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Post Info TOPIC: The Academy- For it, or Against It?(I'd much prefer guys ^_^)

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The Academy- For it, or Against It?(I'd much prefer guys ^_^)

Ok, the title sucks, I know. But basically, it's a school rp sort of thing.

There are two groups, The Academy, and the Anti-Academy. The Anti-Academy are trying to destroy the Academy from the inside by taking one of their best students and convincing them to fight against the Academy. Infiltrating the Academy by using a young man around her age, the man must lure her into trusting him.

It can pretty much go however we want to, so... Here's my character ^_^

Bailey Turner

General Information

Nickname(s) Just plain Bailey
Age 17
Birthday February 20
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Gray
Hair color Black
Weight 95
Height 5'3

The normal

Bailey is very quiet, almost reclusive in nature. She hates crowds, and especially adults. Namely, the teacher's at her school since 2nd grade, Alice Academy. She has only a small group of friends, Adalyn and Loralei, who are twins and able to duplicate themselves and objects at will, and Madison, who can make you tell the truth no matter what, her closest friend. She prefer's to read or just dissapear, a talent of hers, to avoid others.

My Basic Life

In 2nd grade, Bailey discovered she had two talents. Both she discovered by accident, though one was more horrible than the other. During recess, when the bullies of her school were looking for people to pick on, they decided Bailey would make the perfect target. Stick thin and much shorter than all the other kids, she'd make an easy target. What they, nor she knew, was that she could dissapear quite litterally. She had dashed around the side of the building and sat in a huddle, willing them to pass her by, and they did. But only becuase they couldn't see her. A little while later in that same year, Bailey got her first kiss, and discovered something truly horrible. She could suck the life out of someone. She hadn't meant to kill him, really. But the kiss was nice, and it made her feel so much more powerful...

That same afternoon some men in suits came to her home, telling her parents she was special. She couldn't see how killing a boy was very special, but of course, as Alice's go, she was extraordinary; the first on record with that Alice. What is an Alice? A name given to those who have extraordinary abilities, like super heroes. The men in suits whisked her away to their school, called Alice Academy, where they trained her to use her Alice's.

The first was simple. She could make herself and nearby objects and people invisible with just a thought. The second, the one that made her 'special', labeled her as dangerous, and put her in a class accordingly, where they used her ability to elliminate threats. Both of her abilities for them are very useful; she can get close to a target and then kill them with just a kiss. Nicknamed Death's Kiss by her targets, the Academy uses Bailey nearly every night.

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Bump =[


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