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Name: Kuro


Race: Neko

Markings: A XIII brand under his right collar bone.
Ears: Black cat ears tail matching color.

Eyes: Cat like pupiles and bright yellow, when in his  assasin mood  they turn dulla and lifeless and have a soule pirceing look.

Midnight shaggy black hair with long bangs.
Personality: His persanality is usally hard to catch, he is a rather quiet and mystriouse person, he eather wont talk or will flat out tell you what he thinks. He can be rather rude, but never intends to but at the same time can be varry careing and protective of others. he dosnt liek to fight and dosnt look like it but can really do damage. When it comes to cat and children he is extreamly protective becuse of his own past.

Appearance: He is seen in many diffrant outfits, he is somewhat of a goth and wears many black outfits usally around the gothic lolita look, His school uniform is black with tribal white crosses n the arms and on the right side of chest and black pants. He wears a black curved spiked collar with a ring on the front.

Assasin appearance: When he is on a mission he is usally see in a long midnight black cloak the hood covers his face only leting his right catlike eye be seen. Under his out fit is a fishnet shirt that stops at his shoulders leting his XIII brand under his collar bone be seen, He wears black crgo pants with a few chains on them. Back ground: Isnt known

DOnt you remmeber? Cats always land on thier feet!
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