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Post Info TOPIC: Alright well here is another one of my stories( Bet your getting bored of me^^)

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Alright well here is another one of my stories( Bet your getting bored of me^^)

Alright here is chapter one that I spent like maybe two or three hours on. (Would like feed back with this one if possible.)

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The Crimson Knight

Book One

The Angels of Legend

Chapter 1

The Girl of Mystery



The predicted forecast...rain. Ascaroth, drenched from head to foot, shook the silver mop covering his head and wiped his face. It had been raining for more than two days and it was more than enough for the traveling warrior. Walking for more than ten days had not been a choice. His master needed the delivery done as soon as possible and the urgency was more than enough to send the traveler on his way. But rain had not been predicted and this made him dread the trip altogether.

The town was found waiting silently in the distance. The dirt road held little resistance against the pouring rain and the warrior found himself splashing in a puddle every few steps. He sighed glancing upward to the sky before again gazing forward, wiping his eyes. The clouds seemed to drag on forever; a chance of stopping not possible. Within a few moments the town was now spread before him. Only a few select houses were lit up, lights doing little to ease the darkness outside. Ascaroth made his way past several small homes, taking note of the situation. The town seemed dead enough that if anything were to go wrong, he could easily escape unnoticed.

The tavern stood just at the end of the road winding it's way through town. Past it was only the Lava mountain range, said to house unspeakable evil. There were reports of attacks on the desolate town, but in it's current state one would not believe such a rumor. Not to mention that reports of dark creatures had never been recorded, the dark war only a memory in the populations minds. It was a swift and quick attack but quickly taken care of. Who started the attack was unknown. But one day it stopped abruptly with no reason what so ever. But this day the secrets of that time would be revealed. This was what the warrior master had said to him. It was his reason for being there. A reason that would, in return, help with answering the secret behind himself as well. Slowly but surely Ascaroth made it to the lone building at the edge of the town. He sighed shaking more water from his hair, before grabbing the knob, and entering the tavern.

Immediately, the smell of whiskey and cigars rose into the warriors nose, making his face twitch in irritation. Only a few were out this night. Many of them had no other place to be. Faces turned to the traveler, the gestures and whispering telling him that suspicion had rose. He paid no mind to the men and strolled up to the back counter, water dripping from the seems of his cloak. The tavern keeper, broad shouldered and heavily muscled, walked over to the drenched traveler, wiping down a glass in his large hands.

What brings you here traveler? The man asked, setting the glass down in front of him. Can I offer you a drink. Ascaroth lifted his blue eyes, rigid and cold as ice, to the keeper and he shook his head.

I am here for a pickup. He said, the man slightly taken aback by his gaze. His blue eyes seemed to give people of feeling of insecurity, which in the past made it difficult for anyone to approach him. But his master was different. When he was a child the man, who he now calls master, had appeared in the orphanage one rainy day, asking for the boy with blue eyes. Blue eyes had been uncommon, and immediately they knew who he was asking for. Ascaroth had no idea way a stranger had been looking for him, but he willingly took the boy into his home, caring for him, until the day he left for the trip. It was the test of his loyalty, and if passed would reveal the secrets of his past, and something much greater than anything the warrior could imagine. Ascaroth could not refuse.

A pickup eh? The large man responded a slight hint of fear rising in his voice. We haven't had anyone here waiting for anybody. So I think you might have the wrong... Ascaroth held up a hand to silence the man.

I'm looking for someone. Codename...Silver Wing. The man, hearing the words that just escaped the warriors mouth, was wide eyed as he swallowed hard.

You looking for trouble boy? The keeper said, his voice now a whisper, his face now closer to the travelers. Ascaroth smiled and shook his head.

Show me where she is. And I won't hurt you. Ascaroth threatened, his hand dropping to land on his swords hilt. His master had personally made the sword for him. Many months did he train with the blade, mastering every technique known to man. He could easily strike the man down and barely move a muscle. The keeper stared hard into the travelers eyes, before giving a brief nod. He mentioned Ascaroth over, opening the small hinged door at the end of the counter. The traveler followed him into the back of the building before they stopped before a large wooden door.

Who ever you are looking for is in there. I go no further. The man walked away immediately, shaking his head with a sigh. Ascaroth studied the door, his blue eyes catching every detail on its surface. Large scratch marks could be seen, and the warrior could tell, they had been made by human finger nails. With a deep breath he pushed open the door and stepped inside.

Jagged walls rose up on both sides of the warrior, and darkness enveloped him, all except the dim light form a nearby lamp. The door had shut as quickly as the warrior had entered, the sound trailing across the cavern walls. The warrior was now standing underneath the mountain itself. They were known as the Lava Canals, the place of birth to the dark war. He walked over to one of the lamps and held out his hand. The small white orb floating inside, soared outward and flew into his hand. Magic was common place around the land of Porevalas, and a very good source of light, but the orb now sitting in the warriors hand had been dimmed, something anyone hardly did. So if anything someone didn't want to be found. The reason for light? To see the way back. Ascaroth nodded before beginning the descent downward farther into the depths of the mountain.

