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My Slaves

Name: Lindsey
Age: 16
Gender: female
Bio: Lindsey is a princess with an attitude problem. She grew up as mommy and daddys' favorite and therefore she has always looked down on others and believes she is always right. She once had a passerby who ordered the last chicken stripped in the middle of the city and forced to bark for scraps as she finished of her meal. However at the death of their parents her brothers and sisters have become totally fed up with her and have decided that she needs a little 'training' to learn that isn't number one and in fact she is lower then the dogs that guard the front gate.
Status: slave
Likes: Gourmet Food, Lovely clothes, Parties, Humiliating others
Dislikes: Everyone & Anything... besides mommy and daddy ^_^

Masters or Mistress: I would like someone who can keep to the idea of medieval, beastiality, bondage, humiliation fetishes. A master or mistress who has the imagination to create situations of humiliation, and control this girl.

Nickname: Ariana
Age: 17
Gender: female
Species: neko
Bio: Ariana was practically ignored as she was growing up in a small town. Forced to do a majority of the household chores she spent her days cleaning & working. One day as she was returning home from the village she was kidnapped and ransomed, however; her parents showed up saying to take her and said that she was nothing but a burden. A passing slave trader immidiately took her this naive and innocent girl in.
Status: slave
Likes: Reading, learning, a family
Dislikes: Pain, blood, scars, spiders and snakes.

Masters or Mistress: I would like one who will train her to become nothing more then a 'serving' girl. A master/mistress that will train her in serving for all fetishes to make the training more interesting.

When in that state of lust.
History & Personality : A shy and naive child who was thrust into a world of sexual slavery in order to pay off the debts of her abusive parents, she develops a dual personality. Her one side she is still a caring, loving, shy and naive girl who has no place in the world but still tries to live on and under the idea that one day she will be set free from this hell. She isn't timid but has difficulty standing up for herself being always at a disadvantage and is easily frightened. Then her other side who is a sexual deviant that enjoys the debuachary, humiliation and pleasure of all the men she has had to serve, a girl who gives in to her every bodily desire and any fetish that her master desires a side of her that Adara isn't proud of and has difficulty controling.
Peculiarities: Every time seems always to be her first time, her shy side trying to push away over and over shy and embarrassed but after pushed long enough or pleasured long enough, she will turn into her pervasive side. She turns back to normal after she wakes up and is conscious of the fact this happens but does not remember anything she has done.

Likes: Reading, Strawberries, Cleaning, Cooking & playing
Dislikes: Snakes, Spiders, Lightning, & Anything considered invading her personal bubble besides her master or anything that surprises her
Master Preference: Preferably one who is caring but isn't afraid to punish and abuse his new slave.

Name: Menolly
Age: 18
History: A once proud pristess of the dragon tribe, her entire family had been wiped out by an invasion of the demon tribe and she was brought forth before their leader and put into their slave pens. She currently is waiting to be sold or to be given away to anyone willing to tame this diobedient and free-spirited girl. A collar around her neck at all times prevents her from accessing any of her powers and future owners are warned from ever removing it.
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

Name: Hatsune
Age: 16
History: Being half-dog half-human had always made life difficult for Hatsune. Her mother was raped during war and she grew up in an ophanag, once she was of a desirable age she was quickly sold off to the highest bidder at the town auction as a servant girl. She is used to beatings, rationing, humiliation to a certain degree.
Likes: Wants a kind and loving master
Dislikes: Her life

Name: Kitty
Age: 15
History: Not much is known besides that she was easily kidnapped from her home village by a piece of fish. She currently sits crying in her cage awaiting her new fate.
Likes: A doll she was holding when she was kidnapped
Dislikes: Anyone from taking it from her.
RP Charaters

Name: Mikuru
Age: 17
Bio: Mikuru is the student body president at her school and she takes her job quite seriously. She is very punctual, responsible, clean and slightly reserved. However because her job is to regulate all student activies she has built up a slight enemy list who would rather see her brought down from her position of a role model in school to something rather lower.
Likes: Reading, tennis, studying & helping others
Dislikes: Bugs, creeps, those who don't obey the rules.
Masters: I prefer this character for roleplays though if you can incorporate a master like role in the RP that would be fun too. Check my list of likes in my profile

Name: Kasumi
Age: 16
Bio: Kasumi is a normal student in high school who just wants to get by life. She is slightly shy and would rather beg and plead for mercy then to fight back. Easily embaressed and very difficult to get used to new situations, she tries her best to avoid pain, humiliation and being picked on.
Likes: To be alone, her close friends, sweets
Dislikes: Anyplace crowded, being the certain of attention
Masters: I prefer this character for roleplays though anyone is more then welcome to incorporate a master role in a RP. Check my list of likes in my profile



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Lindsey please.

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