Mole Man; The Inventor looked at Mole Man for a few minutes. Then The Inventor said, Fine Ill do it.  Mole Man went and took him to his car and said, Sit down, put on your seat belt, and put on the blindfold, then take the pill. The Inventor after getting in the car buckling his seat belt, and putting on the blindfold asks, What does the pill do? It knocks you out so you wont see the way to the Mole Hill. Replied Mole Man. I thought that was what the blindfold was for. Said The Inventor, It is but it is also helps to take the pill for my security. Said Mole Man, How long will I be out for? asked, The Inventor, Mole Man thought for awhile Until I give you the antidote for the K.O pill which will be after I get you in the training room. Replied Mole Man, then The Inventor went and took the K.O pill.

About an hour later The Inventor awoke to find himself in Mole Mans training room. Oh, What happened? asked The Inventor My head is killing me he stated. Mole Man looked at the Inventor and said that is one of the side effects of the K.O. pill.  The inventor, looked around the room. where are you? He asked. I am over here! replied Mole Man waving his hand. The Inventor looked around the room again this time noticing the flat panel TV on the TV sat Mole Man, looking back at the Inventor. Can you see me, Mole Man? Asked the Inventor, Yes I can see you the Inventor. Replied Mole Man. Where am I ? asked the Inventor.  You are in my training room. Replied Mole Man, the Inventor went through his costume looking for some of his tools. Oh, boy the way I had you searched and anything thought to be dangerous was seized, there is a measuring device in there with you. Said Mole Man, The Inventor looked around and spied a door, he went to the door and grabbed the doorknob and it was hot! He let go of doorknob and looked at his hand; it was burned, What on earth? Said the Inventor, just then Mole Man appeared on the T.V. oh, one more thing I have a torch that is heat sensitive attached to the doorknob to keep you in there. He said, Why Mole Man? asked the Inventor, Mole Man replied I dont want you to find out where my hideout is located. So The Inventor went and found the measuring device, measured around the training room. Done, now what? asked the Inventor looking at the T.V set and lo and behold there was Mole Man looking back at the Inventor, Mole Man said There should be a table behind you with a blindfold and the K.O. pill on it. The Inventor looks and sees a table rising up from the floor. Oh: by the way The Inventor when shall I expect it to be ready? The Inventor thinks for a while then says The parts and I should be ready in a few weeks Mole Man.  Why do you need to be ready?  Mole Man asked The Inventor, but by that time the Inventor was already blindfolded and had taken the KO pill and was lying on the ground spread out. Damn it! I hate it when they take it before they get in the car, now I have to drag him to the car and put him in. Said Mole Man with a grunt as he lifts the upper part of The Inventor and dragged his feet to the car. So Mole man got The Inventor into the Mole mobile and drove to where he picked up The Inventor, gave him the antidote, and the stuff that was in the Inventors costume dropped the Inventor and the Inventors stuff on the side of the road and then sped off. The Inventor wakes up and saw the skid marks from the Mole mobile, he also saw his gadgets, gizmo and an occasional doo-dad laying on him.

The Inventor got up, dusted himself off muttering oh my head! Damn KO pill. Then the Inventor got kidnapped by two men the bigger of the two had bulging muscles and a bald head, the smaller had big but not yet bulging muscles and brown hair. They took him.

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