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Read it, and tell me what'cha thing.

So my friend wrote a story, and it's hella freaking long. And it's kinda sci-fi ish. But I just want to know if it's worth reading.. And I'm lazy as hell. Soooo here :)

Empires at War

Hovering high up into the sky, this magical sight could not been seen from earth. Floating millions of miles up into the atmosphere was an enchanted island. This island was not only blessed with extraordinary fantasy but also with extreme beauty and wonder. Their were four islands that connected to join one massive paradise.

The first of the four was Terrenus. The island of earth and rock. This island was lush with green plants such as trees, shrubs and many others. This island was ruled by Emperor Demetrius of Bouldevar. This island was made magnificent by its ancient walking stone creatures. This islands colours were Brown and Green. The source of this islands power was the Emerald Of Rock.

The next island that floated beside Terrenus was Aerius. This was the island of wind and air. Large monuments of the previous Empresses flooded the main courtyard. The neighborhood was spacey and the homes were very to them selves. This island was ruled by Aura of the White Wind. Large thunder birds flew across in the sky. The main colours of this island were White and Blue. The Diamond of Wind supplied this island with enormous strength beauty. It was bordered by Terrenus and Ignigena.

The islands next to Aerius was Ignigena. The island of fire. This islands was polluted with Volcanoes and was home to the great firebird, the Phoenix. It was run by Pyrros of Ember and indeed was the most powerful island. The Ruby of fire grew in a large red rose that was inside the house of Wildfire. The colours of this island were of Red and Silver.

Last but definitely not least was Aquatilis. The island of water and ice. Large waterfalls tumbled down the edge of this island and the water to only evaporate and return to the Great Lake of Harmony. At the bottom of this lake was a stone. A precious stone called the Sapphire of Ice. Large whale like creatures swam underneath these islands through the air. Blue griffins and white doves flew across in the sky and blessed the island with grace and beauty. This island was watched by Arethusa of the Ancient Springs and the Elders of the Ancient Waters. The colours of this island were Blue and Gold.

These four islands joined to wake a circle of endless beauty and power. On these islands their was no such thing as war. Peace and togetherness. Paradise is what they called it. These islands were formed in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, only until they were blessed with the Great Stones of Eden did they begin their life in the sky.

The Emperors and Empresses of these islands were decedents of past rulers of over more than a thousand years. When the past leader dies, the next in the throne is either the son or daughter depending on the island. These Islands believe that when they die, they are sent off into a more richer invisible paradise higher up into the sky.

Their was no technology on this islands it was only hard work and labor, because this islands believed that if you cant do it yourself, then why bother. These islands were full of methods and melodious beauty that hugged this islands in a tight blanked suffocating it from any wars and fear.

A fire ball shot out of the sky and tore that blanket apart. The fire ball crashed down into the Great Lake of Harmony. The Sapphire of Ice quickly dissolved this atrocity. Another one struck down into the fields of agriculture in Aquatilis. Indeed this was war. Loud cracks of the roots and paths connecting the islands dissolved into massive earthquakes that tore the islands apart. War, the one thing everyone feared. Superiority, the one thing everyone wanted.

To understand more, we have to go back 40 years


20 years earlier

Ding, dong, ding. The loud bell rung as school let out. Teens ran out with a thirst for the summer vacation. Five friends left the school together. Pyrros, Arethusa, Aura, Demetrius and Angel. They all left together out of the front of the high school. They walked down the long path giggling and talking to each other. A big trashcan stood at the end of the path. Angel threw his finished candy wrapper inside and one by one, they threw their backpacks in. They laughed and walked onto the road.

The crossed the street and through the big forest. They followed a path that led down to a small stream of clear blue water with small beautiful rapids. Small tadpole like fish swam through this little wonder. They all sat down in a circle of rocks that seemed to border the little stream.

Pyrros sat next to Arethusa who sat next to Aura who sat next to Demetrius who sat next to Angel. They were all on the verge of adult hood at the age of 18. Each of them stuck their hand out into the center as they giggled and looked at one another.

Never gets old! Pyrros said as a red fireball began to form in the center of all their hands.

Nope! Arethusa exclaimed as she began to change half of that fireball into water.

The fire and water intertwined with each other. Aura created a small cloud that wrapped around their creation. Following her, Demetrius began to lift small pebbles from the ground and they rose up and circled this creation as well. Angel began to create a red water that cupped the bottom and held it in place.

This sight was magical. Each from different backgrounds combined into the best of friends. This ball of wonder hovered their for about 5 minutes. It was a symbol of friendship and trust. They made it because they were all going to split up for they are needed in their islands. Each of them concentrated hard as the ball of fire, water, air, rock, and red liquid sunk into the ground all the way down underneath the islands to were the large herds of Sapphire whales flew. This creation would stay their for the end of time. It would never move and it could never be touched. It was a bond that each of them shared.

Pyrros lit a fire in the middle of them for soon it was starting to get dark.

He looked over at Arethusa, and she looked back. He got nervous and looked back down into the rippling fire. She giggled.

So what are your guys plans for the summer? Aura said. She was a gentle woman. She has long blond hair and rich sparkling blue eyes. Her face calm but was struck with dangerous beauty. Which made all the men chase after her. She never liked the attention. She was very curvaceous and had a wonderful sense of style. Her and Arethusa would always go shopping together.

Angel was tall funny man with short blond hair and deep, dark blue eyes. He was built and loved jogging with Pyrros on the weekends. He was a fun loving character and was a waste to all women every where, he was gay. He was in love with Demetrius and he was nervous about it. He never knew what to say to Demetrius and would always stutter. Angel's power wasn't known on these islands. He was born in one of the Volcanoes on Iginigena. His power never had a name. He wasn't even sure it was himself.

Well, my dad is going to take me somewhere where he said that I am going to be more happy. But I dont think there is a happier place than right here with you guys! Demetrius replied. Demetrius wasnt a very manly man but he knew a lot. He was a masculine man and was a very toned. He had kind green eyes and short brown hair always in a Mohawk or spiky fashion. He was a very stylish man also. He would so shopping sometimes with Aura and Arethusa but he was always occupied with his love for Angel. As like Angel, he never talked about it to him.

Oh dont get all mushy on us now, Demy! Arethusa said poking him in the shoulder with a faint giggle. Arethusa was a very attractive woman with rich brown hair and stunning blue eyes. She had a very happy and out going personality and was very athletic. She was a slim gorgeous woman who loves to show it off at the beaches. She is in love with Pyrros and she is sure he feels the same.

Oh really, Demy? That is what my father is going to take me, too! I guess I will see you there then! Ha, ha. Pyrros said. Pyrros was a very athletic guy and was madly in love with Arethusa. He had short brown hair and intense brown eyes. He loves the competition in sports. He was a joyful guy and is very shy also. He wants to ask Arethusa out, but he is to afraid of what she will say.

Oh my goodness! My mom is taking me their, too! I am going to see all you guys again! Aura said with a big grin and a laugh.

My mother died so my father said that I have to be the next in the throne. You guys dont know how excited I am to be Empress! Arethusa said giggling and smiling.

Pyrros looked over to her. He watched as she was filled with excitement. He realized how much he loved her and wasnt afraid to ask her.

Arethusa. he said.

Yea Pyrros? She said as a chill ran up and down her spine.

Will you,

Yes! She said grabbing him. He grabbed her back and puller her toward him. He pressed his lips against hers and they began to kiss.

Ha, ha! Anyone else? Aura said with a chuckle.

Demetrius looked over at Angel only to realize he was looking back. He quickly looked away.

Break it up! Angel said and started laughing. Clouds began to blanket in the sky.

Thats my mom guys. I will see you guys soon I hope. Aura said as a tear began to run down her cheek.

Oh Aura! Arethusa said and she rushed over to Aura and gave her a hug. No matter what, Aura, we will always be friends. Remember that. She said as she began to hug tighter.

Loosen up, Arethusa, I want to be able to see you guys again! Aura said with a chuckle.

Arethusa let Aura go and Demetrius got up and hugged Aura.

Ill see you again! You owe me a dollar! Demetrius said giving Aura a hug. Angel glanced over to catch a glimpse of Demetrius bum. He examined it. It was firm and seemed very strong. Pyrros looked over at him and laughed.

What cha looking at, Angel? Pyrros said.

Angel took his eyes off of the little piece of magic called Demetrius bum and looked over at Pyrros. Angel giggled and said Nothing with a smirk. He got up after Demetrius sat down to give Aura a hug.

Aura left leaving only the four of them behind.


Pyrros, Arethusa, Demetrius, and Angel sat their talking about what's going to happen in their near futures.

"Well sorry guys, but I think I am going to go home before it gets late." Arethusa said as she got up. She dusted the back of her pants off and walked around to Demetrius.

"You're leaving us now?" He said and he gave Arethusa a big hug.

"We'll see each other again!" She said as she moved on to Angel.

"I hate high school! Well the ending!" Angel said.

Arethusa gave Angel a hug and walked over to Pyrros.

"You want to walk me home?" She said as she grabbed his hand. Pyrros smiled and got up. He dusted himself off and gave Angel and Demetrius a hug and left off with Arethusa. Demetrius and Angel were left.

Demetrius looked over at Angel. Angel looked back.

"Look, Angel," Demetrius said, "I,"

Angel interrupted. "I know." he said.

Angel placed his hand on Demetrius' leg.

"I love you." Demetrius said.

"I know." Angel said as he moved closer to Demetrius. "I love you, too." Angel leaned in, so did Demetrius. They kissed. Demetrius placed his hand on Angel's hand and squeezed tightly.

On the pathway home, Arethusa and Pyrros walked together. The sky quickly faded into a shining starry ribbon.

"What are you going to do now that school is over?" Arethusa said.

"I am not sure. My dad said that he has to show me something. I don't really know." He said looking down at his feet.

"I am sure you will be great. She said as she reached over and grabbed his hand. He looked over.

"School is over. We will never be able to see each other." He said.

"We don't need school, Pyrros. We do have lives." She said with a chuckle.

"It wont be the same." He said.

"What wont?"

"Our relationship." He said as he stopped walking and pulled her closer to him.

"Why not?" She said curiously.

"I know that I just told you I loved you recently, but the feelings I have felt have been longing to come out." He said. She stood their speechless. She felt the same way, too.

He got down on one knee. A huge lightening bolt struck down to where their little hide-away in the little forest across the where school was.

"Let's go!" Pyrros said pulling Arethusa.

A fire grew in the forest where Angel and Demetrius were. Their was screaming coming from the forest. Pyrros ran faster. Arethusa tried to keep up, but heels weren't meant to run in. She kicked her shoes off and ran bare feet. She stepped on plenty of rocks and cut her feet many of times.

Pyrros ran into the forest and focused on the fire. He made the fire vanish, their was nothing their. Just their seats and the fire pit. A cry came from inside the forest. Pyrros ran over closer to the sound. Arethusa just arrived at the site.

Demetrius sat their in the forest with Angel dead upon his lap. Demetrius was crying. Pyrros rushed over to his side and pulled Angel off his lap. He sat next to Demetrius and wrapped his arm over his shoulder. Angel was struck by the intruding lightening bolt.

"It's okay!" Pyrros said trying to calm him down.

Arethusa just arrived and screamed.

"What happened?!" She yelled.

"Guess!" Demetrius yelled back.

Angels lifeless body laid their on the ground. Parts of his hair was burnt and his clothes were singed. His body faded into the ground. Demetrius threw himself to where Angels body had been laying and began to cry harder.

Underneath the island were the Sapphire whales swam free. The ball of wondrous creation floated their. The red liquid cupping it turned black then faded away. All that was left was air, water, fire, and earth.


The next morning.

Pyrros placed the long red feather back into the ink on the corner of his desk. He folded the paper with a note he was writing. A large, elegant, and dangerous Phoenix stood their on the ledge of his window. Pyrros rolled the folded up paper and tied it to the ankle of this flaming bird. Pyrros nodded and this creature leaped off the ledge of this mountain castle.

The bird dropped down 50 feet until it spread its large wings open. The wind caught the wings of this creature and began to carry it away. Red flames flickered all over its body at the wind rushed by. A big, aerodynamic beak helped it slide through the air. It's small red eyes watched the coming clouds and potential prey. The Phoenix soared through the sky and into the Aquatilis island ground to the large Water Palace.

