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The start of an Epic Fantasy Novel ^^

Chapter one: Kings Trouble

"Lloyd, how much more of this must I complete." The elven healer growled to the knight propping her feet up onto the desk. He was dressed in a light padded chest plate, with thick leggings with a Halberd strapped to his back. His hair was blue hanging down to just above his shoulders. He never seemed to have bad side but if driven over the edge, would seriously put the hurt on someone. "I've already read the book three times." She closed the dusty remnant and began fiddling with her long elven ears. The woman had long blonde hair, that stretched all the way down to her thighs. She wore a light green travel vest, along with a lengthy green skirt, reaching down to her knees. She was nice if you got to know here but was stubborn to no end. Lloyd turned to look at her then back to the book he had been reading. Being a knight required an immense amount of study, more on the lines of field techniques and defensive maneuvers. He chuckled, knowing how impatient the elf had always been. " Yes and you will read it three more times if you keep up with that attitude." He snapped the book shut then faced her. She was indeed a woman of high maintenance and beauty. It had never been his decision to take care of the elven woman. She had come to the castle, near death, exhausted and dehydrated. He had reasoned that one of the kings scholars would take up the job, but the king wanted the knight instead. No one in the castle had been told why she had been in that state, even when she began to speak. A whole week had gone by when she was taken in before she finally had said anything. "What! If you think I'm going to listen to that command, your oddly mistaken." The healer dared to respond. She sat up in her chair, grabbed the book in front of her and stood up. "I'm going back to my room." She strolled past Lloyd, her nose in the air. He smiled and sighed as she left. "All in due time." He said before heading in the opposite direction, through a back door of the library. He and the elf spent half of their time each day, studying. He never minded it, but the woman always disagreed even though the king himself demanded it. She was a lost cause at the moment, but in time she would learn that everything studied would be crucial to her survival. As was everything else studied in the Empire of the Shield. Strolling down the hallway back to his room, he stumbled upon a small conversation, between two of the kings scholars. One man was named Than, the highest ranked scholar in the castle. His silver hair brushed his shoulders , and his bright white robe glided smoothly over the floor. In his hand he carried a book, one filled with the many rules and regulations of the castle. He was stubborn at times but a nice guy. The man he was talking to was completely the opposite. His untidy Brown hair hung just past his ears, and his brown cloak filled with dirt marks and holes, wrapped around his body. In his hand he also carried a book, but not about rules but the law of the empire. He was a judge to sum it all up, and his word mattered the most. But up to the king Than's was the most thought of. His name was Fron. "He's having them again." Than said, shaking his head lightly. "I fear he won't be a suitable king much longer." Lloyd pressed his back against the wall, moving as silently as he could, keeping himself just enough out of view to hear them. "Yes I feel the same, but how do we know for sure if he's right or not?" Fron responded, his palm rubbing against his light beard. "They are just visions, dreams to be more exact. We can not put our hope in something that doesn't exist." Than nodded but shook his head at the same time. "Yet if we ignore them, and they are true, then the empire is doomed for the rest of eternity." "The only thing we can do is consult the other scholars and see what they say." Fron compromised. "We will all think of a suitable solution." The two scholars nodded to each other then dispersed. Lloyd sighed. Again it's happening, he thought. Just like before.

Lasenda sighed, closing the door behind her. God I hate that knight. One day I'll be rid of him for good. She smiled with a nod, before her thoughts were broken by a shout of excitement. "Lasenda your back." Arms wrapped themselves around the healers neck, and staring her straight in the face was her elven roommate,
Saneleun. Her short red hair touched the peak of her elven ears, the purple headband sticking out more than usual. Her red blouse swung with each movement of her body and her feet danced lightly on the hardwood floor. "I'm so glad your back. I was lonely." With her small size, the girl only reached up to Lasenda's chest, so as she leaned more up, her cheek brushed against the sensitive spots of her body. "I'm glad to be back." The healer responded with a slight blush. "That knight kept me forever again today. I need to find a way to get away from him. But the king insists he take care of me." "I can take care of you." Saneleun responded, looking up to her roommate. "I will do anything for you." Lasenda smiled rubbing the girls head lightly. "I'm sure you will." A knock on the door interrupted their peaceful reunion. Lasenda turned around and opened the door. "Lloyd I swear you never..." She stopped realizing that it was not the knight standing in the door way. The scholar stared at Lasenda confusingly, then a grim expression appeared on her face. Lasenda, embarrassed from making the mistake, bowed lightly. "I'm so sorry, Scholar Liare. I thought you were someone else." Liare was the scholar of the girls floor of the castle. She regulated all classes, and kept them all in line. The scholar chuckled. "It's fine. I shouldn't have bothered you at this hour. But there is something I wanted to discuss with you. Mind if I come in?" Lasenda opened the door more giving the scholar room to enter. She bowed to the two girls then entered. She found a place to sit on one of the closest beds, and she placed her hands in her lap. "Please I would like the both of you to take a seat." Lasenda and Saneleun sat next to each other on the opposite side of the bed, their backs facing the scholar. It was a rule that students were not to sit next to a scholar, unless demanded to. A strict law of power rang through the castle, and if not obeyed you were punished until you learned the lesson. The scholar sighed. "Tomorrow you are to have a audience with King Talaire. He has requested your appearance with great authority, and if not attended, could put the fate of the world at risk." Lasenda looked to her roommate with confusion. "As you know, he has not been well. His mind seems to be fading, but filled with countless dreams of betrayal and sacrifice. Even the fall of the Empire itself. They have not been right in the past, but the king this time believes it to be true. We have no other choice but to abide by his decision. You are to pack your belongings tomorrow. The king will await you then." The scholar sighed before taking a stand. "Thank you for your time." She bowed to them, and left the room. Lasenda closed her eyes.  Her mind began to fill with questions. But...why me. Maybe it's not me. Maybe It's Saneleun. But she's younger than I am, so it can't. "Lasenda are you okay?" The girl asked, placing her hand on her roommates shoulder. "Yeah I'm fine." she said, though most of it was a lie. The news that she would be leaving was unforgettable. It all came to her so fast, she didn't know what to think. Saneleun on the other hand nodded to herself. It's time she saw the world. And much better she get away from that knight. The girl placed a reassuring hand on her roommates shoulder. "Hey it's going to be okay. You get to finally leave the castle and find an adventure. I envy you." Lasenda blushed as the girl touched her shoulder, then smiled with a shrug of her shoulders. "I guess so." Saneleun narrowed her eyes before she tackled the healer onto her back. "Besides this lets me give you a wonderful going away present." She said, her warm hands caressing every part of the woman's body. "S...Saneleun." She moaned lightly, her back slightly arching. All that came from her roommate was a slight hush, with a finger to her pursed lips. It was going to be a very long night.

