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Post Info TOPIC: Alex and Zander's Feminine Sides (The Gottlich Sisters?!) *softcore Yuri inside*

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Alex and Zander's Feminine Sides (The Gottlich Sisters?!) *softcore Yuri inside*

Note: Yuri Only! Want something other than Yuri? Too bad... this list is only for my female mistresses, and I don't play females in a Hetero roleplay. But, I do play Yuri, and am hoping to get much better at it. Maybe someday I'll do Hetero... but that's not today... nor tomorrow...

Amakuchi (Mimi, the bound one), Angelica (Angel, the one on the left), and Rachel (the one on the right) Gottlich
Ages: Mimi is about 14, Angel looks about 16, and Rachel looks about 13 or 14.
Genders: Female (All of them)
Race: Angel and Rachel are of an 'Unknown' race, Amakuchi (Mimi) is an Inu.
Appearance: db3a4033f9f5b30db358b880c731f8c99fd46994.jpeg?540693
Type of Masters:
Mimi: Sort of a pet for the other two, she's been 'raped' many times, at many places, but never by anyone other than Rachel and Angel (mostly Angel). However, she never fights them when out of the bedroom, and though she struggles and squirms every time bound, always seems to enjoy her 'sessions'. The struggling, squirming, and 'fighting' are just sort of a show and act, which seems to make it more exciting for all of them. Ironically, it's her own choice to live with Angel and Rachel, and when it comes down to it, she's more like a sister to them than even a pet... A sister that goes into heat every now and again, it is willing to be dominated or to dominate. Other than that, she's sweet and playful. And if you rub under her belly, expect her tail to wag...
Angel: The older of the 'true' Gottlich sisters, and by far the oldest of the group. She's like a sister to Mimi, though has no problem dominating her, and sometimes Rachel, as well. She's probably the only one who hasn't been bound or dominated. She's also the one who makes sure things get taken care of, such as bills and financing. Other than that, she's a bit bossy and assertive, and will rape her cute little slaves and sisters alike if she feels like it. Not very much into pain, though will punish and sometimes does have her sadistic-kink. Never anything too much, though. She and Rachel, for some reason, go into heat, often longer than Mimi. When like this, Angel will often become very dominate, and her slaves will notice the difference.
Rachel: Oh the sweet Rachel. She's older than Mimi, though looks the same age. And has been the victim (if you'd even call it that) of rape on more than one occasion. More than one? More than one hundred would still be an understatement. And though Mimi is only a 'slave' in the bedroom, Rachel enjoys wearing sexy maid outfits everywhere. She does live up to her outfit, though, as she does enjoy cooking and keeping things clean. She's just a tad bit OCD, but only slightly. Other than that, she's the most quiet and smart one, unless she goes into heat (something all three sisters do for some reason, though Angel and Rachel stay in it longer than even Mimi), which makes her grow hyper and incredibly happy-go-lucky. Also, she'd afraid of guys. She can't even see a real guy or she freaks out, and immages of them nude makes her skin crawl.
Likes/Kinks: My likes and kinks... Too many to list...
Other: Yuri, Yuri, and more Yuri. Did I mention that they're lesbians? No guys can have these mistresses...

Name: Amy Saradoman
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Neko Demon
Type of Master: She's quite a bit confusing. She is absolutely afraid of men, or at least, adult men or overly masculine ones. That being the case, she strongly prefers girls. Other than that, she's a little pushy and crazy. She doesn't take no for an answer, making rape very possible. However, she doesn't view it that way, really. If the person truly doesn't want anything done, Amy may get the hint and back off... for a bit.
Likes/Kinks: She likes bondage, tickling, cuddling, and using toys. She's not too worried about feeling pleasure herself, but more into giving pleasure to others. Also, she loves things that would be considered 'lewd' or 'humiliating', and doing those things to others.
Other: Um... has an interesting past that I won't go into at the moment. Also, her only powers are her heightened senses.

Name: Kyra
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Wolf Demon
Type of Master: Wouldn't you like to know?
Likes/Kinks: Whatever catches my eye at the time.
Other: She's sort of the 'big bad wolf' in a story. She kidnaps a little girl from a forest, rapes her silly, and then when the girl is a broken little pet, she might either set her free, or keep her forever. Also, should a man come face to face with this woman, she will do one of two things. Have him turn around and go back to his home/civilization with her wolves as guides, or have her wolves eat him.

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would amy like any of my slaves?

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