The orb proved to be no help to the dark passages of the tunnel. The warrior casually found himself missing a step or two down a set of stairs, and almost toppling over. He shook his head after finding flat ground, and decided he would never return, but something in the back of his mind didn't agree. He continued onward for a little while before coming to another wooden door. The slit located at the bottom of the door, scattered light across the tunnel floor. He saw shadows being cast blocking out the light, and he could hear faint screams as if muffled. The muffled voice seemed feminine, and Ascaroth began to wonder what exactly his master was after.




The girl screamed, her voice muffled by the gag covering her mouth. The tall skinny guard paced back and forth, a whip spinning threateningly in his hand. Scars were etched into the girls back, signs of torture forever inscribed into her skin, and a reminder of the hardship of being a slave.

Is the slave ready to speak? The guard asked, bending down and removing the gag from the girls mouth. She panted taking a moment to catch her breath, before she spat on the ground. The man smiled, placing the gag back in the slaves mouth, who willing bite onto it. The guard smiled standing back up. With a flick of his wrist, the whip smacked the girls back causing more scars to appear on her body. Blood trickled down her back, and again she screamed, but none would be able to hear her. The guard shook his head again before cracking the whip on last time. The girl this time squirmed on the ground, then her body went limp. The man shook his head, rose the whip, and before he knew it, a sword protruded through his chest, his life ended without a word of regret. The guards body fell to the ground, a pool of blood forming on the tunnels floor. Ascaroth sheathed the sword, then approached the slave. At first glance Ascaroth could tell the girl was elven. Her hair was blonde, about shoulder length, and her clothes were ragged brown clothes, the fabric barley holding onto her body. The warrior sighed making sure the girl was still alive, before easily picking her up and slinging her over his shoulder. Just as he was about to leave, a metallic object whizzed by his head, sticking into the wall. He froze turning his head slowly, and watched as a cloaked figure appeared from the continuing tunnel. Ascaroth could not tell any physical features from the hood covering the figures face, but he knew it was not someone he knew or in friendly terms.

If you are wise, you will set the girl down and be on your way. The figure's voice seemed feminine as well, and Ascaroth was sure he could tell that she was nervous. Plus if he was right in his judgment, the object thrown at him was none other than a shuriken and any well skilled ninja would not have missed. Even if it was meant to scare him, the figure had still been off with it's attack.

I've come too far to leave empty handed. I'm sorry...but your out of luck. He quickly darted for the door, before quickly drawing his blade and knocking away another shuriken. Whoever the attacker was meant him harm, and he knew that his master had kept some vital information regarding the girl he now carried over his shoulder.

Making his way through the dark tunnels, he kept track of the following footsteps, knowing they were easily catching up to him. With the main door in sight, he leaped forward, calling on some of the inner force in his body, to propel him forward. With this his feet hit the flat ground making it successfully to the door. As he opened it, a strong force knocked him in the back, which sent him flying through the tavern crashing into a few tables and skidding to a halt in the middle of the building. The men who had been sitting at the tables instantly disappeared from the tavern, having nothing to do with the large commotion about to erupt. Ascaroth, seeing that the girl was alright, jumped to his feet, just as another shuriken stabbed the wooden floor, where he had been laying just a moment ago. He looked towards the cavern door, seeing the figure appearing from the darkness. Ascaroth not seeking a fight, fled for the door to the outside, surprisingly making it once again, into the pouring rain. He continued to run, the dirt and mud making it difficult to keep a straight path. Taking a look back, the warrior noticed the figure standing in the door way of the tavern, before it swung it's hand sending something dark toward him. He saw it now, the attack that had blown him through the door before. He ducked, his feet sliding through the slick mud. He turned around, bending his body backward, avoiding a quick slash to his neck. With this motion his grip on the girl slipped , and the body fell onto the ground. Ascaroth, sword in hand, lifted himself up and stabbed forward with his sword. The figure blocked with a quick swipe of a dagger, before dipping low attempting to trip the warrior. Ascaroth jumped to the right over the sweeping leg, before coming back with a spinning strike. Unexpectedly, his sword struck a wall of black magic surrounding the enemy. The warrior jumped back quickly dodging a kick to the face. Magic, but how? The warrior thought watching as the enemy rushed him once again. The force again knocked him down, sending him sliding on his back. Immediately something covered his face, sending the most awful of smells into his nose. His vision began to blur, before he lost consciousness. The figure jumped from on top of him, landing safely on it's to feet. It walked over to the girl, swung her over it's shoulder, and disappeared from the town.

Would love feedback to see if it's good to keep going. I think it is and I'm going to keep at it but wondering what you guys think.^^

I see you and you see me.
But together we can never be
The tides of fate throw us around
Make us cry and fall to the ground
If everything has to be this way
Then why not keep the dangers at bay
We always ask the question why
When the only thing left is to say goodbye
Maybe there's a reson for this to be
When I see you and you see me

Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
and there's still time to change the road your on.
-Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin-

There's a sign on the wall, but she wants to be sure,
cause you know sometimes words have two meanings
-Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin-

Same old song, just drop of water in an endless sea
All we do, crumbles to the ground but we refuse to see.
-Dust in the wind, Kansas-

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