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The others. Rika's Girls.

Name: Mayu Amika
Nickname: May
Age: 16
Race: Human
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Painter
Likes: Painting, singing, nature, colors, relaxing places and sounds, water, romance, walking, being outside, sweet things, daydreaming, resting, flowers.
Dislikes: Being locked up, seeing people hurt, spicy things, rude people, cheaters.
Personality: Mayu is a shy, reclusive girl. She is not used to being around others and likes to keep to herself. She is a hopeless romantic and her art sort of proves that. She can get lonely, and when she does, she gets tired easily. She's a sucker for sweet things and flowers. Once you get to know her, she opens up more and is willing to be near you. She's very self conscious about not only herself, but her art as well.
Bio: Mayu's parents died a few weeks after her sixteenth birthday, because of this, she lives alone. She graduated high school at the end of her junior year and became an amateur artist. She really spends most of her time around the forest around her home now and days. She hardly goes into town unless she needs to buy more art supplies or different foods she can't get in the gardens she has.
Name: Lin-Mei Ming
Nickname: Lin, Lin Lin
Age: 16
Race: Said to be human.... unknown if she is or not.
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Traveling Herbalist/Medicine seller/Doctor
Likes: Helping others, watching effects, traveling, tea, sake, being outside, cute guys.
Dislikes: Being cooped up, people not paying up for her services, people faking being sick, dead plants, annoying people.
Personality: Lin is a careful girl and is cautious about people around her. She likes to ask questions if she sees fit and hates being lied to. It's easy to amuse her and she likes trying to mess with people, sometimes with a riddle. Though if you get her riddle right, she isn't likely to tell you another one. She hates it when people don't let her move on her travels and absolutely despises having to find detours. Once you get to know her, she can be a playful girl, very helpful and full of information about the world around her.
Bio: Unknown.
Other: Can control plants and wind. Carries a pipe with her that she smokes at random intervals. Can teleport short distances. She studies up ancient magics to do all this.

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