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Name: Clove

Age: Was reborn 200 years ago. [Remembers everything from his old vessels.]

Race: Fairy of Luck

Gender: Currently male.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Personality: Always amused. He is always seen smiling, and enjoys his job of giving people luck. He obsesses over giving people gifts of luck, especially if it is someone that needs it. He doesn't believe he is caring, but rather he is merely performing the purporse of his life. He loves nature and hates being locked away from the world, it able to swing him in a temper tantrum.


[He has three forms. First form is the light green creature on his shoulder. Second form is his child-like form with the fairy wings, and his final, third form is his adult appearance. He has clover tattoo on his back. He always wears green.]

Likes: The color green, Clovers, Nature, Music, Bossy people (they amuse him), and sunlight.

Dislikes: Money, Supposedly know-it-alls, A room with no windows, and touching technology (it short-circuits when it touches him).

Interesting Info: His magic can shift him into either of his three forms. He also gives people luck by touching them, playing his flute, or blessing them.

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RE: Clove

Name: Jin

Age: Was reborn 300 years ago. [Remembers everything from his old vessels.]

Race: Fairy of Bad Luck

Gender: Currently male.

Sexuality: Gay.

Personality: Snarky and easily push into a temper tantrum. He always acts high and mighty but he gets angered easily. He is very devious and sneaky even when he doesn't need to be. Jin tries his best to act more mature but often fails mesirably. He has a mysterious air around him that causes people to be lured by him.

First Form-

Second Form-

Third Form-

[He has three forms, much like Close. First form is the dark, fox-like creature. His second form is a child-like form with dark fairy wings, and his final, third form is his adult appearance.]

Likes: Moonlit nights, forcing Clove in to dresses when he is in his child form, Water, Being sneaky, SWEETS, cats and playing tricks.

Dislikes: Too much sunlight, spicy things, Complications, Dogs, and hot weather.

Interesting Info: He uses his power to balance out the world. Making sure everyone has enough bad luck so they can appreciate when good things come by. Because of Clove's overuse of luck, he works double time and is often annoyed by Clove. He can shift through his three forms like Clove.


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