Waterfalls tumbled down the side of the palace and down into the nearby lakes and rivers. The water continuously crashed upon the water while magically making its way back up to begin a new journey down. The flag of this island fluttered in the wind overtop of the Palace doors and beneath the large balcony on which the Empress would stand. The castle rose to a dangerous height where if anyone would fall, it would be it.

Long curvy gold handles attached onto towering blue doors. Shapes were carved into these doors, they were symbols of the past leaders of Aquatilis.

The Phoenix flew into Arethusa's room where she had been waiting. The creature landed on a platform with a small dove laying on top, dead. The note tumbled off of its ankle and rolled onto floor. It gripped the dove with its deadly claws. It threw it up and catched it with its deep yellow beak. It swallowed it whole and fell purposely back out of the window. A loud screech was heard from the Phoenix before it turned into a large fireball and disappeared into the mountains ahead.

Arethusa walked over to the big pedestal and picked the note up off the ground. She carried it gently to her desk. She pulled the chair out and calmly sat down and pushed herself in. She placed the note on her desk and opened it up. Small ashes sprung into the air from the pieces of paper that had been burnt from the Phoenix's scorching fire.

She read the letter, it said:

Meet me at our special place.
Please, it's important.


She smiled and folded the letter back up and put it in the first drawer.

She picked herself up with glee and danced happily over to her wardrobe. She opened the large wooden doors and tried to find an outfit to meet Pyrros in. She searched through everything. She found the perfect outfit, she was interrupted in her search by a knock a the door. Her mother, the Empress, walked in.

"Sit." Empress Pavati said.

"But mom, I have to go!" Arethusa said as she walked over and sat on her bed. She threw her outfit over her pillows.

"I am not long for this world. A new generation is to rule the New World. You're next, my dear." She said. She stood their in a light and dark blue tight fitted dress at the chest that trailed down to an accentuated waist. A gold band wrapped around the top of her arms along with rich blue Sapphires around her neck. Her long white hair was braided behind her with few blue and gold ribbons. The train of the dress dragged behind her as she walked toward Arethusa.

"Mother, don't say that." She said.

"I have not a choice, dear." The Empress said as she put her hands on her crown. She picked it up off of her head and placed it gently down on Arethusa's head.

"My dear. It's your turn." She said as she left the room.

Arethusa sat their stunned with the crown upon her head. She placed her hands beside her and pushed herself up. She walked over to the floor length mirror attached to the inside of her wardrobe. She looked at herself in the mirror with the sapphire encrusted gold crown. Power filled her body and mind and the thought of meeting with Pyrros slowly faded away. No expressions of joy, happiness or anger touched her face.

Pyrros waited sitting on the rock bench beside the small rushing stream. The flowing water made him think of Arethusa and with a slight urge to go to the bathroom. He waited for two hours and she never showed. He picked up a rock and threw it into the stream and began to make his was back to the Volcan Castle, the castle of fire.


Aura at the Whistling Castle by the Sunring River in Aerius. She was in the grand room talking with her father and mother.

"Angel died yesterday." Aura said as a small tear began to emerge from her eye.

The Empress Anila saw the tear form and was stricken with anger.

"Empress' don't cry, Aura." She said as her hands changed from gentle into a fist.

"Anila calm down," said Erion, the Empress' husband. "She is sad that her friend, a so called 'Angel', died."

"I have never cried a day in my life. Whether sad nor happy. My mother taught me to be a woman, and I will do the same. I am not going to sit here and watch as a poor, weak, powerless girl takes my place on the throne. I will not allow it." She said. She got up off the large white Victorian styled couch and left the room.

"Don't mind your mother. She is, well, in denial. She can't accept the fact that her time is of short comings. It's okay to cry, honey. You just can't show it to your mother or anyone in that matter." He said as he walked over to Aura and hugged her, "It will be okay."

The Empress stood on the balcony looking over the entire civilization of Aerius and the shadows of the other attached islands. Her tower rose over a thousand feet high and into the clouds. The Empress gripped the railing with fierce anger and power. She stared off straight ahead into the sky. A sheet of clouds covered her view below. She stood their in a long, white tight fitted Mermaid gown, sleeveless. The back of her gown lead high up into a tall white collar embrioded with black, blue, and the very rare, red diamonds. A shimmering blue wrap wrapped around her arms. The largest white diamond that was found on Aerius was carved into the crown that she wears with pride and control on her head.

Erion stepped out in behind her.

"Honey, you should not take it out on her." He said. She turned round quickly with anger.

"You will not tell me how to raise a child!"

"She is 18!"

"She is the future Empress! Like I said before. I am not going to let her be kind of heart while she gets pushed around." She said as she stomped her black stilettos.

"She isn't ready for this. You know it. But I know, I understand. When is it time?" He said.

"Three days," She said as her eye started to water. "The ceremony is tomorrow."

"So soon?" He said. "The monument is done. It looks absolutely stunning, my dear."

A sharp clear tear fell from her eye. "I'm glad." She said while a diamond fell from the collar of the dress. She stormed off down the stairs of the tower and down into her Master Bedroom.

Erion stood their, sad. He was crushed at the thought of her sorrow. He made it way to the spiral tower staircase. He stepped onto the sphere shaped diamond and collapsed down the stairs 500 feet from the landing platform. He broke his neck and nearly every big bone in his body. Their was no doubt in anyones mind that a fall like that would kill him. And it did.

Moments later the castle security found his corpse and rushed it quickly to the Aerius hospital but first relayed the news to the Empress. One of the guards ran toward the Master Bedroom. Knock, knock, knock.

"What is it!?" She yelled.

"Your husband. He is dead!" The guard said.

"Come in."

The guard opened the door and stood their stiff.

"He tripped at the top. We are not sure how." He glanced for a quick second at her collar and noticed that a diamond was missing. "Dear Empress. You are missing a diamond." He said.

"I see. Do not tell Aura. Give me that pleasure." She said as she walked toward the door.

"But Empress," He said. "What about Sir Enrion?"

"Have his body burnt and turned into ashes. Then send him to Thunder Fields. Bury him. Thank you." She said and left the room. The guard left after and ran out to tell the other guards.

The thought of Enrion dead did not upset the Empress not even a little bit. She made her way down the long corridor to Aura's room. She made her way inside and stood in front of Aura.

"Aura. Your father is dead." The Empress said with an emotionless face.

"What!?" She yelled. Tears began to form in her eyes, "How?"

The Empress started to get mad, "He tripped down the stairs of the tower. He died."

"No! This can't be. Angel and dad!?" She said as tears started running down her face.

"Stop it! An Empress does not cry!" She walked over to Aura and slapped her in the face.

Trying to play it 'cool' she stopped crying. Anger and hate filled her body and mind. "Yes mother. Leave."

"Good girl." The Empress said as she left the room.

Aura stood up. Hate and anger bubbled up inside her. She made her way to the window on the far side of her room. She stared off outside over the island.

"This, all mine."


On the island of Terrenus, the Bouldevar Castle sits at the top of Milestone Creek. Demetrius was in the Bouldevar Gardens lush with Iris flowers and rare green roses. Large evergreens and tall hedges carved into Terrenus creatures. A river of grass flowed through this wonder spectacle. Demetrius was laying on his stomach in the grass near an over grown green rose bush. Tears ran down his face and loneliness filled his soul.

One by one he picked the petals off, each one fluttered to the ground.

"He misses me," He picks one off, "He doesnt." He picked another one off. "He misses me, he doesn't." One petal was left. He stared at this petal with joy and cheerfulness. "He misses me." He said as he picked the last petal off. Love and happiness. A tear fell from his eye and into the grass. The tear landed onto the rich soil and formed into a shimmering red emerald.

His mother walked out into the Gardens and over to Demetrius. She walked then stopped in behind him.

"What's the matter, honey?" Lady Avani said. In her lovely green evening gown she knelt down beside him.

Demetrius rolled over onto his back and looked over at her. "Angel died?" He said trying to fight back tears.

"Your boyfriend?" She said.

"My..." He paused, 'Friend." He picked himself up and sat cross-legged. He picked up the last petal of the green rose and played with it.

"I see. It will be alright. He is in a better place, no?" She said trying to cheer him up.

"I guess so." He said with a smile, "Where's dad?"

"He is inside. Trying to cope with it." She said as she got up off the ground and dusted herself off.

"You mind if I have a moment please?" Demetrius said.

"Take as long as you need." She said stretching out her arm and tried to help him up.

"Thanks mom." He said as he left and started to walk toward the garden lake.

He arrived and picked up a small flat rock. He dusted it off gently and gripped it in his hands. He built up strength and threw it in to the water. It jump and created small ripples. Demetrius stared into the water. He looked in a blank stare at a small shimmering pebble on the lake bed. Chills ran down his spine. The hairs on his arms and on the back of his neck stood up. A hand touched his shoulder and a faint whisper of Demetrius' name. He turned around quickly to find no one their.

"Angel," He said, "I'm coming."

Demetrius started his walk back to the Castle.

In a long green overdress, Emperor Adam of Ancient Stones stood by the fire place in disgust. Lady Avani walked up in behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder softly.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"Understandable," he said as he grabbed her hand," I just don't think I can give it all away to him."

"Why not?" She said.

"You know why." He said and turned to face her.

"Yes. Yes I do. You have to. He will do great, I promise. I will make sure of it." She said as she gave him a hug to make him feel comfort and safety.

"And that's all I will ever ask." He said and let her go. He walked out of the room and out to the front of the castle. He stared off in wonder of what will happen when he is gone. He took a walk.

Demetrius walked in.

"Mom," he said, "I have to talk to you again, sorry."

"It's okay. That's what I am here for." She said with a smile. "Sit." She pointed to the large brown Fainting couch. He walked over to it and sat down, his mother sat in front of him on a brown ottoman.

"What a matter, dear?"

"Dad. He hates me." He said.

"He doesn't hate you, per se. He hates what has happened. For tomorrow, you know, is the day you become Emperor." She said with a smile.

"What about him?" He said.

"The day after, the army of Night Terrors is coming to take him and the rest of the leaders away."

"But why!?"

"The new generation, my dear. You are going to be Emperor. For this new age is one of war. It is all in your hands now." She said. She got up and gave Demetrius a gentle subtle kiss on the forehead, "Believe me, son, you will be great." And left the room.

Demetrius stood up after and walked over to the fireplace. He stared into the fire. The fire embers danced around with rippling rage. Demetrius looked up at the large emerald crown that stared down at him on the mantle. He picked up the crown and placed it on his own head.

"Me," he said, "Emperor?" The feeling of relief and power surged through his body and through his veins. He laughed and forgot all about his loneliness and sadness. He was anew.


The next day.

Sapphire whales flew in circles beneath the island eating small krill like creatures. Sapphire whales are creatures that can swim in mid-air and defy gravity. They look like skeletons with very little flesh. It is very rare that they come up from underneath the island. They yell a loud shriek but not aloud. It is a magical sound to the people of Aquatilis because they believe that the sound brings good luck.

Fire horses ran though the green grassy fields of Ignigena leaving behind burnt blades of grass that quickly recover. Phoenix birds flew through the sky and burnt the skies with beauty and grace. Large yellow Thunder birds flew over top of the castle in Aerius. Black doves that escaped from grips of Earth flew up high into this island of fantasy and wonder. Griffins stood on top of peaks of monstrous sized mountains. Their screeches were heard from miles and miles away. Angelfish fly up out of the waters in Aquatilis and sprinkle the air with droplets of water and give the island its elegance and delicacy.

These islands were like an untouched jewel on enormous power. It shimmered from down on earth as the sun highlighted its wonders and made the sun brighter than it is.

The ceremonies were set to being in each of the islands.

A loud horn was heard from the Aquatilis. The Ceremony of the Ancient Springs is what it is called. A long blue carpet was rolled out from the front of the Water Palace. All of the inhabitants of Aquatilis attended this ceremony, even the sick and the ill. The Empress and the Elders of the Ocean awaited the arrival of Arethusa. The Empress stood at the top of the stairs at the head of the carpet. She was wearing a long and elegant gown of blue, white, and gold. The crown hugged her head. Her faced looked happy and assurance to the audience and the people around, but underneath that confident exterior was anger.