The knight sighed wearily again reading the book he had been assigned to study. It was another long night, and the knight wondered how long he would last. He had fallen asleep about midway through the night, but with the news he had heard earlier, his mind was keeping him awake. He closed the book, satisfied as the last page had been read. He stood stretching his muscles, before bending down on the ground doing his regular push up routine. During this time he began wondering the fate of the King. Indeed, the visions he had been seeing were very serious, but every time they investigated, it proved false. This had made the scholars worried as the threat of their king being unable to rule became immanent. But they did not want to believe it so soon. Giving the king more time was all they could do. A knock on his door was brought to his attention. He stood back on his feet, wiping the beads of sweat from his face as he opened the door. He had on only a light T-shirt and brown silk pants. He was not the best dressed but it was late in the night, and he had not expected a visitor. Standing in the doorway, Than, the high scholar, stood in his night robes, the book still in his hand. To a person with such a status, the book was more of a badge to remind everyone of their rank and to know not to act out of line. "Than, what brings you here at this late hour." Lloyd asked his expression a little grim. "You have been requested to attend an audience with the king. Sorry it has to be at this late hour." "Is everything alright?" "Yes everything is fine he just want's to speak with you." Than stepped lightly aside waving a hand in front of him. Lloyd sighed closing the door behind him. He hoped what the king wanted was important to disturb a knight in the middle of the night. Than nodded then led him through the castle's hallways, making their way to the throne room. "I only ask that you take the king's words with the utmost importance. He has had his times in the past, but now he does nothing to change his mind, and there is little we can do as well." They arrived to the large oak doors of the throne room. Than looked to the knight with a nod, then pushed open the doors. With the light holders lining the wall filled with light magic, Lloyd could see all the scholars of the castle separated in two lines on each side of the red carpet, stretched out in front of them ending at the first step before the throne. Than guided Lloyd across the red carpet Moving to stand before the throne. In the chair sat King Talaire. The gold crown proving his status sat upon the top of his head which long gray hair fell down the backside of the throne. He was dressed in the King's custom made robe, light red lined with strips of gold and silver. A staff was held in his large, battle scarred hands. The king was large in size an any other person who saw him, who did not know him personally, would be stricken with fear. "Lloyd, my most faithful knight. Please stand before me and let me examine your face." The kings voice was barely a whisper, and if not for the tap on his back, he would not have known what to do. The knight stepped forward to stand by the king, an honor most would kill for. Talaire looked into his eyes, as if observing and testing him. The knight stared back with the same look, which brought a reassuring nod. "You are indeed worthy of what I am about to place upon you." The king announced. "Take a seat." Lloyd willingly sat on the floor. "Dreadful times are upon us, young knight. A horrible power draws from far to the north, and soon it will be released onto the world. I want you to stop it. It might sound crazy, and I know what you all think of my visions. But I assure you this is not like the rest. I even sense it myself. You and you and your healer with travel with Than, and together you will go north, and stop this terrible power from awakening. Though I feel Some of our time has already run out." The king sighed now pulling on his long beard. "A battle will rage tomorrow at sunset. Here in this very castle. We will drive away the enemy, but them you must pursue. Will you accept this task, or leave the fate of the world in god's hands." Lloyd looked around slowly. The scholars only responded with slight nods. He stood on his feet and bowed. "I accept this task your highness. I will not fail you." The king nodded. "You may leave now. And begin to prepare for battle." The knight bowed one more time before turning and leaving the room. When the doors closed the scholars dispersed as well, except for Fron. He walked up to the king, leaning in close to his ear. "You did not mention, the betrayal, my lord." He said. "I know Fron. But it would be best he didn't know. He might not have been willing to do it if we told him." Fron nodded. "I just hope you know what you are doing." "I do Fron." Talaire said. "I do."

(Finally chapter one is done. Hope you guys like it and will start chapter two soon^^)

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I see you and you see me.
But together we can never be
The tides of fate throw us around
Make us cry and fall to the ground
If everything has to be this way
Then why not keep the dangers at bay
We always ask the question why
When the only thing left is to say goodbye
Maybe there's a reson for this to be
When I see you and you see me

Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
and there's still time to change the road your on.
-Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin-

There's a sign on the wall, but she wants to be sure,
cause you know sometimes words have two meanings
-Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin-

Same old song, just drop of water in an endless sea
All we do, crumbles to the ground but we refuse to see.
-Dust in the wind, Kansas-

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