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Post Info TOPIC: a little muse story that is still in the works (romance)

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a little muse story that is still in the works (romance)

this is basically a muse story, just something to write for the hell of it. ^.^;

Shumi sighed softly as she leaned back against the base of a brick chimney as she idly watched the moon as it floated across the night sky. Another girl roughly her age, maybe a bit older, sat at the edge of the roof with her feet dangling lazily over the edge. Unlike Shumi who was mostly clad in loose fitting urban apparel, the other girl, seung mina, was clad in a tight fitting red silk dress that was sliced at the sides for easy movement. The girls lovely face deep brown eyes and shapely body was no doubt a rare, but welcomed sight in such an ugly carcass of a city. Even Shumi thought her knew companion a pretty sight when they first met. Shumi shifted uneasily as she realized that in her day dream she had started to stare at Mina. The rays of gently moon light washed its milky blue glow over mina outlining her slender frame. Shumi wasnt sure why she was starring exactly, but didnt really feel any need to look away from the sight. Mina started to hum softly an old Korean lullaby to self as she idly started to remove the braid to her waist length chest nut hair. The sight of the beautiful girl letting down her long lush hair, while humming so sweetly provoked a rarely felt feeling in Shumi. It was a warm fluttering in her chest. Shumis face quickly flushed as she quickly looked away. She had felt those same feelings before in high school when she had a crush on an older boy. Shumi turned her body to face completely opposite of the other girl. Had she really been that lonely?Shumi blushed as she went over her life. She had never had a boyfriend. She had crushes on many, but had the nerve to talk to few. Shumi exhaled hard as she rested her head in her knees. She had lived 21 years and was still yet to receive her first kiss, it was sad revelation that she tried to keep aside and bury under self appointed responsibilities for the sake hiding from herself. Had mina ever been kissed before? The question hit Shumi abruptly. She felt her heart jump at the thought. Shumis logic filled out the obvious truth that a sweet and beautiful girl such as mina wouldve had to have been kissed at some point. But Shumis curious imagination played with timid fantasies in her mind. What would minas lips have felt like? What would they have tasted like? Shumi felt warmth gather in the pit of her belly but blushed deeply as she shifted uncomfortably to the side and started unpacking her bedroll.


Mina hugged her knees up to her chest as she turned around to regard Shumi who was hurriedly unpacking her bedroll, consciously keeping her back turned to hide her blush. Mina knit her brow at her pink haired friends sudden change in behavior. She seemed so calm earlier. Mina smiled wryly as she watched Shumi pull her thick vest off over her head, ruffling her already rugged hair. Mina tried to hold back a giggle, the girl was so reckless yet so stubborn, it was nothing short of adorable.


Shumis breath caught in her lungs as she heard the soft hum of Minas sweet giggle. Shumi hastily pulled off her t-shirt in another attempt to hide her blush as she was sure that mina was watching her now. Shumis heart was thumping in her chest and she folded her vest and shirt into and improvised pillow even though she had a more conventional pillow in her pack, she had to keep herself occupied.


Mina watched as the girl peeled down to a tight white tank top and pajama bottoms. Many men who had mistaken Shumi for a child for her youthful features and small stature would make no misassumptions about her age nor her maturity had they seen her without her patted vest. Shumi didnt fit that classic definition of beauty. Mina decided thinking absolutely nothing less of her sweet friend and the tried to wrestle her way into her sleeping bag a visible blushed on her pretty face. Beauty had always been held as the image flawless perfection, a goddess who smile could bring even the mightiest of kingdoms to its knees. But this was a different kind of beauty surrounding her friend. She was too insecure to be considered sexy, yet too plucky to be considered beautiful. Cute was a more appropriate description for the girl. But there was more than that. Shumis cast iron stubbornness coupled with her natural demure. It was all a transparent surface to Minas eyes, the girl was as sweet and longing as anyone else and yet she tried so hard to hide it. Shumis beauty was a unique kind, a beauty that required flaws, a mortal beauty


Shumi lifted her head and fumbled with her makeshift pillow some more, giving is a few punches for good measure, not daring to look back at her beautiful companion. she had stopped humming that sweet song and now in dead silence Shumi could feel Minas gentle eyes locking onto her. Shumi nibbled the cover on her lip as the silence seemed stretch on for what had to be an eternity. It was only a matter of till Mina decided to pop the question of what was bothering her. Shumis mind raced with a number of possible responses to what Mina could ask. Her mind suddenly went blank as she felt a delicate finger run over the soft skin of her bare shoulder.


In a sudden panic Shumi scrambled up into a sitting position clutching her blanket in front of her chest starring wide-eyed at Mina and blushing. Mina froze with one hand raised, surprised by Shumis over-reaction to a simple touch. Her heart still pounding, Shumi took few calming breaths knowing how ridiculous she must have looked just then trying to cover herself with her sheet. Its not like she had anything that she didnt have. Shumi sighed and let her blanket drop down to her waist as she pretended to rub her ear with the back off her hand.


Did you need something? She asked maintaining a casual yet lethargic tone. Mina suddenly looked concerned as she gently placed her arm around Shumis shoulders. Shumis tensed and blushed as she felt Minas warm body close to hers.


Were you having another nightmare? Minas asked gently and thoughtfully, leaning Shumi against her slightly. Shumi blushed deeper she had never been this intimately close to Mina or anyone else before.

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