A white wood carriage pulled by the power of water made its way down the aisle. The carriage stopped halfway to the stairs. The door opened. Slowly someone began to walk out. In a white satin dress beautified with a gold stripe running down the side of it. A gold wrap hugged her arms. The train of her dress followed as she walked out and to where her mother stood. A smile covered her face. A small crown of white roses kept her hair back. Happiness. 'Oo's and 'Awe's were heard from the audience as Arethusa walked down the aisle. When she reached the steps, she stood beside her mother with belongingness and comfort.

One of the Elders walked up in front of Empress Pavati.

"Lady Pavati, may I?" He said. She nodded. She knelt down in front of him she bowed her head as he took the shining crown off of her head. She stood back up again.

"Lady Arethusa, may I?" He said walking over in front of her. A tear ran down her cheek as she replied with a subtle "Yes." She knelt down in front of him and bowed her head. He placed the crown on her head. Her spirit danced as this endowment consumed her happiness. Power and control filled her up inside.

The Sapphire of Ice shone brightly out of Great Lake of Harmony. Sapphire whales made their way up from underneath the island and roared a sound that rung through the air. The tears of the whales covered the town in tiny blue Sapphires that quickly changed into water droplets that cured the sick and the ill. These tears were cherished for it would cure any sickness and would bring anyone wealth.

A large blue Griffin flew down from the skies and screeched with enjoyment. Its massive wings carried its enormous weight. It softly and gently landed in front of Empress Arethusa. The Elder took her by the hand.

"Up you go, darling." He said helping her to get upon this giant wondrous animal.

"What? You don't expect me to,"

"Hold on, dear!" Lady Pavati yelled. And the Griffin took off into the skies. Arethusa screamed with excitement and in fright also. They flew over the magnificent Great Lakes of Harmony and through the Mountains of Ancient Springs. Over the neighborhoods and communities. Every moment was remarkable, all memorable. She slowly let go of the Griffin and threw her hands up into the air. She extended her arms out and laughed. She was happy. She was an Empress.

The Griffin arrived back the castle, everyone was gone. The carpet was rolled up and put back into the basement of the castle for the next ceremony. Arethusa jumped off. She hugged the Griffin's neck. She rested her head on his feathered head. The softness of its feathers and body comforted Arethusa and made her feel safe. It lowered its large head as if it were hugging back. She let go of it and walked back to the top of the steps. She looked behind her and watched the Griffin as it took flight again. It flew up high and let out another screech. She laughed a beautiful laugh as she watched it disappear into the clear white clouds. She walked into the front doors of the castle and yelled to her mother standing at the top of the Grand Staircase.

"Mother!" She said as she tried to run up the stairs in her white stilettos.

"Empress," Lady Pavati said. "Indeed a congratulations is in order for you. But I must inform you. You have big shoes to fill, my dear."

She arrived at the top of the stairs to where her mother was standing. "Yes mother." And she gave her a tight motherly hug. "I'm ready."

"I will be gone tomorrow, for it is the day." Lady Pavati said.

"They day of what?"

"The day of the Night Terrors."


A large Phoenix flew through the sky and circled around the Volcan castle.

"Pyrros of the Abandoned Flame." Yelled one of the Elders of the League of Fire. The Phoenix flew down toward the ceremony and in though the audience and into the ground. The Phoenix flew up from in beneath the ground and burst into flames. Pyrros appeared.

Emperor Adain stood at the front of the long red carpet waiting for Pyrros. Pyrros looked around in the crowd to see if their was anyone he knew. A screech came from way up high in the sky. It caught his attention and he looked up and saw a large blue Griffin pierce through the sky. Their was a woman on top of it. She had her arms stretched out and her head tilted back. Pyrros smiled.

"Pyrros!" Emperor Adain yelled.

"Coming, father." He said.

Pyrros walked down the red carpet towards his father. His steps began to shake. He was getting nervous. He walked up and stood next the Emperor.

The crown disappeared into a fireball and evaporated.

"Sir Adain." Said the Elder.

A gold crown covered in Rubies appeared from a flame on Pyrros' head.

"Emperor Pyrros." The Elder said. The crowd stood up in a roar of cheering and applause.

Sir Adain walked back into the castle and left Pyrros to get cheered on my the rest of the settlers of Iginigena.

Equuignius creatures , fire horses, began to storm down the aisle way. The crashed into Pyrros and ignited him upwards into the air. the fire turned into a large Phoenix and carried Pyrros off into the path of the sun. The Phoenix flew around the rays and through the clouds. It circled the top of the castle. Its wings were large and they created strong gusts of wind in behind it. Small embers flickered off the tail of the Phoenix and swirled in the air.

It spun around. The Phoenix screeched and started to dip down toward the entrance of the castle. It quickly arrived. It stopped with so much power, the front doors blew open. The audience was gone. And so were the elders.

The Phoenix sunk into the ground. And flew up out from in behind Pyrros. He smiled.

Pyrros walked inside and saw his father sitting on the couch.

Dad? Whats the matter? Pyrros asked.

Son, tomorrow I am not going to be here. Many others and I have to be off. We, he said.

Why?! Pyrros said.

Son, let me finish. Tomorrow is the day of the Night Terrors. They are coming to take me, and the Emperors and Empress of the other Islands. It is a ritual. That of the old ruler is to be taken away so they dont interfere. Also so they think we have gotten too old. We have no choice. I am only going to say this now, son. He got up of his chair and walked over to Pyrros. He placed his hand on his shoulder and said Your generation is where it ends. You will lead the army to victory. Please, son, dont give it up for love. and left the room.

Pyrros stood their stunned. He wasnt sure what to say or how to react.

Pyrros walked through the long corridor. He laughed and made fun of himself as Emperor. He shook his head and played with his crown. He jumped and danced around. He miss placed his foot and tripped over himself. He extended his hands to protect himself from the impact if he didn't. He dropped on his hands and his crown bounced off. He quickly got up and looked around to see if anyone saw. Embarrased, he jolted toward his crown and picked it up. He looked around once again. He sophisticatedly walked up the stairs and up to his room.

He opened the large red door. He walked in and went striaght to the balcony. He placed his hands on the cold gold handles of the balcony door. He twisted, and pushed them open. He walked forward to the rail. He gripped the long stone rail. He looked over at the entire island. He saw the small scattered neighborhoods and the long red oak forests. The seeds of the trees, plants, and crops were migrated here by the birds from the Earth of which they abandoned. These plants adapted the climate and soils of these magificent islands.

In one glance he examined the whole island. He looked over beyond the borders. He saw each of the islands. The stone creatures gatehered at the Bouldevar Castle prepared for their ceremony. A large blue and white Griffin landed infront of the Water Palace and a woman walked off. He wasn't sure who she was. The Aerius Island Ceremony just ended and a woman got carried off on the back of a white Island tiger, then dissapeared with speed into a cloud.

Tall white Diamond Hailstone trees walked and rumbled the ground. The walked from the island of Aerius onto the grounds of Ignigena only to turn into a tall, large Ruby Luminosity trees. They slowed and sat themselves into the red oak forests.

Pyrros turned around and head back inside. He walked over to his bed and sat at the foot of it. He laid back and stretched. He let out a sigh and stared at the big red chandilier hanging from the ceiling. Arethusa's image flooded his mind. He was undoubtably inlove with her. The thought of seeing her made him excited. He ran for the balcony again and looked over at the Water Palace. The castle was still except for the falling water. On second glace he saw a woman walk back into the room of which she came. He hoped that it was Arethusa.


In the Bouldvar Castle, Demertios was sitting on the couch talking with his mother.

"In life, Demy, you need to have self confidence and respect. And if you don't and all else fails, you can try again but it will be no use. You need to take it while you can and grab it. Grip it firm and don't let it go. If it fades away go for something better. Because, son, a crown doesn't make a king. It's the man beneath it." She said with a smile, "I have faith in you. I know you can do it." She got up and gave him a hug.

"Thank you, mom." He said and hugged her back.

The stone creatures stood at the foot of the long green carpet casting shadows on the audience and crowd.

The Emperor stood at the steps of the Bouldevar Castle.The sound of harps and violins where being played from in behind the Emperor. Green fire emerged from the tips of the torches on the steps. A green carraige pulled up at the foot of the long aisle. The door opened and the Queen walked out in a rich green gown. Demetrius followed. The Queen and him walked side by side down the aisle.

"Son," she whispered, "Don't be nervous."

"How can I not be?"

"Because it runs through you veins and courage is what this family is built up on. A wall of bravery and many rooms of Honesty, Royalty, and Trust. A hidden room of Love hides in the basement. Remember, son, don't tear down the house to find it, you woun't." She whispered and walked up the stairs to one side of the Emperor and Demetrius on the other.

An Elder of the Eroded Mountains slowely stepped out infront of the Emperor and Demetrius.

"Emporer Adam of the Ancient Stones." He said and reached up for the crown. Regret and anger filled Emporer Adams eyes as he bowed forward. The Elder placed his hands firmly on the crown and lifted it up.

"Emporer Demetrius." He said and stretched his arms out to place the crown on his head.

The crowd roared up in a load cheer. The Queen smiled as she looked over at the joyous features on Demetrius' face. The former Emporer walked into the house and up to his room. A large moss covered stone creature reached it's hand forwark to where Demetrius was standing. He didn't know what to do. He threw his hand forward and gave it a slap on the hand, a low-five. The Queen laughed.

"No, silly. You are going to go on a ride. A tour of your new colony!" She said.

"No thanks, mom. I want to go rest up, you know?"He said with a smile. The crowd appluased louder when Demetrius started to wave. He walked inside.

"Thank you, everybody!" The Queen said and followed.

Demetrius walked up to his room. He never said a word. He opened the large green glass doors. He walked forward and to his desk. A tall mirror stood behind the desk . Demetrius walked up to it. He looked up to a small picture stuck in the corner of the mirror and the frame. It was of him and Angel. He grabbed it off.

"Yeah," he said as a tear began to form in his eye, "I miss you, too." He placed it ontop of his heart. Tears slid down from his eyes and down on the floor and his green velvet robe.

A knock on the glass door.  He looked over. He paniced.

Another knock. He whiped the tears from his eyes. He hurridly put the picture back in place and ran to the balcony pretending he was their the entire time.

A knock a third time.

"Come in!" He yelled. His mother walked in.

"Hello, son." She said with a smile. She walked over to him and stood beside him on the balcony.

"Yes, mom." He said and smiled back.

"I can tell by the redness in you cheeks and eyes and the crack in your voice." She said.

"Ha ha, sorry about that."

"It's O.K. to cry. It bothers me none. In a world that we live in now, you can not show it. You have to be strong and brave. You have to stand up with a straightened back and a stern voice. You have to show authority. I know, your father was the same." She said with a chuckle. " I know how hard it is to get over a situation like that. But, son, do not show weakness. You will not be considered a threat. In the time of now, you need to be. I just need to say to you, stay strong. Your father loves you, just not the thought of you as Emporer. He has many unfinished things he would have loved to accomplished before now."

"I will be strong, mom." He said with a smile. "For you, I will be." He stretched his arms out and hugged her. "Thanks mom."


After the dreadful ceremony on Aerius, Aura stood in her room staring at herself in the mirror.

"What is wrong with you?" She said to herself.

Her reflection seemed to reply "You're not fit to be Empress. You're weak! Get rid of your feelings and throw them away." A tear started to come to life in Aura's eye.

"Why does it have to be me? I don't deserve it." She said and bowed her head down and looked at her sparkling white painted fingernails. Tears fell from her eyes and dropped onto the desk. She looked up back at the mirror and saw the reflection of Lady Anila. Shocked, she turned around quickly.

"Mother!" She yelled.

"What is this that I see before me?" Lady Anila yelled.

"Nothing mom. Tears of joy!" She said.

"Tears of joy are unacceptable. Tears of sorrow are unacceptable. Empress' don't cry. How many times do I have to tell you, Aura." She said and put her hand on Aura's shoulder. She gripped it and threw Aura onto her bed. "For the last time, you do not cry. Girl, you are more than lucky that I will not be here ever again after tomorrow."

