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Escape (Discussion thread)

The year is 2009. Genetic mutation isn't unheard of, especially in a time such as this this when nations are striking at nations and biological warfare is rapidly becoming the weapon of choice.

Dr. Diana Wording, a scientist, came up with the idea to try animal and human DNA crossing. She had been turned down because the idea had been brought up before, DNA crossing was illegal and they wouldn't be able to get volunteers once they told them what the project was, but the scientist wasn't ready to give up there. Dr. Wording pressed the matter until she convinced the government that it was only a matter of time before the enemy did the same thing, but that left the matter of volunteers unsolved. Dr. Wording had a plan. Since the government had agreed to take on an illegal project already, Dr. Wording suggested buying slaves off the black market and using them to solve the volunteer problem and solve the potential problem of controlling the experiments afterwards since most of them were already broken slaves.

The government agreed and the project began. Males and females of all shapes and sizes were pulled into the project against their will and experimented on. It was a year before the first successful experiment surfaced and went on a rampage, killing anyone and everything around him. He was the strongest and fasted because the scientists put all their effort and dedication into making a success of their project at any cost. They locked him away with the other failed experiments and marched on.

Other experiments surfaced soon after and with a little more emphasis on control, turned out to be assets to the weapons' project unlike the original. The scientists thought they had everything figured out but the experiments only let them see what they wanted to see; secretly they were planning to revolt but they were missing one key figure, the original experiment, who they claimed as their leader. The slaves turned experiments wanted to turn the tables on the ones who had done this to them and enslave them in return with their new found power.

Objective: Find and free the original experiment and then work on over throwing the government who had enslaved and then experimented on them.

1.)Do not let your posts drop under 5 sentences.
2).No Godmodding/mothering.
3.)Swearing is allowed but nothing excessive, please.

* * * * *

Character Sheet:

Sexual Preference:
Animal DNA (only one animal per person and two people can't be crossed with the same animal DNA):
Brief History:

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Name: No name but cireul number 32895 was every scientist called him

Nickname: The original or Leader

Age: Unknown but looks like he is 20.

Sex: male

Animal DNA: Dragon

Brief History: He was taken away when he was born. The Scientist have put their most valuble DNA they had into him. He was given the DNA of an antchent dragon that died during the middle ages but they later found the bones and took the DNA from its marow. When they fused the DNA with his his body and mind became stronger then anyones. He destroyed much of the lab with his streanth. But when they locked him away he used his mind to talk to the other experiments. He hoped that they could escape and free him so he could kill the one that done such horible things to people.

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(Okay I'm totally entering this Rp^^)
Name: Real name was lost after being captured; Serial Number 267836
Nickname/Alias:Enigma; came from hearing a scientist call him it.
Age:unknown due to gene warping
Sexual Preference: Straight
Animal DNA:Bat
Brief History: Being blind his whole life He was taken away from the market thinking he was going to have a new better life only to find out that he would be experimented on. Having no choice he didn't fight and let them do their thing. After the experiment he realized her was able to hear more than any regular human could. Plus after a falling incident he hit a wall then realizing that he could see far with the sound vibrating from where he hit the wall. He then realized that he had skills in the way of unarmed combat. But hearing that the other experiments wanted to revolt and free the first he hid his ability from the scientists until the time to revolt would come. And always wears a blindfold, cause he's blind. Plus his ears were altered and he now has bat ears.

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(And now, for my first post from the shadows XP)
Name:Yoru Mitsukai
Sexual Preference:Straight
Animal DNA:Fox
Brief History:Even in the slave market, after the death of a close friend, Yoru had taken a vow of silence. After being purchased, he was experimented on thoroughly and to the scientists amazement, even during the most painful of experiments he didn't make a sound. He eventually gained black fox ears and a fox tail with white tips and his skin darkened greatly, but showed no signs of anything else out of the ordinary. Later, his eyes changed to a bright silver color but the scientists found nothing extraordinary with them. However in secret, he trains intensely on his stealth and combat skills. He has extraordinary balance as well as an increased stealth so he can move soundlessly and hide in the shadows well. He also has a black scarf from his departed friend that he cherishes and the scientists couldn't get away from him even if they wanted to.
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(Forgot to add sexual preference to the character sheet, so if y'all wouldn't mind adding that, I would appreciate it! ^_^ And I feel I must point out that, although I know there is going to be sex happening through out this RP, I don't want it to be the main focus. I would like a little more detail to posts then one lines, if it can be helped. I do realize everyone has bad days and can't think of something long to say. )

Name: Samantha Leigh Rae
Nickname/Alias: Mantha (Will snap if called Sam OR Sammy)
Age: 17
Sex: FEmale
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Animal DNA: Wolf

Brief History: Samantha was born into a wealthy and young family, that pictured nothing but a picture-perfect family photo on a Christmas Card but instead they got stuck with Mantha. From the moment, Mantha was born she caused nothing but trouble: stealing, shoplifting, fighting, drinking, drugs, sex, anything to entertain herself with.  When her parents could no longer endure her embarassing their family, they sold her, quietly, in to slavery. Mantha had put up one hell of a fight and was continuously being returned to the slave market until she was recruited into this government experiement. The scientists obviously thought it was a good idea to cross her with wolf DNA; it only served to put power behind Mantha's temper.

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