"Good. I'll be sick if I see your face again." Aura yelled back. A quick feeling of regret is what she felt in her stomach.

"How dare you!" She said and through her hand from the side and slapped Aura in the face. "Daughter, if you think that these last days are going to be joyous while I am still here. I am sorry, honey, you must be stupid." She turned quickly towards the door. "I will not be expecting you at dinner."

She walked out the door and slammed the towering glass doors shut. The glass started to crack. A chip fell to the ground.  The small sliver turned into a trailing division spreading out in different directions in both doors. Aura just watched, stunned. The cracks seperated even more filling up every whole piece of glass. All at once the glass tumbled down smashed on contact with the floor. Aura covered her face, sheilding it from projectiles of broken glass. A small smoke of debris sprung up into the air and quickly settled. Lady Anila heard it from where she was standing on the stairs. She looked back and saw large frames of which held the glass. She laughed and continued down the stairs.

"Mom!" Aura yelled in anger. But she never came to her aid. Aura ran to the balcony with frustration. She placed her hands on the rail and squeezed tightly as if letting out rage. She lifted the front of her dress and crawled up over on the other side of the rail. Facing out to the rest of the island she closed her eyes. The stone platform below patiently waited for Aura's arrival. A tear slid down her cheek and off her face. The droplet fell hundreds of feet down. Aura was scared but she didn't care anymore. Even though her mother said that she was leaving tomarrow, she couldn't put up with it. Her hands slipped off and she fell into the air. Her hair flowing behind her. Her dress was blowing in the wind rippling in the by passing currents. Her eyes still closed she continued to fall. Thousands of thoughts ran through her mind but only one in general, Demetrios.

She loved him, also, but she knew she could never be with him. He was still inlove with Angel. She thought if she sent a thunderbird to strike its lightening powers down on Angel, that Demetrios would instantly fall for her. She was wrong. She killed one of her friends for nothing and if she were to continue on living, she would never be able to carry the thought. She convinced herself she was a horrible person and she would never be normal again. No one knew about this. Only her.

She plummeted down to the platform. All of a sudden everthing stopped. She opened her eyes.

"Aura, you think you can get away so easily. Daughter, you are sadly mistaken." Lady Anila said. Her arm was stretched out using her powers of controling the wind to keep Aura afloat. She yelled for a gaurd.

"Sir Ilmater keep and eye on her. She is suicidal." She said and laughed. She slowly lowered Aura to the ground.


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The next horrible day gripped the islands.

Clouds loomed over them and rain started to fall. Thunder and lightening struck high points on each island. The clouds quickly turned black and surrounded each castle. The citizens of each island hid in their houses for the rest of that day.

At Aquatilis, Arethusa was in her room thinking about her new life as an Empress. She also thought of her wonderous ride with the Griffin. Most of all, she thought about the rest of her life with Pyrros. Lady Pavati walked into her Arethusa's room.

"Sweety, I want to say sorry for anything I did. I do not want to leave you with a bad impression of me. I know I never had the time to talk with you but their was plenty going on and I was always busy. I want to warn you that the hours are fading and I am short of time in this Castle. Also, Arethusa, it is a large burden being and Empress. But I must say I take back what I said and did. Arethusa, I believe in you." She said an walked over to her and hugged her.

"I love you, too, mum." And hugged her back.

"Now, let me see you in your new dress!" Lady Pavati said with a smile.

Arethusa smiled and walked over to her wardrobe. She pulled out a long material and carried it to her Private Bath. Lady Pavati walked over to Arethusa's desk and saw a note. The note from Pyrros saying to meet her. It was an old note, for it was dated so.

"Are you ready?" Arethusa yelled.

"Come out!"

Arethusa walked out. The chest was tight fitted with a excentuated shoulder. The waiste was fitted and a gold band wrapped around. The dress flowed down with three layers of elegant silk. A white material covered by gold covered by blue that was seperated in the middle  revealing all the colours and some leg. A diamond collar hid the back of her head. Her hair wasn't adjusted but the view was spectacular.

"I put my crown away only until I need it. But here is the look!" Arethusa said with a large grin on her face.

"Beautfiul." Lady Pavati said. "You look marvelous, honest." She said walking over to Arethusa giving her a hug.

'Thanks mom!" She said.

"I must be off. honey. I love you. You will be great." Not a small inch of saddness touched her face. She left the room.

Arethusa walked changed back into her normal evening gown.

Lady Pavati walked down the hallway alone. The flames in the torches hanging from the wall flickered. The rain started to fall harder. She walked down the Corridor. And the end of the Hallway was a large opening, a window without glass. She stared out the window into the black ominous clouds. She arrived at her bedroom door. A long black carriage emerged out of the clouds from above. Skeleton horses ran on air as fire flickered out from their hooves. They roared an angry sound and circled the top of the Water Palace. The chauffeur pulled the horses and they turned around to the large window.  Lady Pavati watched as the black carriage doors stopped infront of the window. Her palms were sweaty.

She let go of the handle and stared at the object blocking the window. The carriage door opened. A large shinning silver blade exitted first.  A person in a long black cloak walked out. It's face was hidden in the shadow of his hood. He was weilding a scythe and entered the castle though the window. In the carriage, Lady Pavati saw three other figure sitting on a red velvet couch. The door slammed shut in behind the figure. It hovered toward Lady Pavati and reached out his hand. She paused.

"What?" She said.

"Come," it said in a masculine voice "It's time."

"Sorry, I know." She lifted her arm and slowly raised her hand in a proper position of his. She dropped her hand down touching the cold bones of his hand. A chill ran down her spine. She fainted.

Arethusa walked out of her room and stretched her arms up out into the air, symbolizing she was tired. She looked over in the direction of the large window and saw her mom in his arms.

"Mom!" She yelled running towards them. She tripped over the front of her dress. She fell down. She raised her head and saw the carriage door close. It flew off with the roar of the horses back into the thick black clouds.


Even though the islands are separated from Earth, does not mean they didn't take traditions with them. Except the islands just learn more faster.

On the island of Aerius, Aura was in her room watching as one of the maids cleaned the mess from the other day. The maid picked up the glass with her powers of the wind and blew them all in a large basket to soon be carried out to one of the Volcanoes on Ignigena to be incinerated.

"Thank you." Aura said and dismissed the maid. She looked out her balcony doors and saw big black clouds. The wind blew harder and the doors swung open. The wind entered the room blowing the curtians and the sheets on her bed. She got up and walked against the wind toward the doors. When she arrived at the doors she walked outside. She heard a loud whistle. She looked up into the sky and saw nothing.

Loud roars and the sound of horse hooves clapping came from the clouds. Aura backed up a step unsure what was about to emerge. The Skeleton horses galloped out along with a long black carriage behind them. It was another stop for the Night Terrors. They stopped in mid air next to the balcony beside Aura's mothers room. The door opened and something and a cloak carrying a sycthe walked out. She was frightened but she couldn't stop watching. A few minutes passed and the cloaked figure was back with Lady Anila in it's cold dead arms.

"Moth....," she paused. She couldn't finish her statement.

The door closed and the carriage flew back off into the clouds. Aura was stunned, but she knew. She wasn't effected by it. Well, not at first.

The Carriage flew back through the skies and dark clouds. The wheels spun in circles as the wind turned them so. The chauffeur steered the skeleton fire horses through around to the Bouldevar Castle and the Volcan castle. The horses roared and the long carriage bumped around in the turbulence. Inside the carriage was black. Nothing was inside except for the figure in the cloak holding a sycthe.

After the Night Terrors picked up the former Emperors of Terrenus and Ignigena, the stormed off into the thick black clouds. It dissapeared in thunder and lightening and hard drops of rain. A large burst of fire, and they were gone.


Arethusa sat in her room at the edge of her bed crying over her mom, but mostly for Pyrros. She thought she would never be able to see him again. She thought that she had hurt the bond between them. She felt quilty for not meeting with him. She knew she tried. Just then a large Pheonix bird flew in through the balcony and into her room. It stomped it's foot and a note fell from it's ankle. With great power, it shot back out the doors and back to Ignigena.

"What is this?" She said, knowing it was from Pyrros. She walked over to it and picked it up. She carried it to her bed and sat. She slowly untied the ribbon and rolled the letter open.


I appologize for trusting you. I never meant to. I thought that what we had was special. But from what you shown me by not being their proved it all to me. I told you I love you and I am sure I still do. But Aree, you are making it difficult for me to believe this can work out. You have to meet me tonight at out special place. If you don't I will understand and will leave you alone completly. I will still think of you, but I will not do more or less. Arethusa, I thought I loved you, you have to prove to me you love me, too. Don't leave me waiting.


A tear leaked from her eye and on to the letter. It wasn't her fault, she thought, it was her mothers. She wanted to prove to him she still loved him so no matter what, she was going to go.

Pyrros sat waiting their hiding from the gaurds searching for him. He left the castle in an undutiful outfit and without his crown. Arethusa ran down the path quickly trying not to trip. She wasn't wearing appropirate clothes or her crown either. She ran through the trees scraping her arms a bit. She was going to fast to stop in heels. She fell forward and landed on Pyrros.

"Hey, you!" He said helping her back up.

"Ha ha, hey." She said with a smile. He lifted her back up then sat her down beside him.

"Guess what?" They both said at the same time.

"What?" They said then laughed.

"You go first." Pyrros said.

She giggled and replied, "No, you! Mine is probably not that important anyway."

He smiled and said "I am Emporer!"

"Me, too! But Empress." She said and laughed.

"That's amazing!" he said hugging her.

"I know!" She said hugging him back.

They smiled and looked at eachother.

"I love you." He said.

"If you love me. If I change my clothes will you still recognize me?" She said with doubt.

"Babe, your voice will always lead me to you. Your clothes and attitude have nothing on you. Your voice is beautiful and so are you. I will always know who you are, no matter what." He said and winked his eye hinting for a kiss. She giggled and kissed him.

"But if I asked you if you will still recognze me, will you?" He asked.

She paused and said, "I'm not going to be looking." He frowned. "That's only because I am never going to have to see you. I will want to see you, I will want to hear you. I want to love you. And I do." She said with a grin.

They kissed, again. The black clouds were still in the sky, but their was no thunder or lightening. Just dark. Rusting came from the bushes inbehind them. Scared, they both looked back. The guards of Ignigena came from inbehind and the guards from Aquatilis came from infront. The Ingingena guards grabbed Pyrros and pulled him back, as did the Aquatilis guards with Arethusa.

"Please write!" He yelled.

"I love you." She yelled back as the they tore them apart.


It was two days after the ceremony and one day after the Night Terrors. The sky was clear, not a single cloud. Blue jays from the world below flew up high into the skies of the islands. In the Volcanoes of Ignigena were molten creatures glowing and roaring at the sight of daylight. In Terrenus everyone was right at work on the fields and in the shops. Demetrios was on the balcony off his room. He stared down and smiled. His heart was still broken but he knew someday, just someday, he will overcome it.

"Demy?" He mom said standing at the bedroom door.

He turned and replied "Yes, mom?"

"How is it like?"

"What like?" he said.


"I can't really say yet. I still feel like me but their really isn't any difference." He said with a smile.

"I must be off now. I am going to head into the villiage and meet my mother. Do not hesitate on making orders you know. Feel free to roam the rest of the castle you have not seen yet." She said smiling then leaving the room.

"Bye mom!" He said and walked out of the balcony, closed the doors, and walked out of his room. He walked down the Grand Staircase down into the entrance foyer. A large grey marble fountain centered the over-sized room.  Green fish swam in circles and small turtles came and left through the tunnel at the bottom out to Bouldevar River and lake.

Demetrios sat on the edge of it and played with the water through his fingers. The cold water rushed passed his hand as he waved it around. He spooked the fish with the intrusion of his fingers, and they swam off. The stone creation was just like any other fountain, two disks, one smaller than the other. The water flowed from the top smaller disk down to the bigger one which flowed down to the base. Demetrios stared down into the water and saw two small fish swimming in circles together. He smiled. He watched them dance together and personified these fish as being 'inlove'.  An inch of jealousy struck him and he started to laugh.

He kept staring into the water. A small sparkle came from in the water. It gleamed and caught Demetrios' eye. He looked over at this spot and watched. The spot where it was sparkling started to bubble. It started out as subtle bubbles then rapidly changed into big harsh boiling. The fish swam out as fast as they could down the tunnnel into the river for safty. The bubbles turned from a whitish blue to black. Demetrios stood up and walked back.

A crack appeared from inbeneath the fountain. It grew larger into a wide gap. An edge of the fountain cracked and the water poured down into the hole. He walked back further to one side of the crevasse and watched everything. Steam slitehred out of hole and turned into fog that creeped over the floor. It worked its way over to Demetrios and everyother part of the foyer. He turned and walked quickly over to the stairs. One foot on the first stair, he saw as fog poured like a waterfall down. The fountain all completly fell down into the crack.

He turned back and a gust of wind pushed him down. From the middle of the gap smoke began to rise in a column. The smoke quickly rushed up towards the cieling and spread across the top. The smoke turned black. Black and silver wings emerged from the sides of the column. A figure appeard at the center of the wings. It began to walk forward the smoke hugged it's body as it tore itself from it. A black robbed figure stood with giant wings coming from it's back. It walked over to Demetrios and reached out it's hand.

"Uhh, no!" scared, Demetrios yelled.

"Please." A soft voice said. A familiar voice. A voice that brought comfort and safty. The kind voiced figure once again reached his hand out. Demetrios paused but placed his hand over top gently. A chill went up his spine, not the bad kind. Demetrios looked up into what he thought was the eyes of the figure inside the cloak.

"Demetrios." The figure said.

"Yes?" Demetrios replied.

"It's me."

"Angel?" Demetrios said curiously. Demetrios let go of  his hand and reached for the cloaked figures hood. He placed his hands over the black faberic and slowly pulled it off with his eyes closed.

"Aren't you going to open your eyes?" Said the man in the cloak.

"No." Demetrios replied.

"Why not?" He said and laughed.

"Because, I don't know. I'm scared."

"Please open them."

Demetrios tilted his head shyly and slowly opened one eye. He squinted and started to open his eyes all the way. Demetrios was amazed. It was Angel. Demetrios started to cry in joy. Angel pulled Demetrios in for a tight loving squeeze.

"You're back!" Demetrios said backing up from Angels shoulder.

"For now. They said I could, " Angel said while Demetrios interrupted with a hard kiss.

"Don't leave me again!" Demetrios said.

"I'm sorry. I will see you soon." Angel said giving Demetrios a peck on the lips one last time.

"But wait!"

"What?" Angel said.

"I thought you were,"

"I am."

The smoke and fog started to seep back into the gap. Angel burst into a black cloud and was sucked back into the gap. The ground started rumbling again the water fountain rose back up in pieces and the water streamed back up and hovered inplace of where the fountain would cup it.  The ground closed up and the fountain formed back together perfectly. Everything healed back to before anything had happened. The fish were back and so were the turtles. Demetrios appeared back at the fountain staring at the two fish. A tear fell from his eye and landed into the fountain.

The teardrop merged into the water. Demetrios walked to the Bouldevar Gardens. Where the tear drop from Demetrios' eye combined into the water turned it all into a red emerald. The fish were frozen in place.


20 years later Present Day.

The bright sun shone above the Terrenus Cemetary. It was the middle of the islands season of Summer. Demetrios stood tall. He had a thick brown beard and brown hair down to his shoulders. His wife stood hanging from his arm beside him. She was short but very kind. She has long brown hair and dazzling blue eyes. The funeral was for Demetrios' mother.

"Lady Avani died a beautiful woman full of wisdom and love for Terrenus. She rests now in the world above happy and safe where she can share her knowledge with the many people who may seek it. To this, we lay her to rest." Said a man in a long green cloak.

They lowered her body in a big sparkling white casket slowly down into the ground. Demetrios threw a green rose into the hole, as did his wife.

"Thank you all for coming." said Emperor Demetrios.

Everyone left and they covered the whole. Demetrios left with his wife back to the Bouldevar Castle in a long green carriage pulled by the Island Clydesdales. They trotted back down though the village and up to the castle.

They arrived. Demetrios and his wife stood in the Grand Room.

"Went are your new orders for the island Mr. big Emperor Man?" His wife, Lilly, said seductively.

"Well, " Demetrios said with a chuckle."I am going to make yo -"

Thunder struck the door causing it to crash onto the ground. They both ran into the foyer to see what had happened.

Nothing was their. They ran out the front and saw a very long white Carriage fly off pulled by white and yellow thunder birds.

Demetrios raised one eyebrow and yelled at the guards to gather people to fix this occurrence.

"What was that?" Lilly said.

"I am not sure."

They walked back into the Grand Room pass the large fountain of which is still of red emerald. The two fish still frozen in time together. He started a fire in the large fireplace.

Demetrios looked out window for a minor moment and saw a large Phoenix fly through piercing by in the sky.

The Phoenix flew through the clouds up high over Terrenus and made its way down through to the Island of Aquatilis. It dropped down to the Balcony of the Empress Arethusa's bedroom. It seemed to have crashed into the balcony window but it evaporated into the glass. The glass turned shining red and from the other side appeared the Phoenix. Once again it shook it's ankle and a note fell from it. It flew back out of the Balcony doors in the same fashion as it came in.

Empress Arethusa was not in her room at the time. When she did enter her room she saw the note on the floor. She walked over to it and picked it up.

She was much more mature now and she was able to do whatever she pleased, for ,yes, she was a real Empress, Queen, Goddess.

She carried the note over to her desk where all the other notes that the Phoenix had brought lied. She sat and opened it.

Dear my Queen.

It has been indeed many of years and yet no word from you. I remember our last kiss above the clouds on the back of the Griffin. I thought we would be together forever. Arethusa, my love, where have you been. I need you. I miss you. I still love you with all my heart. Please. You promised you would, so please write back.


She discarded it into the pile. She warned him not to contact her anymore, but he still did. She always read the letters, but never replied. She held a secret in her that was kept from everyone. She didn't say anything for jealousy and anger would erupt from one specific person.

She thought that her day was done with all the works of an Empress and decided to escape for a very few minutes. In her long blue gown and white heels she walked out of her room. She walked slowly down the corridor to the large staircase. She placed her hand on the rail. Her white nails caught the light from the crystal chandelier and the shimmering caught her stunning blue eyes. When she reached the bottom of the stairs she paused. She looked around to see if anyone was their. She picked up the front of her dress so that if she ran she would not trip, for being an Empress for 19 years would definitely be enough practice for walking in heels for she was now very skilled. She looked around one more time. She ran out to beneath the stairs through that corridor pass the large kitchen and the painting of the past rulers of Aquatilis.

She dress flowed in the wind behind her and so did her hair. For once she wasn't wearing her crown. She past the overly large library and again past many doors. At the end of the curved corridor were two large glass doors. She dropped her dress and forcefully pushed them open.


She was in behind the Water Palace in the Aquatilis Royal Gardens. Tall tree's loomed over the edge of this circular field. The large Lake of Harmony was in the middle with the Sapphire sparkling hundreds of feet below the surface. A blue heron flew off out of the lake. She once again lifted the front of her dress and ran down the steps into the gardens. She ran through the leveled grass pass the large hedges and thick bushes of berries. She ran to the back of the field into a hidden pathway in the trees. She ran down the path scratching her arms on the twigs and branches. She caught her dress on one. She broke the twig is continued on her way. She arrived.

She stood at the edge of the island of Aquatilis. The dim sun shone in her face as she look down over the edge. A properly placed rail was their in the spot where she stood. She looked down and saw big white clouds thousands of feet below. She saw a Sapphire whale emerge from beneath the island. Just what she wanted. She whistled at it to see if it would come up, and it did. It's name was Leviathan and it was her self proclaimed pet. She would always ride it down and though the skies, and it loved her company.

"Here, Leviathan!" She said as the massive creature circled it's way up towards her. It was quiet, it knew better not to screech because it would attrack other Sapphire whales and some nearby people on the island.

It raised itself on the other side of the rail. It's spine provided a comfortable seat for Arethusa to sit between. She grabbed the rail and placed her foot on up the rail as well. She climbed over and positioned herself carfully on its back. She patted it's side and it began to desent. Arethusa was always a bit frightened because she never know what would happen if she fell, but she thought positive thoughts. Leviathan sunk down into the air. Arethusa had nothing to grip on but the bone of it's spine, which was enough because it would never go very fast.

Arethusa looked up. The sight of the green leaves from the top of the tree's seemed to disappear into a white cloud as she got lower and lower in the atmosphere. It's tail bobbed up and down as it 'swam' through the skies. It moved in a wavey fashion just like any other whale on Earth. When they got low enough the began to see beneath the islands. Upside-down mountains peaked with dangerous spikes along with steep valleys and floating ponds. Small lakes of lava and water stuck to the bottom of the each islands. It was clear that on the borders of the islands that ancient gold, silver, and bronze clamps engraved with ancient scriptures and symbols held each of them together. Also they were binded with roots and other materials.

When they arrived on the very bottom of the islands she saw the other herds of Sapphire whales swmming together. These huge remarkable creatures swam with their own families. One creature unknown from the islands was flying beneath them which made Leviathan cry out it's screech.

"It's okay, baby. What is it?" Arethusa leaned over to try and see what was underneath. She lost her grip but caught herself just intime. Her heart raced at the thought of what would happen if she had fallen. Leviathan glided sideways revealing the creature beneath.  Arethusa saw the creature. To people on earth it would be known as the mythical 'Dragon', but the people on these islands have not heard of an animal of such power.

It was minurature and had red scales on it's back and black on it's stomach. Two small black horns were on the side of it's long small head. It had yellow eye's and a long tail. Long wings sprouted from it's spiked back that spread about 6 feet each. It had burnt the bottom of Leviathan. It twirled around and up to beside Arethusa. She giggled for she thought it was a playful little creature. She tried to touch it but it circled around to the other side of her. She laughed again. She watched as it danced around in the skies. She saw it fly up and around. Stupid creature really. She watched as it flew straight up into one of the lava ponds. It make a small explosion and that was it. She laughed and continued on her way.

Leviathan brought her to the spot where she desired. She looked forward and saw a wonderous creation. A small ball of fire, water, and clouds of stone. It hovered in a small crater in the center of where the islands joined as one. She did not remember the names of the people she made this with, nor did she remember their faces. The only thing she remembered was that they were the greatest people she had ever met. A tear fell from her eye and onto the back of Leviathan. It sighed.

She giggled and said "Alright, bud. Let's go home." Leviathan dipped low, real low. It sunk through the clouds further down. Arethusa was scared and unsure of where it was taking her. It flew down deep and out of the clouds revealing an enormous body of water. The Atlantic Ocean. No land was in sight. Arethusa laughed and patted the side of Leviathan as if saying, "Thank you." It cheered her up. It flew so low as to skim the top of the water. The glided over top. Arethusa looked around and saw nothing but water. She laughed again in joy and excitement. Just then two large Sei Whales swam beside them for a short amount of time before their bursts ran out.

A world so unknown to Arethusa and anyone else on the floating islands for that matter. A small dolphin jumped out right in front of them. It seemed as though Leviathan was enjoying itself more than Arethusa. Arethusa heard a noise come from it but didn't know what it was. It was a laugh, a laugh from Leviathan. It wasn't a pretty laugh but it was indeed a laugh. It sounded like it's screech but only subtler and more calm. She wanted now to take the giant Leviathan on a ride.

She looked ahead on the oncoming and out going ocean. She concentrated on the water building up strength. She put her hands together and extended her arms forward. Slowly she opened her hands. The water ahead of them slit in half slowly and calmly.  She opened her arms all the way creating enough space to Leviathan and her to go in.

"Down Leviathan!" She yelled and laughed. It lowered itself into the space provided by Arethusa. Traveling still at a constant rate of 5 miles and hour the continued on this no destination journey. The water closed inbehind them and opened up again ahead. They did not go to deep to make sure they did not get lost.

Through the sides of the opening the creatures inside the ocean were blurry and spread out. Their was a migrating pack of Sei Whales and under them were three small blue dolphins passing by. A small unknown fish to them swam out of the boundries into the space. It dropped back down pass Arethusa and Leviathan into the water below. The light from above started to dim and the space was closing up, meaning less air. The whales started to swim toward the two. Arethusa was scared of what would happen in the consequences of the large whale rather than that small fish. She opened the water above them and tapped Leviathan to take them back up to civilization.

When they arrived back at the rail on which she got onto Leviathan, she got off. She petted the side of him.

"Thank you, I love you, man." She said and it dipped back down into the clouds. She laughed and made her way back into the castle.


The Empress Aura was on her thrown sitting and waiting. She stared forward into space. She thought of nothing. A small man entered in to entrance door far ahead of her.

"Empress Aura," he said. "Someone is here to see you."

"I'll be right there." She said. She stood up in her long tight-fitted white gown. Her crown was on her head and her hair braided in the back. Her face was more feminim and more distinct. She was taller and very curvy. Her slim figure walked slowly toward the entrance.

"He is standing right out their." He said and pointed out the door.

She walked out and saw a man, her father.

"Father!" She yelled in happiness. She ran down the steps and toward him. "I thought you were dead!" She said and hugged him.

"No." He said.

"Why did you leave me 20 years ago?" She said and backed up.

He stared at her and admired what a beautiful woman she had become. "I promised your mother I would have nothing to do with you. She said that if I did interfere that she would send her men to assasinate me."

"But why?"

"Because she thought that if I helped out with anything, I would practically be Emporer. She wanted you to be strong and work by yourself. She wanted you to be tough and self guided. I understand now that it was a great idea that she did so because now look at you. You have done so great." He said giving her a hug.

She pushed him off.

"Why would you listen to her? You woun't be able to understand what it was like trying to be Empress with no one to help me. I had to make bad decisions that I never meant to. Father, I can not believe you would listen to her."

"Daughter, I am sorry." He said.

"No. In order for you to feel the pain and hardships I had to go through," she said. "You will need to leave me alone, forever." She walked back into the castle.

"Get rid of him." She said to the small man. She walked in and closed the large doors.

"But Aura!" He yelled but she did not listen.

She walked up the stairs and into her bedroom. She walked to her balcony doors and placed her hands on the handles. Before she was about to open them, a feeling came over her. A feeling of power that filled her with fury. She didn't know why but she had the sudden urge for more power. She tried to tame this power by going out into the back of the Whistling Castle. A large rock was placed in the center just for this purpose.

She walked up to the front of the giant boulder. She felt the boulder with her eyes closed trying to examine the best point to launch her attack. She backed up ten feet away. She extended her arms out beside her and faced her hands out. Grey clouds formed above the castle. Winds began blowing the leaves off some of the trees. Aura focused harder. She raised her hands and faced them to the stone still with her palms facing at it. Her eye's grew from blue and white, to black. Her hands started shaking from the power being released. Stronger winds began to merge out of the air and started to crash into the boulder. Again she forced out more power. The boulder started to fade as the winds were hitting it. She was creating hundreds of years of erosion into a minor 5 minutes. The boulder shrunk and shrunk to a small shining diamond. She let go of her concentration and she fell to her knees. She laughed. She was hungry for more.

The boulder was symbolising more than just a silly target. It was representing earth and rock. She knew it was about time. Her father told her so.


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Equuignious creatures ran free infront of the Volcan Castle. Pyrros watched as head one of these creatures would disappear in a cloud of flames then back again. He leaned against the statue of his father. Pyrros had a dark red beard and a short mustache. His crown was properly placed on his head and his cape was the correct size so that it would not touch the ground. After watching for long enough, he made his way back inside.

"Ahh, Emporer Pyrros!" said his brother, Keegan. He was jealous of Pyrros because he became Emporer and not him even though Keegan was born three days after the ceremony.

"Yes, Keegan. What do you want?"

"Wanna play with the Equuiginius horses? Throw fireballs at them and watch them explode?" He said with a laugh.

"Cruelty?" Pyrros replied.

"No! Because they will appear again a second later, brother, you know that!" He said punching Pyrros in the arm.

"Uh, no thank you, Keegan." And walked up stairs to his room. Keegan went out anyway and played the with horses, throwing fireballs and everything.

The sun started to fall as the night was on its way. Pyrros walked into the Grand Room of the Volcan Castle and saw Keegan playing with a small red rock.

"You're twenty, Keegan. What are you doing?" Pyrros said and laughed.

"Well, unlike you, Pyrros, I am enjoying myself!" He said. He threw the rock up clapped as many times and he could and caught the rock again. He repeated.

"Well stop it. We have to go to the Brenton Villiage to visit mom." He said and nudged his head to one side pointing to the door.

"Do we have to?" Keegan sighed.

"What kind of language is that?" Pyrros said and walked over to Keegan. He smiled and grabbed his ear.

"Let's go!" Pyrros said and tugged Keegan to the door.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Keegan yelled. He made a fireball and flung it towards Pyrros' butt. Pyrros let go of his ear and patted his behind out. They laughed.

"Hurry! Let's go!" Pyrros said running out the front door.

"Well wait up!" Keegan said running inbehind him.

The got into a long red Carriage pulled by tamed Clydesdales with flames around their ankles. They traveled out of the front of the property and out into the large open hilly path. The Clydesdales pulled them over a large hill. On the other side of the hill was the small town area of Brenton. The were pulled down through the town to where a large forest stood. A small path, but big enough for them to fit, lead into the trees. The carriage bumbed up and down over the rocks and holes.

"Mom didn't quite pick the best place to live now did she?" Keegan said nervously.

The trees covered the path and blocked out the sun. At the end of the path was a large mansion.

"Nevermind. I take it back."

They walked out and walked inside. Their mom was sitting looming over the coffee table in her living  room. She was admiring a small red gemstone she had found earlier that day.

"Hey mom!" Pyrros said walking over to her giving her a hug.

"Hey you two!" She said with a smile, "What brings you two here?"

"Pyrros wanted to come." Keegan said.

"No, we wanted to come to see how you are doing." Pyrros said hitting Keegan with his elbow.

"How nice!" She said.

"Well actually, mom, " Pyrros said, "Keegan said he really wanted to come so I thought I would just drop him off. Seeing as how I have to watch him as much as I do around the castle. Too much I have to put up with right now and I don't need this kid right here to mess everything up, you know?" Pyrros said and laughed.

"You think I want him here?" Their mother said and laughed also.

"Hey!" Keegan said angerly, "Standing right here!"

Pyrros left back in the carriage and went back to the Castle.

"Well I am tired, sorry son. I am going to head to my bedroom. Feel free to do whatever you need to get comfortable." She laughed and went to her bedroom.

"Thanks!" He yelled sarcasticly. He quielty left the front door. He calmy and slowly shut the front door. He ran out into the middle of the path so that if he did anything, his mother would not hear. He clapped his hands and a Phoenix flew up out of the ground. Keegan jumped on its back and flew up off into the sky. The circled the sky and continued to fly.

"Alright," Keegan said to the Phoenix. "Here is where I want to go."

He whispered the destination in it's ear and the fire creature did as told. It pierced through the sky and made it's way to the Water Palace in Aquatilis.


Their was a knock at the front entrance of the Water Tower and Arethusa was quick to answer. She ran down the stairs and to the large doors. She pulled them open softly at first then tugged them open.

"Keegan!" She yelled and gave him a hug.

"I know this is wrong because of my brother. But really, I don't really care." Keegan said and kissed her on the lips.

She smiled and said, "Hurry inside. You don't know who's watching." They both looked out into the skies to see if anyone was actualy watching. They didn't see anything except a large black cloud floating above in the sky. It wasn't very noticable for it was late at night.

They both walked together secretivly to her room. They arrived. Arethusa pushed Keegan onto the bed and took off her robe.

"I know this is wrong, also. The age and all, but like you said, Keegan, I don't really care." Her robe slid off her shoulders revealing her hourglass figure. Of course she was wearing undergarments.

"What about the balcony doors. I am alittle nervous." Keegan said looking over at the large glass doors.

"Fine." She said and walked over to the doors, "If it bothers you that much." She grabbed onto one door and pulled it toward the other. She reached over to the other door and began to close them. She looked down at the handles and make sure that they would close right. She looked up and saw the reflection of Keegan taking off his shirt. She paused and watched him reveal his muscle tone abdomen. She smiled and focused out and saw Pyrros standing on the railing of the balcony. She paniced. She let go of the doors and ran back to her robe. A blast of fire shot from Pyrros' palms and blew the doors open. He floated down to his feet on a fire cloud.

"What is this?" Pyrros yelled.

"It's not what you think." Keegan yelled back putting his shirt back on.

"She is twenty years older than you!" He said as a red shimmer appeared in his eye.

"Pyrros! What are you doing here?" Arethusa yelled toward him.

"Shut up!" Pyrros yelled. "I loved you. I really did. For twenty years now I have waited. Waited for you. Then I come to see this? I came tonight to tell you this is the last time I am going to say it. I really thought we had something."

"You thought wrong!" Arethusa yelled tieing the front of her robe.

"I think so." He said. He raised his hand and a fire snake slithered out of his wrist. It squirmed all the way over the bed and quickly around Keegans neck. He pulled the snake back dragging Keegan toward him.

"No!" Arethusa yelled. She ran over to Pyrros trying to stop him. She placed her hand on his shoulder and threw her back.

"Don't you dare touch me, woman." He said and flew off dragging Keegan behind him.

Arethusa ran to her balcony and watched them. She looked down below and saw a small river. She lifted the water up and cut the snake in half. The water fell back down. Keegan clapped his hands in the air and a Phoenix appeared. Keegan landed on its back. Pyrros suspended in the air looking back at Arethusa.

"I will break you." She said.

"And I, dear, will destroy you." He said in reply.

"What are you saying" She said.

"I am saying, Arethusa, I have lost all respect for you. All in all, this means war." He said with great power and shot out into the sky.

"I'll be ready!" She yelled searching for him in the sky. "And believe me," she said to herself, "I will kill you." And walked back inside to get a good rest for the next day.


Demertrios woke up with no wife by his side. He didn't much care for her really. He stretched out of bed and walked over to the bedroom doors. He let out a big yawn, put on his robe hanging from dehind the door, opened them, and walked down into the dining area. She sat their talking with the maid about an ominous red glow coming from the Volcan castle.

"Ladies!" Demetrios said smiling at them. His wife ran up to him and gave him a hug.

"Well, hello to you, too." Said the maid. Demetrios smiled and waved at her.

"Someone is coming over today. She is the Empress of Aerius. Do you know her?" Demetrios asked.

"No, I can't say I do." She said in reply.

"Well I am going to go and get ready, I will be right back, love." He said, gave her a kiss, and left off to his room to prepare.

A while later their were three loud knocks at the door. Demertios hurried to his feet from inside the Grand Room and to the door. He opened it slowly and saw a woman standing their with a long white carriage in the distance.

"Yes? May I help you?" he said.

"Yes, yes you can." She said in reply.

"With what?" he said.

She blew a gust of wind and knocked him onto his back.

"I am Empress Aura of the White Wind and I declaire war on you." She said and stomped her foot on his chest.

"What? Why?" He said struggling to get to his feet.

"Ancient reasons. I may have broken your heart, but you broke mine." She said letting him get up.

"What are you talking about?" He questioned furoisly.

"The Elders warned me of this island for it was full of back stabbers and has to be inihilated." She said and started to walk toward the door.

"I don't know what the hell you are talking about!" He yelled at her. She stopped and turned.

"If you, Demy, can not remember Pyrros, Arethusa, Angel, and I, then," She said and his wife entered the room.

"What is going on?" She said.

"A woman Demetrios? You seemed to have gotten over him quickly."

"It has been twenty years. Plenty of time to move on." He said.

"Not enough time." She said and left.

Demetrios dusted himself off and walked toward his wife.

"What was that about?" She said.

"We are in war, supposudley." He said and walked up to the library.

"How can you 'suppose'? We eiter are or we aren't. Their isn't anything in between." She yelled toward him.

"What is amatter with you?" He yelled back. "Get out of my face. Use such tone with me again and I will throw you out myself." He said and walked hurridly up the stairs.

"I'm already gone." She said to herself and walked out the front door.


These days doomed the islands. For now and future days will be the end. The end of all life on Aerius, Ignigena,  Terrenus, and Aquatilis.

The armies were being prepared. They have been practicing for many decades. They have been ever since the last Emperors and Empresses. For they knew what was coming. On Ignigena, Emperor Pyrros spoke with his army.

"Tomorrow, destroy all you can. Leave no survivors. No one is to be treated kindly, not even children." He said and quickly raised his hand up high in the air in a fist. The army yelled in agreement.

The same speech was given on each of the islands to each of their armies by each of their Emporers or Empresses.

Emporer Demertios, Empress Aura, Empress Arethusa, and Emporer Pyrros stood at the center where all the islands connected. They did not know eachother. Their role on the islands have gone to deep in their head, that each of them forgot about one another. Except Pyrros and Arethusa.

"Are we ready now?" Demetrios said.

"Yes." They all said together.

Demetrios focused on the ground beneath each one of them. He put his hands out feeling the ground with his mind. He focused lower into the ground and discovered bonds holding them together.

"Something is keeping them together." He said.

"The bonds. I saw them." Arethusa said.

"What bonds?" Said Aura.

"They are gold, siver and bronze. They have symbols carved into them. I seen them. We all have to work together to take them apart." Arethusa said and put her hands out infront of her trying to focus on the clamps beneath. As did each of them. The ancient bonds began to crack as each of them concentrated harder. A large explosion was heard, for they had broken.

"My turn." Said Demetrios.

He put all his concentration on each of the islands. He raised his hands. Loud cracking noises, and earthquake-like rumbles came from the borders. Dust and debris sprung up out of the forming gaps. Slowly, the islands were breaking apart. The roots that were also holding each of them together tried not to let go. They pulled the trees that were connected with them into the ground. Finally they broke. Demetrios made the space between his hands greater. The islands began to move apart from one another. Rocks, water, lava, and shards of depris dropped down through the clouds into the Atlantic ocean. They all left. When the smoke cleared up, in the very center of where all the islands were connected hovered the small wonderous creation.


A few days have past and the islands are waiting. Waiting for the first attack. Pyrros was tired of waiting and started to get agrevated.

"That is it!" he yelled from his balcony at Volcan Castle. He looked up at the sky and focused hard. He heated up the air in the sky and compressed it. It burst into a fireball. He shot it down toward the Water Palace. It hit the top of one of the towers and blased trough to the other side. It landed into the Lake of Harmony. Water splashed up high. The Sapphire of Ice acted quickly. It shone bright and burnt out the fireball.

"War." Arethusa said. She just woke up about and hour ago. She knew that this was the day where it would all begin, and another day of this worlds end. She changed into her war attire. She has technique. She knew that if she dress the way she did, oncoming enimies would be stunned. She wore a small toga. Of course it was blue. It had one sleeve. She had a cape that was a shimmering white that was embrioded with gold at the ends. She wore her Sapphire crown. Her hair was up and she knew what she was going to do.

She walked down and out the front door. The army stood their awaiting her demands.

"Today, men, you fight! You fight for our cause and what we believe in. As you worked hard with my mother and I, I am sure we will prevail." She yelled out. "Now go!"

They all cheered and turned around. They ran towards the borders. They stretched their hands out and created a solid ice block out of the water in the air. No one had spears, shields or any weapons because they already had the power they needed. They stepped onto the blocks and sealed their feet in. They hovered around waiting for them to prepare, for they were loyal and patient.

On the island of Terrenus, Demetrios gave a moderation of the same speech Arethusa said. The army, both men and women, hovered the borders on stone platforms. As did Aeruis, except on solid clouds. Ignigena just stood at the borders waiting for them to attack.

Aerius made the first move. The army sprung out in different directions. Terrenus followed. Aquatilis and Ignigena did as well.


Blasts of fire from the Ignigena army melted the ice on which the Aquatilis army standed on. Bursts of high speed winds circled some of the Ignigena army, suffocating them. Chunks of rock shot towards everyone from Terrenus' army. Arethusa, Aura, Pyrros, and Demetrios stood on their balcony's watching everything happen before them.

A soilder from Terrenus grab with his power a chunk of the land of Ignigena and flung it toward several of Pyrros' men. The boulder knocked each of them off the cliff as they plummeted down into the Atlantic. Aura's army blew strong hurricane winds on the islands trying to erode them. They knocked the tree's down and blew out the fires on Ignigena. Aquatilis' army flew infront of the Aerius army and sprayed thousands of pounds of water toward them through their palms. The strong gusts of wind faught against the water. Rock shards flew from the skies hitting the Aquatilis and Aerius army knocking them out of focus. Aquatilis soilders flew to the Ignigena island and froze the men standing before them. They smashed them.

Boulders again shot down from the sky crushing soilders flat on each of the islands but Terrenus. Fireballs fell from the sky crashing into the armies and civilizations.

A lava pond underneath Ignigena started to bubble vigorously. Large black horns started to emerge.

The clouds above began to circle over top of Aquatilis, Ignigena and Terrenus. A cone started to dip down in the center of the each island. Aquatilis soilders shot streams of water toward it creating a cyclone. They froze it and left it. towering thier. Arethusa watched in terror for it was so close to where she had been standing.

A Phoenix darted out of the clouds above. It exploded into three large fire birds and dropped down toward the islands other than Ignigena. One of them crashed down into Terrenus at the base of the Bouldevar castle. It shook but still stood. Demetrios became more frightened. The second one crashed into of the the waterfalls flowing for the side of the Water Palace. It pierced right through the castle though the long corridor igniting paintings and drapes. It crashed on the other side of the corridor exploding that half. It created an explosion that trailed down the hallway into the rooms. It bursted through Arethusa's room door. She looked back and saw a large fireball rushing towards her. She focused all her energy and hurled as much water as she could out of the palms of her hands. It wasn't enough. The fireball swallowed her. A small blue light shone though the wall of stream of fire and a burst of water energy exploded its way through. The power blew balcony door to small debris and destroyed that part of the castle. She walked out of the waterfall of water and fire. Her eyes glowing blue and her clothes burnt.

"That is it!" She yelled. She lifted herself up over the railing and jumped off. She fell down toward the earth. A stream of water shot up out of the ground catching her just in time. She was slowly placed down onto the ground. She ran toward the lake of Harmony.

The third Pheonix crashed right on the line were all the Aerius soilders stood. A wall of wind protected them, the wall was created by Aura.

A loud roar was heard from underneath Ignigena. It was very loud that everyone was stunned. From behind the Volcan castle, a large black and red dragon flew high up into the sky. It's scales shone into the eyes the soilders. It let out another roar and belched fire out it's mouth. It's long thick wings flapped and created a gust from inbehind the Castle. It's bull black eyes turned into a glowing red. Everyone froze in fear.

Arethusa watched it fly up into the clouds. She noticed a familiar feature that she thought she once saw. For some unknown reason, she wasn't scared. She continued on what she was doing. She arrived at the Lake of Harmony. She looked down into the calm water and saw a shimmer. She smiled. She put her hands together and extended her arms out infront of her. She closed her eyes and focused on the water ahead of her.

"I can't do this alone." She said.

She parted the water in the lake inhalf. It revealed a staircase leading down to where the Sapphire layed. With fireballs, tornadoes, flying boulders being flung around behind her, she just tuned everything out. She opened her eyes. She smiled and started to walk down the staircase. The staircase was steep and it led down very deep. She wasn't afriad of how deep it was, she was afriad of what power will become of her. She reached the bottom platform. Ahead of her stood a tall stone pedestal with small water weeds growing from it's side. The Sapphire of Ice layed before her glowing brightly with ernousmous potential. Her eyes grew larger with excitment. Above her the opening was beginning to close. She knew if she had to do it, she had to do it now. She slowly reached her hands out infront of her toward the Sapphire. It glowed brighter. She placed her hands on it. The water crashed in on her. A bright light shone out of the water, but that didn't stop the the fighting.


A bright light shone from in behind the Water Palace out of the Lake of Harmony. No one stopped to look, they continued with the war. Aura saw and knew what happened. She was furious. So rushed down into the foyer of her castle. In the large fountain carved in he center was a diamond. She walked into the fountain soaking her feet and the bottom of her dress. She reached for it. She touched it. It seept into her skin of her hand. She screamed then laughed. The front doors of the castle blew open. She walked out. Her eyes were a glowing white and she was full of power as was Arethusa. They both were full of power from the last Empresses of their islands. She made her way down the long path leading to the towns from the front of the castle. She made her way to where the Soilders would have been standing at the edge of the island. Her eyes still a glowing white and the wind blew her hair back and her dress back aswell, she stood ready, prepared for anything.

Arethusa rose up from inbehind the Water Palace and over top. She hovered to the edge of the island. She hair and cape fluttered around in the rushing winds. She stood their in a invisible white rage. Her eyes were a glowing blue.

Demetrios watched them with all of their power. He wasn't afraid to admit he was jealous. He raised his hands from his sides. The ground rumbled. The stone creatures formed up out of the ground, one of them with the Emerald of Rock on its back. Demetrios saw this. He crawled over the rail quickly and jumped down toward it. He landed on this massive creature's back. He placed his hand on the Emerald. A surge of energy flooded his body.  His eye's glew a dark shining green. He jumped down off it's back and like everyone else, to the edge of the island. Pyrros did it aswell from the Ruby of Fire in the house of WildFire.

The Aquatilis soilders faded and were obsorbed into Arethusa. As did the soilders, men and women of Aerius, Terrenus, and Ignigena. This made Aura, Demetrios, Pyrros and Arethusa much stronger for them to fend for themselves. They had great power and could finish the fight. They stood perfectly still. Aura blocked out the sun by moving the clouds in the way. Everything was dark and grey. Below, the Atlantic opened up into a large, spinning, gaping hole. Lightening struck down from the clouds into the hole. The hole revealed the bottom of the ocean. the hole grew larger to the circumferance of the islands. The water roared loud with anger. The Volcanoes on Ignigena erupted and lava shot up into the air. It landed down and crashed on the island. Tree's ignited and smoke started to rise.

The dragon arose again fom underneath the islands. The four of them stood their, not stunned, but in a trans. The dragon roared and began to dart toward Arethusa. She looked up. She had a blank face and did not know what to do. It was getting closer. Arethusa did not use her powers because it would be no use. It got closer. Just then, Leviathan sprung up out from inbehind the water palace. It screeched. Leviathan opened it's jaw and flew quickly toward the dragon. It aimed at it's neck. The dragon was unaware of Leviathan. Leviathan closed it's jaw around the dragons neck. The dragon roared and started to fall. It flapped it's wings to bring them higher. Leviathan started to bite harder and harder. Arethusa's face was stunned as she watched everything happen before her eyes. A tear began to run down her cheek. The dragon threw his claws over to Leviathan and gripped onto it's ribs. With it's back legs it struggled to get free. Leviathan crunched even harder. the dragons wings gave out and they pummeted down. They fell further and further down. The dragon roared. They fell into the hole, killing them instantly.

Arethusa looked over at Pyrros only to realize he was already looked at her. The Rage of the Water Queen engolfed Arethusa's body putting her in a complete subconcious state. She rose up into the air. One by one, raindrops started to fall from the sky, it became more violent, then turned into hail.  Aura looked over at Terrenus, but not a Demetrios. She studied the giant island. She remember her practice that she had had in the back of her castle. She also rose up into the air. She faced the island of Terrenus. She faced her palms out toward the island. Small winds turned into rushing wind.  The gusts knocked over tree's and houses on the island of Terrenus, and also started to brake the Bouldevar Castle apart.

Demertios saw as she was targeting only him. He got angry. He used all his force and focused on the Aerius island. He studied the materials, rock, and the earth. He felt it with his mind and tried to concentrate harder. Through all his concentration and focus, he began to transform. He grew taller and taller. His feet turned into stone connected with the island. His legs formed into stone as well at the rest of his body. The massive power was too much for him. He was overcame by the past Emporers that put their power into the Emerald of Rock. Aura saw this. She grew angrier. She knew it was time. She changed the strong gusts of winds to deadly speeds. It winds crashed into the large volume of Demetrios. Slowly, he started to fade. The island of Aerius started to shake, the concentration that Demetrios and the Emerald was forcing onto this island made it crack in earthquakes. Large chunks began to fall off the bottom of Aerius and down into the large hole. Still it roared and circled. The skies grew thicker with clouds and everything grew darker.

Demetrios faded back into his normal body. The island of Terrenus grew smaller as the winds that Aura had created eroded it to that size. Demertios lifted his hands. A large earthquake split the island of Aerius in half. Demertios focused harder, for what he was about to do would take all his energy. Dust and debris blew off Terrenus. The once beautiful Bouldevar Castle collapsed. The pride that it had brought Terrenus was gone. Demertrios was grew angrier. He lifted his hands higher which angled the islands toward Aura. She could not see for it was behind her. One tall tower stood on Terrenus. It was near behind Demetrios.


The two parts of Aerius lifted. They turned verticle. Aure was inbetween. She heard the rumbling in behind her as her castle broke off the island and down into the massive Atlantic hole. She threw stronger winds at Demetrios' island. The tower in behind him began to crack at the bottom. She turned around to see what the sound was. She saw the two parts of the island floating verticle behind her. Her eyes grew larger for she knew what was about to happen. She turned back to Demetrios.

"No Demet....." She yelled, but before she could finish Demetrios clapped his hands together, the two parts collided together with Aura in between. He let go of his concentration and let the whole island fall down into the Atlantic.

It crashed into the hole springing up parts of the island and crushing Leviathan and the dragon. The tower inbehind Demetrios was still being effected by the winds. The bottom of the tower cracked and caved. Demetrios turned around to see the tower fall over him. Defenceless, he put his hands infont of his face. The tower fell ontop of him. Aura and Demetrios were defeated. Well, Aura was atleaste. The island of Terrenus has nothing left. It had no choice but fall. The hidden power of the Emerald broke apart the island and it all crashed down into the hole.

The clouds began to rapidly spring out lightening in different directions. The ocean below began to create large waves.

Pyrros and Arethusa were left. Fire and water. Heat and ice. This would be the last battle. Arethusa wasn't of concious state. She was being controled by the Sapphire of Ice, all the Empresses before her time. She was in a trans of rage and hatred. Pyrros was scared, but ready. She hovered over toward the island of Ignigena to where Pyrros was standing. She landed infront of him. He stared into her lifeless eyes. He knew it wasn't her.

"Pyrros," It said in a voice that none like Arethusas. It was more melodic, calm, and it also echoed.

"You're not Arethusa." He said angerly.

"Yes I am." It said.

"No you aren't." He said.

"Let me prove it to you." It said leaning forward giving Pyrros a kiss.

"It's not Arethusa. She is inlove with my brother." He said pulling his head back. The rain started to fall harder, but not a drop landed on Pyrros or the body of Arethusa.

"I am not. You, Pyrros, are the one I love." It said. It's eyes were blue. You could not see life of Arethusa.

"No." He said.

"Yes!" It yelled at him.

"No!" He yelled back.

"Yes, Pyrros, love me as I love you!" It yelled at him.

"No!" He yelled loud toward her. He shot flames from his hands and out toward Arethusa.

She flung back and landed on her back.

"You had your chance." It said slowing rising to it's feet.


It rose up to it's feet. It's eyes turned from a glowing blue to a black. Shocked, Pyrros stepped back almost tripping on a small rock. At the moment, Arethusa was in no control of what her body was doing. The rage, and power of the past took control of her body and power. It made her stronger. The reason that they were angry is because they were tired or being second best to Ignigena, and this was it.

It seemed to stare at Pyrros as he tried to back away. It began to rise up into the air. Pyrros stopped and watched.

"What are you doing?" He said.

"Kiss me." It said and laughed.

"What?" Pyrros yelled.

"We have been second for far too long. It is time we have total control." It said.

"I didn't even do anything." He said frightenly.

"It is not just you. It is what you stand for. What you breath for. What you are fighting for this very day. You, and your people will pay." It said.

"Why me?" He said.

"Because, Pyrros, you started this war." It said and pointed it's hand at Pyrros. The thunder rumbled the ground. The ocean below waved around angerly and the hole roared with frustration.

Pyrros started to be lifted off the ground.

"You must have forgotten, boy, I can control all forms of water." It said laughing in delight.

"What are you doing?" He yelled.

"Inihilating you." It said. "Thousands of years of waiting for some girl to have her heart broken, and we have done it." It smiled.

"What are you doing!" He yelled again. A feeling of millions of needles covered his body. He felt as if his insides were ripping.

"Arethusa!" He yelled, "I know you are still in their!"

"No, no she is not." It replied.

A tear full of the memories of Pyrros and Arethusa dropped out from Pyrros' eye. Their first hug. Their first fight. The trip their 'secret place'. Sneeking out at night when not aloud. The good times, the bad times. The excitment, the joy. The fun. The trips. The love. Their first kiss. The tear rose up into the air and turned into steam.

It raised it head and watched Pyrros. It blurted out sounds of Arethus trying to break free.

"Py.." Arethusa tried to say. The women held her back.

"Arethusa!" He yelled, "I'm sorry!"

He began to feel thirsty. His throat was drying up. He was starting to get short of breath. It was sucking all the moisture out of him. He looked at his hands. They were grew skinny. He started to feel light headed and was about to pass out. His voice cracked when he tried to speak.

"Arethusa." He tried to say.

The island of Aquatilis behind them started to decay. The Water Palace broke down into small bricks. Everything started to de-materialize. The island started to crumble. The tree's cracked down. The water in the lakes lifted up higher. Hail and rain still shot down form the sky. Thunder and lightenting struck Aquatilis. Towns and house flew up high into the air and crashed down. The island itself began to crack. Slowly it all broke up. The island was no more. The small and large chunks fell down into the deep dark hole.

A red mist began to seep out of Pyrros. His face grew skinnier and skinnier. He became weak, he could not stand it anymore. Arethusa's body rose up the other hand and faced them both as Pyrros. It placed it's hands together. It opened them very quickly. All the moisture and water in his body shot out in different directions. His body fell to the ground.

"You've been juiced." It said. It lowered itself onto the ground. The Sapphire of Ice emerged out of her hand and onto the ground. Arethusa was back.


The hail turned into rain. The space where they were where the rain had not been touching them faded. The rain started to soak Arethusa's laying body. She woke.

"Pyrros!" She yelled. She searched for him but saw no one. She looked again and saw a skinny figure laying on the ground. She rushed over to it. It was Pyrros. He was dead. She cried in agony and regret.

"I never should have left you!" She yelled at his body. She picked his body up and layed it on her lap. "I love you. I really do. I Just wanted to make you angry so you wouldn't talk to me again." The rain soaked her and his body.

"I am sorry. Please forgive me." She said.

The Volcan Castle began to crumble. The House of Wildfire stood in the town near it. The rose that the ruby had been in grew brightly. The death of the Emporer angered the rose. She grabbed Pyrros body close. She did not care if he was dead, as long as she had a part of him with her.

The rose glowed a bright red. It exploded the House of Wildfire and raised up out the top. The bricks and stone of the Volcan Castle were sucked up into the rose. The tree's cracked toward the rose and it was sucking in the island. The houses and nature bent toward the rose. Everything broke apart. Chunks of flying wood and stone flew across the sky into the rose. The sound of the thunder became more feirce.

Piece by piece, everything imploded in the rose. The island also began to crack. Small pieces flung into the sky and into the pettles. Arethusa hugged tighter. The ground beneath her rumbled and cracked. He had no choice but to let go of his body to save herself. She looked at the ground under her. Small spider-cracks turned into large cracks that spread in every direction. In less than a second, the ground broke into millions of pebbles. She was dropped. She fell down through the small clouds. The whole island of what used to be Ignigena was inside the rose.

The red glow disappeared and it fell aswell.  Arethusa screamed, for she was unable to do anything. She was helpless. She was the last person alive. Their was no more islands around her. She was all by herself falling down. The space began to decrease as she arrived quickly toward the hole over top of the crumbled pieces of each island. The rose slowly fluttered down.

Arethusa dropped. In an instant she landed ontop of the pile. She broke her back, killing her instantly. The large hole began to close up. Massive waves crashed in over top burrying everything in the Atlantic. The rose still fell slowly. The rain had stopped. The waves still began to crash and move all the fragments of the islands.

Terrenus, Aerius, Ignigena and Aquatilis was no more. Thousands of years of tradition whiped clean. Love, hate, and joy of these islands were lost. Stolen were the lives of each person. the water calmed down. The debris sunk slowly into the ocean floor leaving nothing to discover. A world unknown to humans of the world was lost and nobody knew it. Humans dreamed of these islands in many variations, mostly Aquatilis. Beauty and grace that used to bless the lives of the inhabitants of the island was lost, but was never found.

The rose hovered in the air. It paused hundreds of feet above the water where the ball of remarkable creation floated. It stayed their. A fireball tinted with water. The small graceful clouds cirlced it, as did the small pebbles.


Demetrios appeared on a dark black land. It seemed to be an abanoned island or town. He did not know where he was.

He walked forward. A thick, shallow fog covered the ground creating a light glow. He wondered around. He walked straight ahead. He saw a large mirror. He walked toward it. When he arrived he admired his face. Young features, strong physique. He was 18 again. The hairs on the back of his kneck stood up as a feeling of someone watching him felt his neck. He turned quickly. He was at their special place. Of course it was a dream, but Demetrios didn't want to wake up.

He walked down towards the small stream. He saw the small tadpoles swimming about. The tree's still stood strong and let plenty of light in. He sat down on the small rock seats. He looked down at the pebbles by his feet. He smiled. He played with them with his mind. He threw them around. He looked over at the firepit in the middle. He saw small embers. It had just burnt out. Someone was here before.

He stood up and dusted himself off. He looked around. He walked around to every tree to see if the carving was still their. It had been over 20 years but this place brought so much memories for him. He smiled harder. A tear of happiness and belonging overcame him. still, he searched the trees.

"Yes!" He said. He found it. Carved into the tree in a heart it read;


The 'BFFEAENMW' stood for ' Best Friends For Ever And Ever, No Matter What'. He started to cry with joy and sorrow. He missed them. He realized now that during the war he was too overcome with power that he forgot all about what they used to mean to him.

Crack of leaves and branches came from the path behind him. Demetrios quickly rubbed his face clean from any tears. He stood up and turned facing the path. Emerging out of the thicket was a figure. A figure with short blonde hair and deep, dark blue eyes.

"Angel!" Demetrios yelled in excitment. He ran over to him and gave him a tight squeeze.

"I told you I would see you again, silly." Angel said with a chuckle.

"Please, Angel, don't leave me again. Never." Demetrios said.

"Never ever." Angel said placing his hand on Demetrios' chin. He lifted his head and kissed him.

"I love you, and we will never be apart again."Angel said.

"Never ever." Demetrios replied.

Demetrios and Angel were stuck in a paradise created by the people who loved them most. They never left eachother and they both lived together in eternal happiness. They were inlove, and no one could step in the way of that. Even though they were in a world of their own, it was all completly new to them. They were home, but they were not Home.


Demetrios, Angel, Pyrros, Aura, and Arethusa lived together, young and happy in the wonderous creation. The creation shrunk. It grew smaller and smaller. It disappeared but they never did. The rose that was hovering their fell out from it's suspendtion. It fell softly down into the Atlantic. It floated calmly in the water.

A Blue Whale rose up from beneath the water. It sprayed out water from it's blow hole. It opened it's large mouth. The rose was sucked up into it's mouth. The whale sunk down into the ocean. It swam past the other whales around it. It swallowed the rose. The rose glowed. The eyes of the Blue Whale turned a shining red. With a burst of energy it shot back up out of the water, only to smash right back down. The red faded from it's eyes. Everything was over.

Everyone was happy. A world no one knew was destoyed in a legendary battle. An no one will ever know unless you dream it up.

The End.


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Also, there is a typo on the title. It's thinK, not Thing. And There are prob lot's of typos in this, annnnnnnnd, it is facking long.


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